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 TREVOSE, Pa., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Betz Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BTL) today announced the completion and startup of a major expansion to the company's Beaumont, Texas, chemical manufacturing plant.
 The state-of-the-art production facility is devoted exclusively to making new, proprietary Betz Novus(TM) polymers, which represent advanced, cost-effective treatments for environmental and processing applications.
 Novel Polymer Technology
 According to William R. Cook, president and chief operating officer of Betz Laboratories, "This new manufacturing facility testifies to our technical leadership and continuing research commitment to develop advanced environmental treatment programs for our customers. The novel molecular structure of the new Novus polymers is the result of years of extensive research in the unique molecule design laboratories at our corporate R&D center. Since these polymers are unlike any other in the industry, we built a unique facility at Beaumont for their manufacture."
 The structures of Novus emulsion polymers can be chemically engineered to allow them to function either as a coagulant, which neutralizes negative surface charges on colloidal material, or as a flocculant, which increases particle size to promote settling and dewaterability. In some cases, the polymers can be designed to function with both of these properties.
 Cook noted that the patented Novus polymers represent a major breakthrough for cost-effective solids/liquids separation, as well as improved process related issues, such as retention and drainage in paper mills. "They combine innovative polymer chemistries with an unusual molecular structure that's designed to extend functionality and decrease usage rates and treatment costs," he said.
 Other important features of Novus polymers include their improved "shelf life" and ease of clean-up compared to competitive products. The new polymers offer improved stability during storage, with less potential for product separation.
 Aiding the Environment
 According to Cook, each Novus polymer was specifically developed to provide optimum performance in a wide variety of solids/liquids separation applications. In particular, they are designed to aid wastewater treatment in industrial and commercial applications and to enhance process operations in the pulp and paper and hydrocarbon processing industries. "We've fine-tuned the polymers' design with field trials at a variety of industrial sites to optimize performance," he said.
 In wastewater treatment, for example, these polymers are particularly suited for primary/secondary clarification, air flotation, and sludge processing. Novus polymers cost-effectively speed the settling of suspended solids, effectively decreasing the water's biological and chemical oxygen demand as well as total organic carbon. They also optimize water release in dewatering operations, minimizing sludge volumes and increasing equipment efficiencies.
 In paper processing, Novus polymers outperform conventional retention and drainage aids, especially in such furnishes as high fines, board grades, and groundwood containing grades. This optimizes recovery of fiber and filler, minimizing stock losses and improving sheet formation.
 Novus polymers also offer extraordinary performance in paper mill savealls, process clarification, and thickening applications. In recycled paper processing, the polymers enhance deinking operations, providing excellent clarification.
 In refinery processing, the Novus polymers promote excellent oil/water separations in slop oil and desalter emulsion breaking programs. Combined with a Betz emulsion breaker, these polymers reduce slop volume by up to 70 percent. This action recovers high quality oil for reprocessing and dramatically reduces hazardous waste volumes. In desalters, the polymer enhances separation of free oil in the water phase, resulting in cleaner effluents and more operational flexibility.
 "This major expansion of the Beaumont plant reflects our commitment to providing our customers a Return on Environment(TM)," Cook concluded. "The Novus products produced here raise the standard of excellence for polymer performance. They are the latest advancement in helping customers solve environmental problems and meet compliance challenges, while reducing operating expenses, improving productivity, and increasing profitability. And because Novus polymers are manufactured exclusively by Betz, strict quality control standards assure a consistent polymer supply. Delivery-to-delivery variation is essentially eliminated, ensuring that Novus products will continue to provide the environmental protection that our customers need."
 Betz Laboratories, Inc., an international company headquartered in Trevose, produces and markets a wide range of engineered programs and specialty chemical products for water, wastewater, and process systems. The company's services are utilized in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, with particular emphasis on the chemical, petroleum refining, power, paper, automotive, coil and steel industries.
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