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BOMA/NY: 'the power of teamwork.' (Building Owners and Managers Association of New York) (Career Development) (Column)

With the challenges facing real estate today, the emphasis on services provided by owners and managers has never been greater. As a result, the advantages of being part of BOMA/NY - founded specifically to assist New York's owners, managers and building industry professionals advance the industry's services and standards - are more important than ever.

Next month we kick off our Membership Campaign, and a quick review of what we have accomplished since January amply illustrates the benefits of BOMA/NY and the power of teamwork in building the best *32B/J Strike Averted. Just five days into the new year, a major strike by 32B/J was averted and a settlement obtained. Working with our colleagues at the RAB and REBNY, BOMA/NY's contributions-particularly its representation on the RAB Negotiating and Preparedness Committees - were essential to the speed and effectiveness with which the situation was resolved.

*Emergency Task Force Formed. Created within hours of the World Trade Center bombing, this BOMA/NY team worked with the media to educate the public and act as informed sources during this terrible tragedy. Our message, "New York Buildings Are the Safest in the World," made its way to the Governor's Office as well as the nightly newscasts. *Indoor Air Quality. BOMA/NY tackled this issue in the "classroom" and the "courtroom". Our jointly-sponsored seminar with Environmental Protection Agency this past February was the first of its kind, while our coalition of BOMA associations from throughout, New York State and REBNY members met repeatedly - and we believe successfully - with state lawmakers on pending legislation requiring compliance with new regulations. We were able to direct their attention to focusing on public sector buildings first, and to evaluate building compliance by using design criteria in effect at the time of construction rather than the most recent standards enacted in 1989.

*Record Number of Seminars. Since January, we sponsored or co-sponsored five seminars covering such timely topics as fire safety equipment, indoor air quality, energy efficiency as a marketing tool, security and safety in high-rise office buildings, and sales tax issues. Other joint sponsorships are in the planning stages for this year.

This is but a sample of the hands-on results our group achieves. We also "build" better managers and owners through a variety of education and informational programs. Through the Building Owners' and Managers' Institute, we offer college-level training for the designations of Real Property Administrator, Facilities Management Administrator and Systems Maintenance Administrator. BOMA/NY sponsors scholarships for each.

Our seminar program regularly features top experts providing timely updates on such key issues as codes and regulations, water treatment, computer software, ADA legislation, water treatment and CFCS. At our luncheon series we've been addressed by such industry leaders as Charles Maikish, director of the World Trade Center; Bemard Mendik, president of REBNY; Alair Townsend, publishers of Crain's, as well as such well-known public figures as Commissioner Rudolph Rinaldi (NYC-Department of Buildings) and Carl Weisbrod, president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

This past year we had the privilege of being the only organization representing the real estate industry and the private sector in honoring die 33 years of highly professional, dedicated service given by George C. Sakona, deputy commissioner of Technical Affairs at the New York City Department of Buildings, on the occasion of his retirement.

We continue to build our relationships with the City and State on key issues, providing information and feedback on the effects of new and proposed laws and regulations on our industry. Frequently, these efforts have lead to the orderly implementation of new regulations with the industry's full cooperation.

BOMA/NY's role as a standard bearer of accomplishment is exemplified every year in our "Awards for Excellence" program which honors outstanding contributions to New York and the building industry. Rounding out the BOMA/NY experience are our highly popular social programs, including the annual dinner dance and golf and tennis outing.

As our members serve the industry, so BOMA/NY works to serve them - the power of teamwork builds the best.
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Author:DiCapua, Peter L.
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Article Type:Column
Date:Aug 18, 1993
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