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 KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Communications and Information Technologies, Inc. (CIT), a private educational software developer based in Knoxville, has announced the imminent release of BookWorm(TM), an advanced mixed-media "electronic book" for teachers and students at the high school and college levels.
 The beta version of BookWorm will be shipped in September with a list of known bugs and an extensive customer survey provided. Educators who purchase the beta version at $99.95 and provide feedback to CIT on BookWorm features and bugs will receive the final version and an additional title for the cost of shipping only. This approach will allow CIT, a young start-up company, to conduct extensive field tests and build quality into the software without the financial burden usually associated with such an intensive customer-driven approach.
 BookWorm brings together an unprecedented collection of software tools and multimedia capabilities, such as audio, video, text, graphics and animation, to create a powerful, fully integrated teaching and learning tool. For example, the beta version will include BookWorm's Shakespearean Quartet, which consists of four of the venerable Bard's best and most-studied plays: Hamlet, Macbeth, A Midsummer's Night Dream and Romeo and Juliet. Prepared in collaboration with major scholars in the field, the quartet will incorporate the best in Shakespearean criticism, with extensive illustrations, glossaries, reference materials, and hypermedia annotations focusing on history, stagecraft, language, character and plot, and other relevant topics. Each of the four plays will be a complete critical edition, augmented and magnified by BookWorm's unique tool set that allows paper and essay preparation, custom note-taking, and marketing and sorting features from directly within the text.
 "BookWorm is one of the most comprehensive and innovative electronic book tools on the market today, making it a requirement for teachers and students alike," Laura L. Bresko, the president of CIT, said. "But unlike any other product -- traditional textbooks, videos, even other mixed media products -- BookWorm allows users to create their own sets of notes, annotations, papers, test questions, essays. . .and to interact with each other, the teacher and the material, all within one comprehensive framework.
 "The result is a kind of ultimate critical edition of a given work, plus a teaching tool with an almost endless capacity for supporting the text with videos, graphics, background materials and analysis, and all the necessary tools for performing research."
 The BookWorm Engine is a multimedia electronic publishing tool that runs on both Macintoshes and IBM PCs/compatibles and it currently supports the latest versions of Macintosh System 7, and Windows. The BookWorm Application, which operates on the same systems, is a subset of the BookWorm Engine, allowing users to view, work with and customize any BookWorm Title. The beta release of the software will, however, be Macintosh-compatible only and geared toward the English literature classroom.
 "The introduction of BookWorm is a major innovation in education," said Bresko. "CIT is helping to define a new category in electronic publishing, and BookWorm is the engine to power that industry."
 In addition to developing its own list of titles through the BookWorm Press, like the Shakespeare Quartet, CIT is negotiating with several major publishers to create electronic textbooks, courseware, training manuals, and other materials. BookWorm programmers work directly with traditional publishing houses to develop customized electronic books according to publisher specifications. Due to the BookWorm Engine's object-oriented framework, customizing modules and capabilities for individual publishers is not only feasible but also cost-effective. "Much like a publisher now hires a commercial printer to print their books, they can hire CIT to 'print' an electronic version," explained Bresko, "only we provide a complete service, from creation of materials right through to the final compiled product.
 "And through the purchase of BookWorm Press titles, educators, students, and home computer users can customize their favorite books. The number of potential BookWorm titles is virtually unlimited," said Bresko, "every book that has ever been written -- indeed, every book that will ever be written -- can be published in the BookWorm format."
 A complete list of BookWorm Press titles to be available when the final product is released in January will be announced in September. To order the BookWorm Beta Version or request additional information, please call 800-845-1755, or write BookWorm at: CIT, Suite 103, 11020 Solway School Road, Knoxville, TN 37931.
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