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Bay Networks Announces Cooperative Marketing Strategy With RND Networks Providing "Best of Breed" VPN Solution to the Global Marketplace.

SANTA CLARA Santa Clara, city, Cuba
Santa Clara (sän`tä klä`rä), city (1994 est. pop. 217,000), capital of Villa Clara prov., central Cuba.
, Calif. & MAHWAH, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6,


Companies Unveil Industry's First and Most Scalable Extranet/VPN Solution Offering Fault Tolerance See fault tolerant.

(architecture) fault tolerance - 1. The ability of a system or component to continue normal operation despite the presence of hardware or software faults. This often involves some degree of redundancy.

, Distributed Real-Time Load Balancing The fine tuning of a computer system, network or disk subsystem in order to more evenly distribute the data and/or processing across available resources. For example, in clustering, load balancing might distribute the incoming transactions evenly to all servers, or it might redirect them  and Secure Internet Access See how to access the Internet.

Bay Networks Inc. (NYSE NYSE

See: New York Stock Exchange
:BAY) and RADWARE/RND Networks Monday announced a joint product offering combining award-winning, "best-of-breed" products from both companies into a single powerful and cost-effective Extranet/Virtual Private Network (VPN (Virtual Private Network) A private network that is configured within a public network (a carrier's network or the Internet) in order to take advantage of the economies of scale and management facilities of large networks. ) solution.

The integrated technology combines RND RND Round
RND Random
RND Research and Development
RND Red Nose Day
RND Rassemblement National Démocratique (French: Democratic National Rally; political party, various countries)
RND Royal Naval Division
 Networks' IP load balancer, the Web Server Director (WSD WSD Word Sense Disambiguation (computational linguistics)
WSD Web Services on Devices (Information Technology)
WSD Water Supplies Department (Hong Kong) 
), with Bay Networks' Contivity Extranet Switch product family. Both companies will train their respective sales forces, channel partners and resellers on the unique features and proven interoperability of the Contivity Extranet Switch and WSD.

The Contivity Extranet Switch and the Web Server Director together provide a robust and fault-tolerant Extranet/VPN solution for customers worldwide, offering distributed real-time load balancing between local or remote VPN machines.

With the Contivity Extranet Switch providing scalable, secure, manageable and `Personal Extranets,' the automatic VPN server failure detection and fail-over capabilities of the WSD ensure that customers will be sent to the optimal VPN location.

"The Bay Networks Contivity Extranet Switch and RND Networks' Web Server Director product lines can be used to build Extranets with extremely high levels of fail-over and fault tolerance," said Michael Feinstein, vice president of product management, Bay Networks Access Division.

"For those customers both large and small who require a more sophisticated form of load balancing while managing multiple Extranet Switches, the Bay Networks/RND solution will maximize performance by keeping up with the full bandwidth of a 100 Mbps Ethernet."

IP load balancing is necessary for robust Internet/Intranet/Extranet sites that require 7x24 availability. The Web Server Director provides optimal server utilization through intelligent load distribution, automatic server failure detection, notification and fail-over, and physical redundancy between local and distributed sites.

The Web Server Director has won a host of industry awards for load balancing including P.C. Magazine's "Editors' Choice Award" and Network Magazine's "Product of the Year."

The Contivity Extranet Switch product family enables partners and employees to build Extranet/Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for private communication, commerce and collaboration.

Each of Bay Networks' Contivity Extranet Switch products -- including the 4000, 2000 and 1000 -- combine a unique set of key technologies for IP tunneling Carrying a protocol from another networking system within an IP packet; for example, transmitting NetWare IPX packets within IP. See tunneling. , authentication (1) Verifying the integrity of a transmitted message. See message integrity, e-mail authentication and MAC.

(2) Verifying the identity of a user logging into a network.
, encryption, routing, firewall filtering, bandwidth management Controlling the traffic flow in a network. See bandwidth manager.  and system management into a highly scalable solution.

The Contivity Extranet Switch has been recognized as Data Communications' "Hot Product" of the year and has won a "Well Connected" award from Network Computing Storing and/or running applications in servers in a network. See cloud computing and network computer. .

"We are excited about the opportunity to work with Bay Networks on this project because of the extraordinary fit between these two products. Both of these boxes have incredible individual success stories. Collectively they will be even stronger," said Michael Long
    Michael Long (born October 1, 1969 in Darwin, Northern Territory) is a former Australian rules footballer and spokesperson against racism in sport. Football career
    , vice president of marketing at RND Networks.

    The WSD optimizes VPN boxes by intelligently load balancing between units. It continually monitors the health of each unit and throttles traffic to the units based on predefined and real-time performance and health parameters. WSDs can also be installed in pairs, eliminating any single point of failure in the network.

    The WSD also proves particularly valuable in situations requiring sophisticated levels of load balancing. Each WSD is capable of managing the load on the farm of Extranet Switches, dividing the load between them either evenly or in accordance with a predetermined pre·de·ter·mine  
    v. pre·de·ter·mined, pre·de·ter·min·ing, pre·de·ter·mines
    1. To determine, decide, or establish in advance:
     ratio. The WSD will also monitor status of the Extranet Switches to ensure that traffic is not sent to a Switch that is down.

    WSDs also work together in a distributed architecture, redirecting traffic to alternate sites if the primary site is overburdened o·ver·bur·den  
    tr.v. o·ver·bur·dened, o·ver·bur·den·ing, o·ver·bur·dens
    1. To burden with too much weight; overload.

    2. To subject to an excessive burden or strain; overtax.

     or out of service. This results in increased availability and eliminates single points of failure in an Extranet deployment.

    Capable of satisfying the simultaneous needs of a vast range of user group sizes, the Bay Networks Contivity Extranet Switch and RND Networks' WSD product lines offer several models of varying performance and price levels and can be easily integrated to meet a host of specifications. Both products are available from their respective manufacturers.

    About VPNs

    Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are becoming the `darling' of the network industry as end users seek to harness the potential of secure Internet access while reflecting a savings in operational costs. A VPN is a service that provides users with a transparent connection to a public infrastructure.

    For ISPs, telephone companies and cable operators, VPNs serve as a growing revenue base and competitive advantage in the telecommunications industry.

    About RADWARE/RND Networks

    RADWARE Ltd., a new member of the $300-million RAD Group The RAD Group is a collection of independent companies that develop, manufacture and market solutions for diverse segments of the networking and telecommunications industry.  of companies, specializes in innovative products for the Internet/Intranet and Extranet. RADWARE's award-winning flagship product A primary product of a company, which is typically why the company was founded and/or what made it well known. For example, MS-DOS, Windows and the Microsoft Office suite have been flagship products of Microsoft. CorelDRAW is a flagship product of Corel Corporation. , the Web Server Director, is the system of choice for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

    Founded in 1997 as a spin-off company of RND Networks, RADWARE maintains a global presence with sales and customer service offices in Europe and North and South America South America, fourth largest continent (1991 est. pop. 299,150,000), c.6,880,000 sq mi (17,819,000 sq km), the southern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. . RND Networks Inc., based in Mahwah, is the sole North American North American

    named after North America.

    North American blastomycosis
    see North American blastomycosis.

    North American cattle tick
    see boophilusannulatus.
     marketing, sales and distribution arm of RADWARE.

    For more information about the RND Networks Web Server Director, contact RND Networks at 888/234-5RND or visit their Web site at

    About Bay Networks

    "Bay Networks -- Where Information Flows." Bay Networks is a leader in the worldwide networking market, providing a complete line of products that serve corporate enterprises, service providers and telecommunications carriers.

    The company offers frame and ATM switches, routers, shared media, remote- and Internet-access solutions, IP services and network management applications, all integrated by Bay Networks' Adaptive Networking strategy.

    With headquarters in Santa Clara, Bay Networks markets its products and services around the world, providing 7x24 support coverage. For additional information visit the company's World Wide Web site at or call 800/8-BAYNET.

    This release, other than historical financial information, may consist of forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. These statements may differ materially from actual future events or results.

    For instance, factors which could cause results to differ from future events include the rate of adoption of new technology, competitive pricing actions and marketing programs, among others.

    Readers are referred to the documents filed by Bay Networks with the Securities and Exchange Commission, specifically the most recent reports on forms 10-K and 10-Q, which identify important risk factors which could cause actual results to differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements.

    NOTE TO EDITORS: Bay Networks is a registered trademark. "Bay Networks -- Where Information Flows" and Contivity are trademarks of Bay Networks Inc. Other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.
        CONTACT: Bay Networks, Santa Clara
                  Jeff Young, 978/916-4986,
                  RND Networks, Mahwah
                  Mike Long, 561/398-8681,
                  Tracy Ortiz, 562/597-8086,
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