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Baen Books.

Baen Books

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Baen's gripping list of science fiction never stops: these are some wonderful recent winners. Leo Frankowski's Conrad Stargard: The Radiant Warrior (0743488636, $24.00) presents a total life change for one Conrad Schwartz, who one moment is hiking through the mountains of Poland, and the next finds himself stranded in 1231 AD, fleeing an angry Teutonic knight. Medieval Poland comes alive as Conrad decides to turn it into the most powerful country in its time--and faces the Inquisition during the process. Spider Robinson's Very Bad Deaths (074348861X, $18.00) confirms that Spider Robinson hasn't lost any of his compelling touch despite decades of writing. Shattered by the death of his wife, American expatriate Russell Walker is ready to join her--but Smelly, his old college roommate, won't let him go. And Smelly's urgent need for an intermediary with the police brings Russell into contact with a feisty female constable, a telepathic hermit, and a serial killer monster in the process. Swift action with a healthy dose of irony evolves. Travis S. Taylor's Warp Speed (0743488628, $22.00) tells of an astronaut who strives to reach the stars, preparing himself through martial arts, physics studies, and more. Her and his team have actually built the first warp drive, convincing the government to fund an impossible dream: now Dr. Clemons has new ideas for the drive, unsuspected by America's enemies, and espionage and international intrigue create high stakes for the prize. Wen Spencer's Tinker (0743498712, $6.99) appears in paperback to provide a riveting story of a girl genius inventor, Tinker, who lives in future Pittsburgh, which exists in the land of the elves. Tinker finds herself too involved in the politics of the Elven court, technology smugglers, and more as she tries to balance inventions with romance. Humor permeates a fast-paced, unpredictable plot. David Drake's The Far Side Of The Stars (0743488644, $7.99) tells of one Lt. Daniel Leary and fellow officer Adele Mundy, who must find other work during peaceties. Their venture into a dangerous escort service involves them with winged dragon challengers, jealous lovers, and a prophetic mystery in Drake's involving winner.
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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