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 ATLANTA, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The following statement was issued today by Eric Ensor, assistant vice president, Worldwide Wireless Strategy Group, BellSouth Corp. (NYSE: BLS):
 The FCC has taken a critical step today in defining PCS and in attempting to bring it to the marketplace. And, of course, BellSouth will take advantage of the very limited opportunities it has been afforded.
 However, the FCC's action today contradicts its stated objectives. It said it wanted to encourage the development and rapid deployment of PCS. But by closing the door on open eligibility, the FCC has done just the opposite by prohibiting the full participation of the very companies that developed the technology, understand it and can make it available to the American public quicker than anyone else.
 The FCC said it wanted to foster economic development and competition and broad access to PCS yet it almost completely excludes the companies with the wherewithal, the expertise and years of experience in bringing communications to every city and town throughout the U.S. And by restricting the pool of eligible bidders, the FCC has diminished its own objective of promoting vigorous competition both here and abroad.
 And finally, the FCC said it wanted to promote the efficient and intensive use of the spectrum. Yet, by making only 10 mHz available for certain licenses, it is squandering a scarce and valuable resource.
 With its actions today, the FCC tried to accommodate the various concerns of a diverse group of interested parties. Unfortunately, in trying to do that, it severely disadvantaged those that have the most to contribute in bringing PCS to the American people.
 -0- 9/23/93
 /CONTACT: Tim Klein, 404-249-4135, or John Schneidawind, 202-463-4183, both of BellSouth/

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Date:Sep 23, 1993

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