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I'm telling you for the last time! It's been fun, but it's time to move on. Aug 1, 2005 675
The way I see it: two industry veterans discuss the current PCB market from both sides of the sales desk. Interview Aug 1, 2005 2894
You may have the wrong salesperson if ... with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, here are 35 sure signs that there's deadwood on your sales staff. Jul 1, 2005 764
Hiring a sales manager: Part II: tips for finding, interviewing and hiring the right person for the job. Jun 1, 2005 792
The sales and marketing plan: the benefits of strategic planning are many, but the planning process itself has its own rewards. May 1, 2005 808
China today: views and thoughts on the CPCA show and the benefits--and perils--of doing business in China. May 1, 2005 1723
Hiring a sales manager: first, decide what you need a sales manager to do--build a sales force from scratch or just get out and sell. Apr 1, 2005 673
Livin' single: this single-sided board shop has expanded into a new facility. Maybe there is money to be made in one-siders after all, and not just in high volumes. Apr 1, 2005 939
It's the customer, stupid! Now's the time to get--or stay--customer-centric. But if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Mar 1, 2005 809
Cold calls leaving you cold? Let's put the selling back into sales. Feb 1, 2005 839
Selling to board shops redux: sell them what they need, not what you want them to buy. Jan 1, 2005 642
Get the most out of your reps: reps can make both of you a lot of money, but only with good communication. Dec 1, 2004 779
Selling to board shops: fabricators have to buy from someone. Here's how to get your foot in the door. Nov 1, 2004 814
Believe in our board shops: your products are not commodities, and you deserve all due respect. Oct 1, 2004 757
And the survey says ... Don't know what your customers are thinking? Try surveying them. Sep 1, 2004 869
China on my mind: on the way to becoming the world's workshop, China still has some details to work out. Aug 1, 2004 790
5 habits of successful PCB owners: your focus on, say, the inner workings of IPC, might be costing you money. Jul 1, 2004 843
Why I like the USPCA: the real value of America's new PCB organization lies in its potential to reassert the importance of fabricators. Jun 1, 2004 761
Knockoffs unmasked: raid busts counterfeiters. May 1, 2004 131
Sales 101 ... again! if you don't fire the doctor when you're sick, why dump your sales staff? May 1, 2004 810
Shanghai: gateway to the future: want to understand what globalization means? Come to Shanghai. May 1, 2004 2366
The dreaded 'P' word: partnerships are the football that fabs can't seem to kick. Apr 1, 2004 846
Where has all the equipment gone? Companies in search of the nuts-and-bolts machines are finding availability is scarce. Feb 1, 2004 905
How successful people stay successful: take chances, and look for the opportunities wherever they may arise. Jan 1, 2004 795
One size doesn't fit all: tired of getting nailed? Buying a new hammer isn't the solution. Dec 1, 2003 932
Who's afraid of the big, bad CEM?: lay out or miss out? Don't be bullied into revealing your costs of goods. Nov 1, 2003 755
Short supply: most shops have lost technical muscle, a gap that the shrewd supplier will fill. Oct 1, 2003 898
The brighter side of the industry: now that the recession is "over," we should rejoice that nearly 600 shops survived. Sep 1, 2003 830
Making it: odds be damned, there are always those who find ways to succeed. Here are a few of their stories. (Power Selling). Aug 1, 2003 929
Finding a great global partner: customers value their domestic relationships: use that to your advantage. (Power Selling). Jul 1, 2003 866
The marketing mosaic: sales and marketing relies heavily on knowing and executing a lot of basics. (Power Selling). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 907
Mining your business: this ain't no shopping mall. Don't want to prospect? Get out of the business. (Power Selling). May 1, 2003 842
Where the boards are; nothing could prepare me for the enthusiasm and excitement I found in Shanghai. (CPCA Show Recap). May 1, 2003 2273
Garbage today, gold tomorrow: a robust market remains for those companies with the strategic plan to grab it. (Power Selling). Editorial Apr 1, 2003 794

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