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Back-to-back small bathrooms share garden and mirrored wall.

Back-to-back small bathrooms share garden and mirrored wall

In this Tucson house, back-to-back baths have a lot in common. They're both tiny--just 8 by 8 feet--but they both seem much bigger. What gives them their unusually spacious feel? A common wall that separates them is mirrored on both sides, and a shared wall of glass gives both a view to a private garden.

Architect Robert Swaim used several tricks in Mary and Hugh Rose's split master bath. The mirrors and glass wall camouflage the rooms' limits--and lead the eye out into the walled garden.

Composed of native granite hand-split at the site, the striking wall around part of the 8- by 16-foot enclosure also serves as the exterior wall of the tub bathroom, further blurring indoors and out. Also in that room, the mirrors spread up and across the ceiling.

In both rooms, high-fired 8-by-8 tiles cover counters and tub and shower enclosures. The same tile covers the shower bathroom's ceiling. The tub--more like a spa--is fitted with water jets.

A triangular shade baffle stretches across the garden enclosure, tapering in width from 8 feet to nothing along its 16-foot length. For greater durability, Swaim used steel painted dark brown for both the baffle and the louvered gate, which provides access to the garden from a private patio off the master bedroom.

Photo: Wall-size reflection of adjacent gated privacy garden shows in shower room's mirror (note head on reflected wall)

Photo: Sinks flank center wall. Tub and shower share view to small garden; triangular baffle casts shade

Photo: Stone wall along two sides of garden rises to slatted triangular overhang shading wall of glass

Photo: Mirrors reach to glass wall; tile provides continuity between sink counter and lower tub surround
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Date:Jan 1, 1988
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