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Baptism in the theology of A. H. Strong. Disseau, Mael L.D.S. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 8483
Debating the true church on the grounds of believer's baptism: the ecclesiology of Hanserd Knollys. Pitts, Bill Essay Jun 22, 2012 5099
Idealized Islam: the Rev. Elijah Abraham, who grew up in Iraq and was a strict adherent of Islam, explains why political compromise is not possible with Islamists. Interview Nov 8, 2010 3593
Nineteenth-century Baptists and church discipline: case studies from Georgia. West, Jim Report Jan 1, 2010 3983
Hanserd Knollys and Mystical Babylon Unveiled: contemporary perspectives and new observations on early English Baptist apocalypticism: seventeenth-century particular Baptist pastor, Hanserd Knollys, was born around 1599 in Lincolnshire, England. McGowin, Emily Hunter Biography Jan 1, 2009 5196
The peculiar ventures of particular Baptist pastor William Kiffin and King Charles II of England: the most popular narrative about the seventeenth-century English Baptist pastor and wealthy London merchant, William Kiffin, involves Charles H asking him for a loan of forty thousand pounds. Johnson, Ronald Angelo Essay Jan 1, 2009 4394
James Robinson Graves: history in the service of ecclesiology: many Baptists in America revere a small, prosaic booklet that bears a captivating title--"The Trail of Blood".... Following the Christians down through the centuries ... or The History of Baptist Churches from the Time of Christ, Their Founder, to the Present Day. Patterson, James A. Biography Jan 1, 2009 4431
Maybe it's time to dust off John Leland. Gourley, Bruce T. Critical essay Jun 22, 2008 702
The relevance of Roger Williams. Prescott, Bruce Biography Jun 22, 2008 2801
A millstone hanged about his neck?: George W. Truett, anti-Catholicism, and Baptist conceptions of religious liberty. Holcomb, J. David Jun 22, 2008 5446
W. A. Criswell: the wall of separation of church and state and politics. Early, Joe, Jr. Jun 22, 2008 2362
E. Y. Mullins on confessions of faith: what E. Y Mullins thought about confessions of faith assumed renewed relevance in 2007. Hinson, E. Glenn Essay Jan 1, 2008 4738
E. Y. Mullins on religious liberty: at the meeting of the Baptist World Alliance's Third World Congress in 1923, E. Y. Mullins ascended the dais in Stockholm, Sweden, to preach a sermon titled, "The Baptist Conception of Religious Liberty.". Walker, J. Brent Essay Jan 1, 2008 2791
The significance of E. Y. Mullins's: The Axioms of Religion: one clue to the significance of The Axioms of Religion, the 1908 book by E. Y. Mullins, is found in the sub-title: a new interpretation of the Baptist faith. Dilday, Russell Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 3837
E. Y. Mullins and Baptist World Congresses. Deweese, Charles W. Jan 1, 2008 654
E. Y. Mullins: public spokesperson for Baptists in America. Gourley, Bruce T. Jan 1, 2008 701
E. Y. Mullins: "A Man of Books and a Man of the People". Ellis, William E. Biography Jan 1, 2008 3242
The Baptist ecclesiology of E. Y. Mullins: individualism and the New Testament church: most observers consider E. Y. Mullins to be the most influential Southern Baptist theologian and denominational leader of the twentieth century. Weaver, C. Douglas Essay Jan 1, 2008 7225
The inner testimony of the spirit: locating the coherent center of E. Y. Mullins's theology: critics from disparate theological perspectives increasingly find the theology of E. Y. Mullins inadequate for contemporary Baptists. Carrell, William Essay Jan 1, 2008 5346
"Sinning" against the state. Grigg, William Norman May 29, 2006 807
William Carey's Muslim encounters in India: the founding of the Baptist Missionary Society of England in 1792 and its sending of William Carey to India the following year resulted from Carey's sermonic pamphlet, An Enquiry into the Obligation of the Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathen. Johnson, Galen K. Mar 22, 2004 3279
Church and community. Brief Article Jan 12, 2004 115
Baptists ask clergy to shape up. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Dec 12, 2003 106
Died. Paul Rowntree Clifford. (Personalia). Obituary Apr 1, 2003 105
F. B. Meyer: Baptist Ambassador for Keswick holiness spirituality: F. B. Meyer (1847-1929) was one of the most prominent English Baptist minister of his period. Randall, Ian M. Biography Mar 22, 2002 5888
A Murderous preacher: lessons from the crimes of an extreme Baptist. Van Broekhoven, Deborah Bingham Jun 22, 1999 6039

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