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BW-Connect NFS Supports Windows NT on Motorola Computer Group's PowerStack Computers.

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 14, 1994--Beame & Whiteside Software announced today that the company's two new NFS products for the Windows NT platform, BW-Connect NFS Client and BW-Connect NFS Server for Windows NT are supported on Motorola Computer Group's new line of PowerStack computer systems based on the PowerPC microprocessor architectures.

Motorola will be demonstrating both BW-Connect NFS Client and BW-Connect NFS Server for Windows NT at Comdex/Fall '94.

The Motorola Computer Group (MCG) recently unveiled its new line of PowerStack computers which incorporate the PowerPC 603 and PowerPC 604 microprocessors into RISC-based personal computers and network servers. To support these new products, MCG is offering a number of leading operating systems, including Microsoft's Windows NT.

BW-Connect NFS for Windows NT, Beame & Whiteside's connectivity software that provides Network File System connectivity and applications for the Windows NT TCP/IP stack, has been thoroughly tested with Windows NT running on MCG's PowerPC systems and is fully compatible with the PowerPC architecture.

"We see Windows NT as a driving force behind the sales of our new PowerStack family of RISC-based workstations and servers," said Karl Stoltze, Vice President of Marketing for MCG. "In fact, we believe so strongly in the combination of RISC hardware and Windows NT software that we are providing Windows NT with new PowerStack systems.

"Of course, the value of any operating system is in its applications, which is why we are pleased to demonstrate Beame & Whiteside's NFS applications for Windows NT at Comdex. It will be the combination of PowerPC-based hardware, a powerful operating system like Windows NT, and multithreaded connectivity applications like BW-Connect NFS that will give our customers technology that can grow with their needs."

"Our objective has always been to deliver optimal versatility in supporting Windows NT. With this demonstration, we have shown the market that BW-Connect can support all flavors of Windows NT, whether it is running on Intel, Pentium, MIPS, Alpha AXP, or PowerPC computing architectures," added George Stevenson, Product Manager for Beame & Whiteside Software.

Written as a native 32-bit, multithreaded kernel implementation to take advantage of the Windows NT architecture, BW-Connect NFS for Windows NT is very fast, delivering data transfer rates up to 1,000 Kbps (1Mbps) on PowerPC platforms. BW-Connect NFS for Windows NT can maintain up to eight threads, each of which handles simultaneous, independent data transfers, which can be a real boon to PowerStack customers since the PowerPC 604 microprocessor-based PowerStack systems are capable of supporting hundreds of networked users.

Included as a part of BW-Connect NFS is a full suite of TCP/IP client/server applications, including an electronic mail handler that offers SMTP and POP2/3 protocols. Other modules include drag-and-drop FTP, TFTP, FINGER, WHOIS, NS LOOKUP, TALK, PING, and TRACE ROUTE. BW220, Beame & Whiteside's terminal emulation software is also included to provide support for VT200, VT100, VT52, and TN3270 terminal emulation, and is capable of supporting up to 64 different TELNET sessions in all. BW-Connect NFS also supports session-by-session keyboard mapping, and Kermit and Xmodem file transfers.

BW-Connect NFS for Windows NT includes the first INET and TELNET daemons (INETD and TELNETD) for Windows NT. Patterned after the UNIX INETD, Beame & Whiteside's INETD provides peer-to-peer functions among connected machines (LAN or WAN) by implementing server functions for TCP/IP-based applications. INETD is installed as a Windows NT service and remains active in the background, waiting for connection requests from remote clients. When INETD receives a service request, it automatically starts an appropriate server daemon -- TELNETD, FTPD, TNAMED, TIMED, TALKD, nTALKD, or a user-supplied service.

TELNETD is a server which allows multiple TELNET connections to be made with the Windows NT server from other network machines. Each TELNET connection is given a Windows NT command line session after the username/password is authenticated using the native Windows NT security system. Full-screen console applications, like Edit, are also supported.

BW-Connect NFS for Windows NT is available now for $449. Quantity discounts are available.

Motorola's PowerStack family of Power-PC architecture microcomputers are available in a wide range of configurations. PowerStack list prices start at $3,395 for units equipped with the PowerPC 603 66-MHz microprocessor.

The Motorola Computer Group is a multinational hardware and software supplier to companies that provide computer solutions -- OEMs, master VARs, VARs, system integrators, and end users. MCG's corporate headquarters (including regional headquarters for Latin America and Australia) are in Tempe, Arizona.

Beame & Whiteside Software specializes in developing and marketing TCP/IP, NFS, and other connectivity solutions for DOS, Windows, Windows NT, and Novell NetWare computing environments. Beame & Whiteside Software is located at 706 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27603-1655; 919/831-8989; FAX: 919/831-8990; or at

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Date:Nov 14, 1994
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