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BNP member 'hit protester with camera tripod'.

Byline: Ben Rossington

A BRITISH National Party
This article is about the contemporary party. For the 1960s party, see British National Party (1960s).
The British National Party (BNP) is a white nationalist political party in the United Kingdom.
 member hit an anti-fascist protester around the head with a camera tripod as the two sides clashed in Liverpool city centre, a court was told.

Peter Tierney, 52, denies striking campaigner Nick Barnett, saying it was "an accident".

Tierney stood trial at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday after denying a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.

John Dixon, prosecuting, told the court how on St George's Day St. George's Day is celebrated by several nations of whom Saint George is the patron saint, including England, Portugal, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia and the Gora. For England, St. George's Day also marks its National Day. , Thursday April 23 last year, the BNP BNP B-type natriuretic peptide, brain natriuretic peptide Physiology A 32-residue peptide hormone produced predominantly in the ventricles, secreted in response to fluid overload–eg, CHF. See Atrial natriuretic peptide.  were handing out leaflets in Liverpool city centre.

He said an "informal political movement" calling itself the Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism - of which Mr Barnett is a member - heard about the campaigning and headed into the city to hand out their own leaflets.

The court heard the two sides clashed verbally in St John's Gardens St John's Gardens is a memorial park in Liverpool, England, located behind St George's Hall. It takes its name from St John's Church which stood on the site from 1783 until 1887. The terraced gardens, laid out by Thomas Shelmerdine, the City Surveyor, opened in 1904. , behind St George's Hall.

Mr Barnett, 30, said his group was shouting "Nazi scum" at the BNP, who shouted back: "Get a wash, get a job."

He said the BNP were moving toward the front of St George's Hall and he went to run past them so he could hand out his leaflets first.

He said as he did, he felt something hit him on the back of the head.

Mr Barnett described turning around and seeing Tierney stood by him with the camera tripod in his hands.

He went to hospital and had to have the cut to his head glued.

During his time on the witness stand, Tierney, of High Street, Hale Village, said the anti-fascists ran at the BNP "screaming like banshees" and he used the tripod as a barrier to stop himself being attacked.

The case continues.


Peter Tierney, middle, outside Liverpool Crown Court at a previous hearing
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 19, 2010
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