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Bass Ale packages are redesigned.

The Guinness Import Co. announced it has revised the Bass Ale six-pack carrier and launched new 20-oz. bottles for the brand.

"We are very excited about our repackaged six-pack carrier and our new 20-oz. bottle," said Eric Ravett, group marketing manager for Guinness Import Co. "Bass Ale's new packaging reinforces the product's core values and traditions, and offers consumers stronger product sampling opportunities.

"The new packaging indicates Bass Ale's commitment to the marketplace," Ravett continued. "We will continue to deliver the finest ale, while adapting to market demand."

Bass Ale's six-pack carrier now features a pub scene illustrated in brown and beige colors, similar to a sepia tone photograph. The Bass logo and red triangle trademark are printed over the illustration.

"Bass Ale's new six-pack carrier will make a strong impact on the off-premise shelves across America," Ravett said. "The larger Bass Ale logo, offset by the subtle pub scene, sets it apart from the competition and allows customers to notice the brand from a considerable distance."

The 20-oz. bottle maintains the traditional look of the regular 12-oz. bottle, Ravett said.

"Bass Ale created the 20-oz. bottle in response to market demand," Ravett intoned. "Today, consumers want the best product at the best possible price. Bass Ale has responded by packaging its product in a larger bottle with a competitive price-point."
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Title Annotation:Guinness Import Co.'s six-pack carrier
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 26, 1992
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