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Bangkok conference, July 11-16; getting news online.

The XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand July 11-16 will be the largest AIDS conference of the year and probably the largest ever; already 10,000 abstract presentations have been submitted, more than to any other AIDS conference. Fortunately there will be plenty of good reporting online, both during the conference and afterwards, for those who cannot go (and for those who do go as well, as no one could attend more than a fraction of the public meetings, many of which happen simultaneously).

Of the following news sources, only the first two are specific to the conference itself. The rest provide AIDS reporting at any time, whether or not any conference is happening, and we recommend them for AIDS-related news.

Note: Web sites change over time. If a link below does not work, try going to the home page (generally by using the name through the .org or .com, ignoring what follows), then try to find the information by looking around the site. If the home page does not work, then usually the site is down temporarily, and will be working again within a day.

Bangkok Conference News

* The Kaiser Family Foundation's "will provide daily coverage of the XV International AIDS Conference--including news summaries, interviews, webcasts, transcripts, and slide presentations from selected sessions." KFF has long provided useful and credible AIDS news reporting through its Kaiser Family Foundation Daily HIV/AIDS Report (see below). You can sign up for the conference-specific coverage (only for the week of July 11-16, 2004) at http://www.kft:org/aids2004/

* The official Web site of the Bangkok conference should have the searchable abstracts online during the event, as well as background information like the program and schedule. But historically the official conference sites have not otherwise be been very useful in reporting the scientific and medical news from these meeting. The Web address is

General News (Mainstream Newspaper, Newswire AIDS Reports)

* The AEGIS Daily Briefing collects important news reports from a variety of mainstream sources, at

* AIDSMEDS.COM has mainstream news at

* NATAP, the National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project, has a few selected AIDS news items at on "News Updates").

* You can subscribe to a weekly email newsletter of mainstream and original reporting at

In-Depth General and Medical AIDS Reports

* The Kaiser Family Foundation Daily HIV/AIDS Report writes its own articles specifically on AIDS and publishes them each weekday. You can see the current day's publication at fm. This page also links to an archive search, so you can find articles by key word. You can also subscribe to receive a daily email with a summary of each article that day, and a link to the full report.

* Clinical Care Options has CME training modules and other materials written primarily for AIDS physicians and other medical professionals. In addition to the HIV/AIDS site, it also has a hepatitis site, and an oncology (cancer) site as well. The HIV site is at

* Many other sites may have in-depth coverage during or alter the International Conference, as well as other A1DS news. Here are several to check: (hosts international discussions) Nations)
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Date:Jun 25, 2004
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