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Bridgewater Systems, Kanata, Ontario, a provider of dynamic IP and data service fulfillment and assurance solutions, has launched Wi-Fi AAA AAA: see American Automobile Association.

(Triple A) A common single-cell battery used in a myriad of electronic devices of all variety. Like its double A (AA) cousin, it provides 1.5 volts of DC power. When used in series, the voltage is multiplied.
, which is available for a 30-day trial, downloadable from the company's website.

The new offering is targeted at enterprises seeking to centrally secure their wireless LAN (WLAN See wireless LAN.

WLAN - wireless local area network
); control WLAN access for employees, visiting customers and partners; and track usage of WLANs for security, planning and accounting purposes.

According to Karl Toompuu, product manager for Bridgewater Systems, "Wi-Fi AAA is based upon years of Bridgewater Systems' Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) RADIUS experience with some of North America's largest service providers in 3G wireless, DSL and WLAN deployments. It provides the security, scalability, and manageability that enterprise customers need for effective access management and control of their WLAN environments."

Bridgewater Systems has leveraged this expertise to offer enterprise environments a secure Windows-based solution with Active Directory, NT Domains, and Lightweight Directory Application Protocol (LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) A protocol used to access a directory listing. LDAP support is implemented in Web browsers and e-mail programs, which can query an LDAP-compliant directory. ). Wi-Fi AAA complements Wi-Fi Service Manager, Bridgewater Systems' carrier-grade solution for managed wireless LAN services.

Wi-Fi AAA provides a standards-based, multi-vendor solution for enterprises looking for strong over-the-air data encryption and key rotation based on IEEE 802.1x and Wi-Fi Protected Access (networking, security) Wi-Fi Protected Access - (WPA) A security scheme for wireless networks, developed by the networking industry in response to the shortcomings of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).  (WPA WPA: see Work Projects Administration.
 in full Works Progress Administration later (1939–43) Work Projects Administration

U.S. work program for the unemployed.
). Wi-Fi AAA supports prevalent Extensible Authentication Protocol Extensible Authentication Protocol, or EAP, is a universal authentication framework frequently used in wireless networks and Point-to-Point connections. It is defined by RFC 3748.  (EAP) methods including Cisco Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol The Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP) is a proprietary wireless LAN authentication method developed by Cisco Systems. Important features of LEAP are dynamic WEP keys and mutual authentication (between a wireless client and a RADIUS server).  (LEAP) and Microsoft Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol
PEAP is also an acronym for Personal Egress Air Packs.

Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol, Protected EAP, or simply PEAP (pronounced "peep"
 (PEAP See EAP. ) that is now widely supported on Microsoft operating systems The following is a list of Microsoft operating systems. For the codenames that Microsoft gave their operating systems, see Microsoft codenames. Before Windows
  • Xenix
  • MS-DOS
  • MS OS/2 1.0
  • MS OS/2 1.1
  • MS OS/2 1.
, eliminating the need for 3rd party clients.

Wi-Fi AAA offers WLAN administrators the following capabilities:

Secure authentication for users requesting access to the WLAN: Administrators can specify an existing corporate identity store where user identities, their credentials and authentication methods are stored. Each user can be appropriately authenticated with no additional administration requirements. Optionally, an internal Wi-Fi AAA directory may be used.

Authorization of specific service access for employees and visitors: Once a user is authenticated, Wi-Fi AAA will authorize specific services based on the users' role (e.g. employee, contractor, visitor).

Tracking of WLAN access and usage: All usage is tracked and captured in accounting records that can be formatted into comprehensive reports, as well as forwarded to a central accounting server for security audits, internal charge-backs, invoicing to visitors, or to provide custom reports for network planning.

Complete RADIUS functionality: Provides standard RADIUS functionality for dial-up, Internet or VPN-tunnel AAA. It also provides manageability through support of standard RADIUS SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) A widely used network monitoring and control protocol. Data are passed from SNMP agents, which are hardware and/or software processes reporting activity in each network device (hub, router, bridge, etc.  MIBs.

Secure WLAN Authentication: Includes enhanced WLAN authentication security to ensure that data is strongly protected over the wireless network. Wi-Fi AAA supports all key 802.1x WLAN authentication conforming to WPA, with future support for emerging 802.11i standards.

Flexible user authentication methods: Works with a variety of user identity stores, helping capitalize on existing equipment and operating procedures.

Flexible user privileges: Allows administrators to create a wide variety of user privilege profiles based on day/time access, bandwidth allocation, or access to specific segments of the WLAN. This ensures better control of user access, plus enhances enterprise user satisfaction.

Wi-Fi Visitor Access: Visitors such as customers and partners can be given secure Wi-Fi access via access points that support Virtual LANs (VLANs). Wi-Fi AAA allows administrators to create different access controls for different classes of visitors, while always protecting the enterprise.

Multi-vendor WLAN support: Supports all major 802.1x capable WLAN access points, offering a flexible interface that allows organizations to deploy access point technology that best suits their needs.

Fast and easy to deploy: A Windows-based solution, Wi-Fi AAA provides quick and easy out-of-the-box deployment.

Centralized Administration Center: A browser-based interface gives network administrators the ability to manage authorization rules and access controls, plus create comprehensive usage reports.

Detailed usage reports: Generates accounting records that can be manipulated to create reports, including usage activity, which identifies total network usage by user name, and failed connections by time period and access point.

Scalable, future-proof solution: Supports increased numbers of concurrent sessions, in increments that make good business sense, allowing enterprises to grow their system with their needs. A single server based on a basic platform can authenticate thousands of users per minute.

Pricing/Trial Version

Wi-Fi AAA is available immediately. A 30-day free trial of the product is available at

About Bridgewater Systems

Bridgewater Systems provides dynamic IP and data service fulfillment and assurance solutions that enable service providers to generate profits from their networks while enhancing customer loyalty. The modular Bridgewater Systems product suite extracts greater value from existing operations support systems Operations Support Systems (also called Operational Support Systems or OSS) are computer systems used by telecommunications service providers. The term OSS most frequently describes "network systems" dealing with the telecom network itself, supporting processes such  (OSS), business support systems (BSS See 802.11.

BSS - Block Started by Symbol
) and network assets to enable service providers to realize new revenue sources. Unlike traditional OSS vendors, Bridgewater Systems' proven products deliver on-demand dynamic IP and data services, offer extensive revenue capture capabilities, provide out-of-the-box value and can be deployed in weeks -- instead of months.

Bridgewater Systems products are currently deployed by top-tier global service providers such as Verizon Wireless, Bell Mobility, ICG ICG

indocyanine green.
 Communications, Covad and Telia. Founded in 1997, Bridgewater Systems is a privately held company privately held company

A firm whose shares are held within a relatively small circle of owners and are not traded publicly.

For more information, call 613/591-6655 or visit
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