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Beast of Birkenhead confessed.

DIANE Sindall was murdered on her way home from work just before midnight on Friday,August 1,1986.

Her car had run out of petrol on Borough Road Borough Road is in Southwark, London SE1. It runs east-west between St George's Circus and Borough High Street. Southwark Bridge Road crosses Borough Road north-south about halfway along. The railway to Blackfriars station also passes overhead at the junction.  as she returned from her evening job at the Wellington Hotel in Bebington and she had gone in search of petrol.

Diane, 21, was just 500 yards from an all-night garage when her attacker struck.

Details surrounding the way the florist died were so appalling they were never released by police.

But details leaked out and word went round that a ``wolfman'' was at large and might strike again.

Diane had been repeatedly smashed over the head with a 2ft crowbar.

After dragging her body into a darkened alleyway off Birkenhead's main dual carriageway dual carriageway

Brit, Austral & NZ a road with a central strip of grass or concrete to separate traffic travelling in opposite directions

Noun 1.
, the attacker ripped away at her clothes and set upon her.

The death led to Merseyside Police's biggest murder led by the deputy head of Merseyside CID Cid or Cid Campeador (sĭd, Span. thēth kämpāäthōr`) [Span.,=lord conqueror], d. 1099, Spanish soldier and national hero, whose real name was Rodrigo (or Ruy) Díaz de Vivar. , Superintendent Tom Baxter,and Superintendent Roger Corker, the head of Wirral CID.

The trail led police to Peter Sullivan, 29, a loner,of Queensbury Gardens, who was trapped drinking in a town centre pub. Dental and forensic evidence linked Sullivan,described as the beast of Birkenhead, to the crime and he admitted to the murder during questioning,although he was later to withdraw that confession.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 8, 2003
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