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Backpacking Through Divorce.

Backpacking Through Divorce

Sean Hinchey

Liquid Footprint Publishing

PO Box 1977, Venice, CA 90294

0976359502 $19.95

Backpacking Through Divorce: How to Deal When You've Been Dumped is a guide for both men and women coping with the painful reality and aftermath of the death of a marriage. Author Sean Hinchey discusses his European travels that were his antidote to the misery of the end of his marriage, and offers help to other sufferers. Hinchey's survival strategies include how to streamline and get rid of one's clutter, why "closure" isn't as valuable as pop psychology would have one believe, how to find the will to go on, when to seek help and when to find the strength to strike out on one's own. Backpacking Through Divorce is an emotional self-help guide first and foremost, leaving such thorny divorce issues as child custody and legal/property/financial disputes to other guides, yet it shines in its down-to-earth honesty and recognition of human feelings and human needs.
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Title Annotation:Backpacking Through Divorce: How to Deal When You've Been Dumped
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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