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up for Sprint long distance service will now automatically receive substantial savings on a wide range of everyday needs -- from car rentals to health insurance -- thanks to an Asian buying club announced today.

The Asian American A·sian A·mer·i·can also A·sian-A·mer·i·can  
A U.S. citizen or resident of Asian descent. See Usage Note at Amerasian.

 Association, formed by leading Asian business people, is the comprehensive, new one-source membership service for Asians. Thanks to its considerable buying clout, the association provides members with significant discounts on a vast portfolio of products and services in areas such as travel, entertainment, insurance, banking and telecommunications.

In addition to discounts, association members can take advantage of a free directory assistance and information hotline. This service provides callers with in-language support for a full host of community needs, such as advice on filing immigration immigration, entrance of a person (an alien) into a new country for the purpose of establishing permanent residence. Motives for immigration, like those for migration generally, are often economic, although religious or political factors may be very important.  papers, as well as choosing restaurants and hotels.


See: New York Stock Exchange
: FON Fon

People of southern Benin and adjacent parts of Togo. They speak a dialect of Gbe, a Kwa language of the Niger-Congo language family. Numbering about 3 million, the Fon are mainly farmers.
) is a founding member of the Asian American Association, along with at least 20 other national companies, including Avis, Pearle Vision and DHL DHL
1. Doctor of Hebrew Letters

2. Doctor of Hebrew Literature
 Worldwide Express.

Through its marketing arrangement with the association, Sprint is proud to be part of the association's valuable package of products and services for Asian Americans, said Jim Dodd, Sprint assistant vice president for Asian marketing.

"This arrangement with the association is a unique way for Sprint to forge a competitive advantage in the U.S. Asian marketplace for telecommunications, which is growing significantly," Dodd said, adding that total volume for U.S. calls to the Asia/Pacific region has increased at least 17 percent in each of the last four years.

"The membership program provides Sprint with an excellent vehicle in which we will market Sprint products and bundle them together with products of the association's other member companies," Dodd said. "The program also opens up an exclusive new sales channel through which the association will promote Sprint products."

Asian Americans who sign up for Sprint through the association will receive:
    --   Automatic membership in the Asian American Association
         buying club, ensuring eligibility for deep discounts on
         a wide array of products and services;
    --   Additional discounted calling hours on Sprint's lead
         international calling plan, Sprint Sense International,
         specifically for association members;
    --   Special promotions on top of the already discounted
         Sprint Sense International rates;
    --   Low rates on domestic calls with the Sprint Sense
         dime-a-minute calling plan.

Membership in the Asian American Association entitles Asian Americans to save on a variety of other needs: personal, travel and entertainment, communications and insurance. Among the offers: 25 percent off prescription eye wear from Pearle Vision; up to 30 percent off major hotels; 15 percent off Avis car rentals; and coupons to major theme and amusement parks across the country.

With Sprint long distance, members of the Asian American Association get low rates on every call -- international and domestic. Sprint Sense International, a global calling plan, provides a clear, bottom-line price for all international long distance calls. For example, Asian Americans can call Taiwan for only 61 cents a minute, or $3.05 for a 5- minute call between 8:00 p.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and all weekend (U.S. time). Callers on Sprint Sense and Sprint Sense International now get an added bonus -- 10 percent cash back on their annual long distance bill. The minimum cash back checks are $25.

For information, and to learn more about the benefits of membership in the Asian American Association, call 1-800-297-4663.

Sprint is a global communications company -- at the forefront in integrating long distance, local and wireless communications services, and the world's largest carrier of Internet traffic. Sprint built and operates the United States' only nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network and is the leader in advanced data communications services. Sprint has $12.6 billion in annual revenues and serves more than 15 million business and residential customers.
    -0-                        11/16/95

/CONTACT: Susie Choi of Intertrend, 310-324-6313; or Dan Wilinsky of Sprint, In Calif. 11/16, 800-777-2582, Pager, 800-601-3203, After 11/16, 913-624-5300; or home, 913-897-9046/


CO: Sprint; Asian American Association ST: California IN: TLS (1) (Transport Layer Security) A security protocol from the IETF that is based on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 protocol developed by Netscape. TLS uses digital certificates to authenticate the user as well as authenticate the network (in a wireless  SU: PDT PDT
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electroshock therapy
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