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Bazaarvoice Analysis Reveals That Positive Online Reviews Outweigh Negative Reviews 8 to 1.

Across Multiple Online Retailers, Manufacturers, and Service Providers, 82 Percent of Online Product Ratings Are 4 or 5 Stars

AUSTIN, Texas -- Bazaarvoice, an innovator in helping brands use online word of mouth to build their businesses, today announced the first benchmark analysis of customer ratings and reviews. Analysis across a diverse set of products and services indicates that positive reviews outweigh out·weigh  
tr.v. out·weighed, out·weigh·ing, out·weighs
1. To weigh more than.

2. To be more significant than; exceed in value or importance: The benefits outweigh the risks.
 negative reviews 8 to 1, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars across all live Bazaarvoice clients.

This distribution is consistent across a wide variety of product and service categories, including: computer products; pet products; apparel; travel; leisure; real estate; sporting equipment; and other categories. Data reflects hundreds of thousands of ratings from over 30 online retailers and service providers who follow a standard open policy of posting positive and negative product reviews.

"When we first started Bazaarvoice, we talked to advisors, retail experts, and prospective clients who expected to see an equal number of negative and positive reviews," said Brett Hurt, founder and CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  of Bazaarvoice. "Our analysis now shows that reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Shoppers are eager to spread the word about great products rather than badmouthing the worst. This leads to exciting opportunities for our clients to further promote their best products through site search, email campaigns, shopping portals, advertisements, call centers, and even their physical stores."

"We are seeing a 'Rating J-Curve' across many clients in diverse industries," said Sam Decker, vice president of marketing and products at Bazaarvoice. "The distribution looks like a J on a graph, where you see a low volume of 1 star reviews, fewer 2 and 3-star reviews, and a huge jump in 4 and 5-star ratings. While surprising at first, this finding agrees with third-party studies that suggest word of mouth is much more positive than we often assume."

Recent research suggests that the customer voice is more often positive than not. According to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 research by Keller Fay Group, 63 percent of all word of mouth is positive. A recent JupiterKagan study concludes that 60 percent of online shoppers provide feedback about a shopping experience, and are more likely to give feedback about a positive experience than a negative one.

About Bazaarvoice

Based in Austin, Texas, Bazaarvoice offers outsourced technology, community management services, analytics, and syndication See syndication format.  to encourage and harness word of mouth marketing, and bring it closer to a company's brand and customer experience. The company's flagship hosted and fully managed customer ratings and review service allows businesses to enable, encourage, and analyze customer ratings and reviews on their website. With Bazaarvoice, companies can empower empower verb To encourage or provide a person with the means or information to become involved in solving his/her own problems  their customers to share honest opinions and influence each other to make more informed and rewarding purchase decisions. Clients like Bass Pro Shops Bass Pro Shops is a privately held sporting goods and outdoor goods store headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. The original Outdoor World store, referred to as the "Grand Daddy" is located at the corner of Sunshine and Campbell in Springfield. , CompUSA, Macy's,, and PETCO benefit from a credible and reliable customer-to-customer community, without having to delve into complex IT work or the laborious la·bo·ri·ous  
1. Marked by or requiring long, hard work: spent many laborious hours on the project.

2. Hard-working; industrious.
 process of community management. Bazaarvoice is a winner of the "Red Herring Red Herring

A preliminary registration statement that must be filed with the SEC describing a new issue of stock (IPO) and the prospects of the issuing company.

 100 North America North America, third largest continent (1990 est. pop. 365,000,000), c.9,400,000 sq mi (24,346,000 sq km), the northern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. " award by Red Herring magazine. For more information, please visit the company's website at or email
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 3, 2006
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