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Be a star watcher.

In 1610, Galileo looked through the first telescope and saw stars. Not because he got bopped on the head, but because his new tool brought those tiny glimmers of light closer than they had ever been before.


You can do the same thing today. Of course, if you live in a city, all the streetlights will make it hard to see much up there. That's why when some real star-searchers want to see stars, they head for the country.

For example there's the West Kentucky Amateur Astronomers club, which does its star-gazing in the middle of 170,000 acres of undeveloped Kentucky forest called Land Between the Lakes, miles from any city.


That means the night sky is dark-really dark. On some summer nights, they bring their telescopes to the park's planetarium and let visitors have a look.

Club President Dale Baltimore said, "The kids love it. Most people who come through here have never even looked through a telescope. Here, they can even see the big red spot on Jupiter. They can see the rings of Saturn, and they're just thunderstruck."

Most cities have planetarium facilities. Check what's available where you live.

Tips & extras

You can also explore space with the lights on. Check out these items.


Space Is Weird

Extreme Planets! Q and A By Mary Kay Carson HarperCollins Publishers


Space Is Funny!

We're Off tO Look for Aliens

By Colin McNaughton Candlewick Press


Space is Amazing

Amazing Solar System Projects

By Delano Lopez Nomad Press

Space Is Way Up There!

Remote Control Rocket Book and rocket that uses a vinegar fuel mixture to launch into the air, No flames involved, just a simple chemical reaction, SmartLab

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