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Baby Talk: The Videoguide for New Parents.

Baby Talk: The Videoguide for New Parents is hosted by Jean Smart ("Designing Women") and her husband, actor Richard Gilliland. It is designed to take over where childbirth classes and patient education leave off, helping new parents acquire all the skills and information they need to cope with caring for a new baby.

Unlike babycare films from drug or formula companies, this one is produced by Polymorph films, a leader in the area of maternal-child health with such films as Birth in the Squatting Position, Gentle Birth and Labors of Love.

Baby Talk offers instruction on a wide range of topics, including bathing, diapering, breast and bottle feeding, sleep and awake patterns, personality development, crying and colic, temperature taking, doctor visits and a complete postpartum guide for the mother. The video is organized into ten chapters which are clearly marked on-screen at all times, allowing for easy location of a particular section in a hurry--a boon for harried new parents. The video comes with a handy reference booklet providing supplementary information and a colorful poster with space for important phone numbers.

I watched the entire video and found it an excellent resource for new parents--unlike the videos from the formula companies, nothing was offensive to someone like myself who is a bit outside the mainstream. I found only one glaring omission--not mentioning keeping the baby in bed with you when discussing sleep patterns. keeping the bassinet next to you or having a separate room for the baby. I am happy to make my copy available on loan to inexperienced parents who give birth at our center, and the price is low enough that some will want to buy it to have on hand when crises arise at 2 am!

The sixty-minute video costs $24.95, with a $5 discount making it only $19.95 for parents. Polymorph is offering childbirth educators this special bonus: they can show a part of Baby Talk in their classes and give their students coupons for $5 off the purchase price. In addition to couples saving $5, the childbirth educator's identification number on the coupon earns her an additional $2 credit toward purchase of any of the videos available from Polymorph (including Baby Talk, which she can lend out or resell). Childbirth education group members can pool their credits to purchase new videos more quickly.

To order or to request a review copy, contact Polymorph Films at 800-370-3456 or 617-542-2004. Be sure to mention having heard about the video through IH/IBP. -- Reviewed by Rahima Baldwin
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Author:Baldwin, Rahima
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Date:Dec 22, 1992
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