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Bacha Khan Model School to provide standard education to Girls of entire district: Minister.

Peshawar Peshawar (pəshä`wär, pəshô`ər), city (1998 pop. 988,005), capital of the North-West Frontier Province, NW Pakistan. , September 29, 2009 (Frontier Star): The NWFP NWFP North-West Frontier Province (northwest Pakistan)
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 Minister for Elementary & Secondary Education, Sardar Sardar, in some senses also Sirdar (Persian: سردار ) (Sardār  Hussain Babak has said that Bacha Khan khan

Historically, the ruler or monarch of a Mongol tribe. Early on a distinction was made between the title of khan and that of khakan, or “great khan.” Later the term khan was adopted by the Seljuq and Khwarezm-Shah dynasties as a title for the highest
 Model School for Women Khaley Kaley District Buner would provide excellent opportunities of standard education to the Girls of entire district. He said that the same would play vital role for improving the female education ratio as it was the long-standing demand of the area. He was presiding pre·side  
intr.v. pre·sid·ed, pre·sid·ing, pre·sides
1. To hold the position of authority; act as chairperson or president.

2. To possess or exercise authority or control.

 over a high level meeting regarding the commissioning of the said school, established recently on Tuesday here at Peshawar. The same was attended by Muhammad Arifeen, Secretary Elementary and Secondary Education, Wasif Nawaz Deputy Director Elementary Education elementary education
 or primary education

Traditionally, the first stage of formal education, beginning at age 5–7 and ending at age 11–13.
 Foundation, Project Consultant Saeed Ashiq Hussain, Engineer Bakhtiar Khan, Planning Officer Ziaullah and Consultant Saeed Qureshi. The Provincial Minister said that the school was constructed in a short span of four months is an example for our nation building departments as the same was appreciated by the donors agencies of Norway. It was decided that regular classes would be started in March next and all administrative arrangements must be completed before commissioning regular educational activities. To accommodate maximum female students of the entire district, arrangements would be made for the provision of transportation and hostel facilities while it was recommended to establish Board of Directors, different administrative committees and appointment of teaching and auxiliary auxiliary

In grammar, a verb that is subordinate to the main lexical verb in a clause. Auxiliaries can convey distinctions of tense, aspect, mood, person, and number.
 staff well in time, being basic requirements. Sardar Hussain Babak on this occasion, asked the concerned authorities to seriously consider the construction standard and design for establishment of educational institutes and include the future requirements in all such plans. He said the standard educational institutes could improve the education level and make the nation to face the future challenges. It is, therefore, required that maximum stress should be given in planning and designing the educational institute and other relevant projects. He also directed the concerned quarters to appoint young, energetic, educated and hard workers in the said institute who could work devotedly and serve for the area with national enthusiasm. The Provincial Minister said that standard of education would never be compromised and all out efforts must be made to provide excellent education to the youngsters at any cost.

(THROUGH ASIA Asia (ā`zhə), the world's largest continent, 17,139,000 sq mi (44,390,000 sq km), with about 3.3 billion people, nearly three fifths of the world's total population.  PULSE)
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Sep 29, 2009
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