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BOMBER RECRUITS FOR MSP SHERIDAN; 'Tartan terrorist' is behind party website.

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A TERRORIST bomber is backing the Scottish Socialist Party led by controversial MSP (1) (Management Service Provider or Managed Service Provider) An organization that manages a customer's computer systems and networks which are either located on the customer's premises or at a third-party datacenter.  Tommy Sheridan.

David Dinsmore spent 10 years on the run after sending a letter bomb to a Scottish Office Minister.

Now Dinsmore, 38, has launched a website to promote Sheridan's party and recruit new members.

Dinsmore was once dubbed "The Tartan Pimpernel" and linked to the Scottish National Liberation Army The Scottish National Liberation Army (SNLA) is (or was) a small militant group, which aims to bring about Scottish independence. The SNLA has been a proscribed organisation by the government in the United Kingdom.[1]. , blamed for a string of bomb scares.

But his shameful past has not prevented him from taking an active role in Sheridan's party. Dinsmore said: "I was welcomed into the SSP (1) (Service Switching Point) The local exchange node in an SS7 telephone network. The SSP can be part of the voice switch or in a separate computer connected to it.  with open arms. My role is as a foot soldier for the party using purely democratic means.

"Whether they agree with my actions in the past or not, the members accept that it is in the past. I have a colourful history but my objectives for Scotland are now the same as the SSP."

Dinsmore went on the run after posting an explosive device to the Earl of Mansfield, who was to play host to then PM Margaret Thatcher and other Cabinet ministers before the Scottish Conservative Party The Scottish Conservative Party (officially the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), often referred to as the Scottish Tories (see Tory), is the part of the British Conservative Party that operates in Scotland.  conference.

Dinsmore was arrested at his home in Falkirk in May 1983 but skipped bail and fled to Dublin where he was recaptured.

Attempts to extradite him back to Scotland failed and after eight months in jail he was released and disappeared to Spain.

After a number of years living in Brazil, he finally gave himself up in 1993 to the British Consul in Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, city, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro (rē`ō də zhänā`rō, Port. rē` thĭ zhənĕē`r

Dinsmore pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court Glasgow Sheriff Court is the main Court in Glasgow. It is located in the Gorbals area of the city and is the busiest court in Europe. [1]

The Sheriff Court lies within the Sheriffdom of Glasgow & Strathkelvin.
 to contravening the Post Office Act by sending dangerous material and breaking bail and was sentenced to 240 hours community service.

The convicted terrorist now lives in London.

Last night, Sheridan said he had "no problem" with Dinsmore's party involvement.

He added: "The guy has obviously made mistakes in his past and has been involved in practices which I certainly wouldn't condone. We are a party that has always advocated peaceful civil disobedience."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 12, 2001
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