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Bangladesh court rejects appeal of Mujib killers

The Bangladesh Supreme Court rejected Thursday an appeal by the convicted killers of the nation's founding president Sheikh sheikh
 or shaykh

Among Arabic-speaking tribes, especially Bedouin, the male head of the family, as well as of each successively larger social unit making up the tribal structure. The sheikh is generally assisted by an informal tribal council of male elders.
 Mujibur Rahman, paving the way for their execution after a 13-year trial.

The country's highest court dismissed the five men's appeal, upholding their 2001 guilty verdicts, drawing an end to a case that has haunted the nation since the death of Sheikh Mujib in 1975.

"The Supreme Court has accepted our argument that the men are guilty and dismissed their appeals. They are going to go to the gallows now," said Syed Anisul Haque, chief counsel for the state.

The killers first went on trial in 1996 and were convicted five years later.

They appealed the same year on the grounds that Sheikh Mujib's death was part of a mutiny mutiny, concerted disobedient or seditious action by persons in military or naval service, or by sailors on commercial vessels. Mutiny may range from a combined refusal to obey orders to active revolt or going over to the enemy on the part of two or more persons.  and they should have been tried under martial law martial law, temporary government and control by military authorities of a territory or state, when war or overwhelming public disturbance makes the civil authorities of the region unable to enforce its law.  instead of through the civilian court system.
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Publication:AFP South Asian Edition
Date:Nov 19, 2009
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