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Barley crop could decline in 1990, according to federal report.

Barley crop could decline in 1990, according to federal report

On March 30, the United States Department of Agriculture released its only scheduled report for the year covering prospective plantings of barley.

The reported indications for barley, as well as other major grain crops, were compiled on the basis of replies from growers reporting their plans as of March 1.

As the tabulation showed, the farmers' intentions for the entire country are to plant 8.88 million acreas of barley in 1990; 3.1-percent less than 1989.

In the principal six-row barley producing states of North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota, farmers intend to plant 4.5 million acres of barley. This is slightly more than the 1989 planted acres and is considered to be favorable since many analysts had anticipated a modest reduction in barley acreage in the three states.

According to the Ladish Malting Co. of Milwaukee, WI, it is too early to predict when field work and seeding of the grains will take place in the three states. Much of western Minnesota, eastern and northern North Dakota experienced heavy wet snow and significant rain recently. Soil moisture is adequate to get the crop started, but timely rains throughout the season will be most important to insure a crop of satisfactory quality and quantity, Ladish added.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 16, 1990
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