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Business in the sea transport has also been badly hurt by the crisis. Many industrial companies have been forced to slow down production resulting in a decline in exports and imports that need sea transport.

PT Pelayaran Bahtera Adhiguna, a state-owned shipping company, could not escape the malaise malaise /mal·aise/ (mal-az´) a vague feeling of discomfort.

A vague feeling of bodily discomfort, as at the beginning of an illness.
. Although it still posted an increase in income, its profit shrank shrank  
A past tense of shrink.


a past tense of shrink

shrank shrink
 in 1999 because of bigger non business losses.

The company, which operates six cargo ships and a barge reported a net profit of Rp 5.4 billion in 1999 or a decline of 35% from Rp 8.4 billlion in the previous year.

The decline in the net profit was caused by foreign exchange losses. In 1998, the company posted a profit of Rp 4.96 billion but in 1999, it suffered a loss of Rp 930 billion in non business activities.

The company still recorded encouraging performance in its core businesses - sea transport, ship agency, sea cargo forwarding business and technical services. This was indicated by an increase in income from Rp 40 billion in 1998 to Rp 49.1 billion last year.

Table - 1 Business performances, 1997 - 1999
                                            (Rp million)

Description             1997       1998         1999

Income                34,081.0   40,034.0       49,103.0
Cost of goods sold    25,530.0   28,756.0       31,910.0
Gross profit           8,551.0   11,278.0       17,193.0
General costs          6,922.0    7,279.0       10,086.0
Business profit        1,629.0    3,998.0        7,107.0
Non business profit    1,862.0    4,960.0        (930.0)
Profit before tax      3,491.0    8,959.0        6,177.0
Corporate tax            514.0      598.0          753.0
profit after tax       2,977.0    8,360.0        5,424.0

Source: PT Bahtera Adhiguna

Sea transport still potential

In addition to sea transport, Bahtera Adhiguna operates in other supporting businesses such as ship agency, forwarding business and ship repair services. It has a subsidiary PT PBM PBM - play by mail. See play by electronic mail.  Adhiguna Putera operating in loading and unloading Unloading

Selling securities or commodities whose prices are dropping to minimize loss.
 in a number of ports in the country.

In line with the government regulation No.35 in 1971, the company was promoted in status to a limited company named PT Pelayaran Bahtera Adhiguna, the first PT under the communications ministry. With the issuance of a presidential instruction No. 4 in 1985, PT PBM Adhiguna Putera took over business in terminal operation.

The core businesses of PT Pelayaran Bahtera Adhiguna are:

- Archipelagic ar·chi·pel·a·go  
n. pl. ar·chi·pel·a·goes or ar·chi·pel·a·gos
1. A large group of islands: the Philippine archipelago.

 and ocean going transport - Domestic and foreign ship agency - Ship cargo forwarding - Other related businesses

It has six cargo ships, a barge and a sailing vessel Maruta Jaya-900. Its cargoes include coal in bulk, logs, clinker clink·er  
1. The incombustible residue, fused into an irregular lump, that remains after the combustion of coal.

2. A partially vitrified brick or a mass of bricks fused together.

, fertilizers, rice, sugar, palm kernel oil, pulp, iron sand, cement in bulk and in bags, animal feed and general cargoes.

It cooperates with other companies mainly state companies such as coal mining PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam, general mining company PT Aneka Tambang, fertilizer fertilizer, organic or inorganic material containing one or more of the nutrients—mainly nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and other essential elements required for plant growth.  producing PT Pusri, cement maker PT Semen semen
 or seminal fluid

Whitish viscous fluid emitted from the male reproductive tract that contains sperm and liquids (seminal plasma) that help keep them viable.
 Gresik and PTY Pty Austral & S African Proprietary  Semen Tonasa and the Board of Logistics (Bulog).

It also cooperates with a private company in the operation of two ships Two Ships is a single by the folk duet, The Sallyangie, released in 1969. Track listing
  1. "Two Ships" - (3:16)
  2. "Colours Of The World" - (2:28)
 under regular time charter.

Business in sea transport, which is the main contributor to its income, still is good. In 1999, its business production in shipping totaled 2.3 million tons, down 10% from 2.6 million tons in the year before. The decline was caused not because of a decline in performance but more by the docking of one of its ship MV Adh Muliamarga, which reported a production of 15,400 tons in 1998.

Table - 2 Shipping business of Bahtera Adhiguna, 1998 - 1999

Name of ship                       1998        Plan     Realization

Mv Adh Nugraha                     56,925      64,411       55,067
Mv Adh Jaya                        20,908      63,966       61,697
Mv Adh Purnamarga                  28,090      55,847       45,456
Mv Adh Muliamarga                  15,444        -            -
Mv Adh Muliamarga (Teus)              850       8,593       10,022
Mv Adh Rayamarga                   44,044      19,244       19,244
My Adh Rayamarga (Teus)              -          3,370        2,758
Mv Tarahan                      2,283,373   1,825,479    2,014,082
Barge BA-1/Tb Sapu Laut/
TB Gemilang Samudra               144,906     139.911      131,987
Sailing Vsl. Maruta Jaya 900        5,261       6.704        6,039

Total (Ton/m3)                  2,598,951    2,175,562   2,333,572
Total (Teus)                          850       11,963      12,780

Source: PT Bahtera Adhiguna

Business in ship agency and forwarding up

Ship agency is a service business preparing visits by ships including permits allowing ships to enter and leave Indonesian ports both Indonesians and foreign ships. Users of the services are both foreign and Indonesian shipping companies operating ships to and going out of Indonesian ports.

Bahtera Adhiguna is still relied on by 60 shipping companies both domestic and foreign companies as their agent.

The company's agency business is supported by 17 branches in major ports in the country.

Its income from the ship agency is increasing as indicated by the number of calls of ships handled by it.

Table - 3 Performance in ship agency

Head office & branches    1998     Plan   Realization
                                   1999      1999

Head office                375      350        263
Branch offices:
- Tanjung Priok            433      390        360
- Surabaya                 613      636        162
- Gresik                   152      173        147
- Banjarmasin              581      560        531
- Padang                   328      332        350
- Cilacap                   61       78         70
- Merak                    600      564        506
- Panjang                   -       177        111
- Paiton                    -       224        246
- Tanjung Wangi             -       261        506
- Lhokseumawe              358      409        365
- Belawan                  235      171        207
- Tanjung Pinang           793      837        830
- Kotabaru               2,762    2,957      3,277
- Samarinda                149      132         78
- Balikpapan               326      316        322
- Ujung Pandang             91      101        131

Total                     7,857   8,668      8,462

Source: PT Bahtera Adhiguna

Sea cargo forwarding (EMKL) services constitute getting goods out of and to port areas and securing the license for both interisland in·ter·is·land  
Relating to, involving, or connecting two or more islands: interisland competition; interisland ferries. 
 and international cargoes. Currently EMKL activities are handled by 10 branch office under the coordination of the head office.

Income from the activities also increased. In 1999 the company production from EMKL services totaled 1.6 million tons, up from 1.4 million tons in the year before.

Table - 4 EMKL service production

Branch office            1998     Plan         Realization
                                  1999            1999

- Belawan              15,554      33,718          37,578
- Padang              297,934     283,933         135,382
- Merak/Panjang       163,559     177,055         178,227
- Tanjung Priok        20,410      67,654          66,068
- Cilacap              35,416      57,968          52,426
- Gresik              523,844     551,029         751,958
- Surabaya            228,554     147,201          21,763
- Banjarmasin         111,647     259,867         320,396
- Ujung Pandang          -           -               -
- Tanjung Wangi          -        114,988          58,933

Total               1,396,918   1,693,413       1,622,731

Source: PT Bahtera Adhiguna

Business in technical dock

The company has a technical dock operating in ship repair and maintenance in Tanjung Priok Tanjung Priok (also Tandjung Priok) is a subdistrict of North Jakarta, Indonesia. It hosts the city's main harbour of the same name. The port, Indonesia's busiest, is managed by national port company PT Pelindo. . The facility is a profit oriented unit but it also serves to maintain the ships owned by the company.

The facility has :

- Water front 55 m long and 3.5 meters deep that could serve as floating repair facility for ships, barges and tug boats measuring 55 m x 3.5 m draft

- Yards 900 sq.m. wide that could dock tug boats, speed boats and barges of small size (up to 100 ft long)

- Workshop and equipment such as lathes, scrap engine, cutters, welding welding, process for joining separate pieces of metal in a continuous metallic bond. Cold-pressure welding is accomplished by the application of high pressure at room temperature; forge welding (forging) is done by means of hammering, with the addition of heat.  machines, press machines, drilling machines and rolling machines.

In 1999, the production of the business was 45 orders down from 60 orders in the previous year or from the target figure of 57 orders.

Table - 5 Performance of Technical Dock

Activities             1998   Plan   Realization
                              1999       1999

Repair of own ships     27     38         19
Repair of other ship    33     19         26

Total                   60     57         45

Source: PT Bahtera Adhiguna

In 1999, Bahtera Adhiguna maintained long term cooperation between state-owned companies and Indonesian private companies.

Cooperation with state firms includes:

- 15 year contract with PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam to end until 2003. Negotiations have been made to renew the contract.

- 10 year contract for the transport of cement in bulk between Biringkasi and Samarinda with PT Tonasa and similar contract for ten years for the transport of cement in bulk between Biringkasi and Banjarmasin. To meet the contract a special barge measuring 6,500 DWT DWT
1. deadweight tonnage

2. deadweight tons
 has been procured from PT PANN PANN Professional Association of Nursery Nurses
Pann Pannonian (linguistics) 
 and the barge has been in operation since early 2000.

Cooperation with Indonesian private companies covers:

- Joint operation and own ship time charter with a third party PT Triarga Tirta Line effective since March 1999.

- Cooperation is being worked out with PT Pelindo II to develop Technical Dock at Jl. Paliat Tanjung Priok.

- Agreement on Handling Agent for coal transport ships with PT Arutmin Indonesia in Tanjung Pemancingan, Senakin, Satui and Petangis (coal terminal around Kota Baru Kota Baru (kōt`ə bär`) or Kota Baharu (kōt`ə bəhär` ) has been extended for 5 years until 2005.

Meanwhile, in order to meet the rule of International Maritime Organization International Maritime Organization (IMO), specialized agency of the United Nations established in 1948, with headquarters in London and 158 member nations. IMO is one of the smallest of the UN agencies.  (IMO "In my opinion." See IMHO and digispeak.

) and demand from service users, the International Safety Management Code is adopted for all ships owned by the company. The ISM See ISM band.  Code certificate has been handed over to KM Tarahan late June 2000 and to other ships.

In order to reduce idle time The duration of time a device is in an idle state, which means that it is operational, but not being used.  in ship operation, method of repair of machines and decks is made through floating and running repair repair using the working unit of the Technical Dock.

Financial performance tends to decline

Bahtera Adhiguna reported positive development in 1999, but its net profit dropped that its overall performance showed a decline. Financial data showed that assets in 1999 declined while liabilities tended to increase and net profit fell. See the following table.

Table - 6 Financial data of PT Bahtera Adhiguna
                                                (Rp million)
Description                              1997           1998

Total assets                          61595.7       72,532.0
Current assets                        37396.5       49,556.6
Fixed assets                          18234.1       16,010.8
Other assets                           2748.8        3,748.3
Capital participation                  3216.3        3,216.3
Total liabilities                     32567.6       36,740.9
Current liabilities                   21102.3       27,351.1
Long term liabilities                 11465.3        9,389.8
Capital and reserve                   29028.1       35,791.1
Income                                34081.0       40,034.0
Net profit                             2977.0        8,360.2
Ratios (%):
- Current assets/current liabilities    114.8          181.2
- Net profit/income                       8.7           20.9
- Net profit/capital                     10.2           23.3
- Net profit/total assets                 4.8           11.5
- Total liabilities/capital             112.2          102.6
- Total liabilities/total assets         52.9           50.6

                                      (Rp million)
Description                                  1999

Total assets                             71,609.2
Current assets                           48,633.8
Fixed assets                             14,314.9
Other assets                              3,613.0
Capital participation                     5,812.8
Total liabilities                        36,954.7
Current liabilities                      30,473.5
Long term liabilities                     7,109.6
Capital and reserve                      34,654.6
Income                                   49,103.0
Net profit                                5,424.1
Ratios (%):
- Current assets/current liabilities        159.6
- Net profit/income                          11.0
- Net profit/capital                         15.6
- Net profit/total assets                     7.6
- Total liabilities/capital                 106.6
- Total liabilities/total assets             51.6

Source: PT Bahtera Adhiguna
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