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Ball Industrial Systems announces FastTrack III inspection system.

Ball Industrial Systems announces FastTrack III Inspection System

Ball Industrial Systems, a division of Ball Corp., announces the availability of a new high-speed machine vision inspection system for glass container and can manufacturers. Called FastTrack III, the system detects surface flaws in glass bottoms and can ends at rates of 1,400 to 1,800 units per minute on single conveyor lines.

Commenting on the advantages of using automated inspection systems, Sandra Donaldson, division sales manager, said, "The FastTrack III 100-percent inspection approach to quality control significantly surpasses the capabilities of partial sampling by human inspectors. Manual inspection may allow hundreds of faulty units to get by before the problem and its source are identified, resulting in product going out with leaks, debris, or contamination potential." In addition to improving quality, FastTrack III reduces manufacturing costs and increases productivity.

FastTrack III senses and captures visual impressions of the parts, computer analyzes these images, identifies flaws, and signals to eject the flawed parts. The system also maintains complete statistics on all analyzed features and automatically tabulates the quality and types of flaws detected. Through the use of this information, operators are able to isolate problems, pinpoint the origin of defects, and correct their manufacturing processes.

According to Donaldson, "With FastTrack III, users have complete control over their processes. The system allows them, during set-up, to define the flaws to be inspected, select the range of acceptability, and establish the quality tolerances for their products. This determines the type of flaws to be automatically rejected from the line." She added that these inspection parameters can be easily changed or modified during operation.

The FastTrack III system features a NEMA 12 enclosure, closed circuit operation and built-in air conditioning which enables it to withstand the harshest environments. The system consists of an Analysis Subsystem and up to four multiplexed Camera Subsystems, each on a different line.

The Analysis Subsystem features a color display monitor, a keyboard, a status panel, an optional printer, an analysis engine, and a multiplexer to maintain data integrity for up to four conveyor lines.

The Camera Subsystem consists of solid state B&W camera, optics and lighting. The FastTrack III lighting system utilizes solid state strobe lighting through the use of multiple light emitting diodes (LED). The use of LED provides major advantages over other types of strobe lighting. It generates a more stable light output which contributes to producing clearer and more accurate images; produces very little heat; does not require high voltage; and has a long service life.

Information about FastTrack III is available from Ball Industrial Systems Division, 3400 Gilchrist Road, Mogadore, OH, 44260.
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Date:Jun 11, 1990
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