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BRITISH beauty queen Paula Bradbury has won an out of court settlement said to be worth pounds 500,000 after being lured to the mega-rich Sultan of Brunei's jungle palace as a sex slave.

In sensational court documents, she claims she was promised pounds 2,000 a day to do promotional and modelling work for the Sultan's younger brother Prince Jefri.

But after arriving on the oil-rich island, Paula, a runner-up in the Miss UK competition, had her passport and return ticket confiscated.

Then she found herself among the playboy prince's "harem" of Western women - some of them only 16 years old - where she was:

EXPECTED to have sex with the randy royal and be at his beck and call 24-hours-a -day.

FORCED to disco dance with other girls for his leering friends, who groped them and had bets on whether they were wearing any underwear.

REFUSED permission to return home after realising that she had fallen into a sordid sex trap.

Finally horrified Paula sent a coded message to her boyfriend in Hawaii begging him to rescue her.

And then, in desperation, she promised to have sex with a stranger if he helped her escape.

As part of the conditons for settling her lawsuit, Paula has been sworn to secrecy.

But court documents obtained by The Sunday People reveal the full sordid tale.

Paula is believed to be the first women to have received a cash settlement after suing the Brunei royal family.

American beauty queen Shannon Marketic - who was at the palace with Paula - took legal action last year claiming that she had been kept a virtual prisoner.

Her case was thrown out after a Los Angeles judge granted the Sultan and 44-year-old Prince Jefri sovereign immunity.

But Paula sued in Hawaii where she now lives and the Hawaiian chief justice refused to give immunity.

Prince Jefri is one of the world's richest men with a personal fortune estimated at around pounds 20 billion.

He owns SIX HUNDRED cars, five luxury homes in London and a vast yacht called Tits - with two tenders known as Nipple 1 and Nipple 2.

Paula sued him under the pseudonym "Jane Doe" in order to protect her identity, and her lawyer Bill Meyer did not return calls yesterday.

But we can reveal that in a sworn affidavit on the court file, Paula told how she was lured to the oil-rich paradise island with promises of a huge wage and gifts of cash and jewels.

She was interviewed twice by Kaliber Talent, a Californian recruiting agency. Then after submitting a video tape and photographs of herself, she was told that Prince Jefri himself had selected her for promotional and modelling work in Brunei. Her statement went on: "I was told they recruited models, actresses and other talent.

"They said they were seeking qualified candidates to travel to Brunei to engage in various business and entertainment activities, including spokes-person and promotional work of behalf of Prince Jefri.

"They said Jefri employed numerous models and entertainers to attend palace functions, including various ceremonies, sporting events such as polo games and badminton matches and palace parties and to escort guests around the grounds of Jefri's 1,788-room palace."

Keen horserider Paula was promised pounds 2,000 pounds a day for a minimum stay of six weeks.

And she was told her equestrian skills would come in especially handy.

When she and six other beautiful Western women arrived in Brunei in August 1996 after flying first class from Los Angeles, they were all given luxury rooms on the ground floor of the magnificent palace.

But Paula soon realised that the men wanted to use her and the other girls as a harem.

She was immediately told to give a blood sample for a test.

Paula's statement went on: "After a few weeks in Brunei, I was asked if I would sleep with the boss. I said no and assumed it was a joke.


"Instead of attending palace functions, working with polo ponies, acting as a spokes-person or doing promotional work as was previously represented, my primary function was to attend nightly parties held in a disco party room within the palace along with at least 30 other young women.

"The only men in attendance at the parties were Jefri and a small group of other men, who appeared to be his friends. After talking with the other young women who attended the parties, I learned that Jefri maintained a changing cast of 30 or more women from whom he and his friends selected sexual partners.

"The women came from the United States and elsewhere under circumstances similar to those experienced by me.

"All were very beautiful and very young - some as young as 16.

"Several women told me that they understood prior to arriving in Brunei that they were expected to engage in prostitution on behalf of Jefri.

"Other women told me that while they did not come to Brunei with the intent of engaging in prostitution, once in Brunei they agreed to do so because of the promise of huge sums of money or because they felt compelled to do so, or because they were coerced to do so.

"Several women told me about the sexual acts they had performed with Jefri, his brother, their sons and members of their entourage.

"Once I realised that Jefri expected me to engage in sexual acts with either himself or others, I explained to his secretary that there had been a mix-up.

"I explained I had not been recruited by Kaliber in California to engage in sexual activity and I wanted immediately to go home to Hawaii.

"Alex his secretary became very upset and refused to make arrangements for my departure from Brunei.

"He said that I was being paid the daily fee to be available to Jefri and others for sexual activity, that Kaliber knew the purpose and objective of my trip and that I should get 'a hold of myself', 'not make trouble' and 'relax'. Then I would enjoy my six weeks in Brunei.

"Fearing that I might never be released from the palace or that I would be assaulted, using a code, I was able to notify my fiance in Hawaii that I was in trouble.

"My fiance then sent a communication for me from Hawaii that my 'Uncle Ryan' had been injured in a car accident and that I had to return at once to be with my family. I knew this was a ruse because I did not have an Uncle Ryan."

But still Paula was not allowed to leave the prince's palace. Eventually, in sheer desperation, she turned to one of the men who had been pestering her for sex and asked him to help.

Paula's statement continued: "I shared my fake emergency with David, who had been harassing me and pursuing me in an effort to have sex with me. David indicated that he could easily arrange for my departure, but that I would first have to participate with him in sexual activity.

"In an effort to placate David and avoid any sexual activity with him - and in an effort to go forward with my escape plan - I told David that if I was allowed to leave Brunei I would return and have sex with him.

"David physically and offensively assaulted me."

The next day, Paula was given just two hours' notice to pack her bags and make her way to the airport.


She was given a bundle of cash, much less than she was owed, and put on board a flight for Hawaii via Singapore and Los Angeles.

After arriving safely back in the arms of her fiance, she contacted Hawaiian attorney Bill Meyer and launched the legal fight against Prince Jefri.

As part of their case, Paul's legal team began compiling a dossier of evidence.

One page shows the passenger manifest of one of the Prince's 747 airplanes. Out of 87 passengers, more than 60 were young women.

Two of them were identified as British women.

In another affidavit, George Chock, a former security consultant with the Brunei Royal Family, stated that Prince Jefri would travel around America with "a harem of approximately 15 to 20 women."

He used a private Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet to ferry them around in luxury

But now the Prince's high-profile lifestyle could be over following a major rift with the Sultan over losses approaching pounds 10 million from a company he used to control.

Meanwhile former Miss USA Shannon Marketic is still pursuing her law suit against Kaliber Talent agency - even though she has been denied the chance to sue the sultan of Brunei and Prince Jefri.
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