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Avanza: Preliminary Financial Statement 2006.

STOCKHOLM Stockholm (stŏk`hôlm'), city (1995 pop. 692,954), capital of Sweden and of Stockholm co., E Sweden, situated where Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea. , Sweden Sweden, Swed. Sverige, officially Kingdom of Sweden, constitutional monarchy (2005 est. pop. 9,002,000), 173,648 sq mi (449,750 sq km), N Europe, occupying the eastern part of the Scandinavian peninsula.  -- * Operating income Operating Income

The profit realized from a business' own operations.

This would not include income from things such as investments in other firms. Also referred to as operating profit or recurring profit.
 increased by 59.5 per cent (35.4%) to SEK SEK

In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Swedish Krona.

The currency market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average volume of over US $1 trillion.
 454.7 million (SEK 285.1 m).

* The profit after tax was SEK 188.0 million (SEK 105.9 m).

* Earnings per share increased to SEK 6.85 (SEK 3.88).

* Net deposits totalled SEK 6,030 million (SEK 5,660 m), corresponding to 20.2 per cent (34.9%) of the total value of custodian accounts custodian account

An account controlled by a custodian rather than the owner of the assets. Custodian accounts are often used for minors or other individuals who are unable or unwilling to handle their own assets.
 at the beginning of the year.

* The Board of Directors proposes that a dividend of SEK 4.00 (SEK 2.00) per share be paid and proposes a buyback Buyback

The buying back of outstanding shares (repurchase) by a company in order to reduce the number of shares on the market. Companies will buyback shares either to increase the value of shares still available (reducing supply), or to eliminate any threats by shareholders who may
 programme for a maximum of 10 per cent of the shares in Avanza For the prescription antidepressant, see .

Bankaktiebolaget Avanza is the largest online stock broker in the Nordic countries with more than 150 000 customers and the largest number of deals on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Comments from the Managing Director

"Avanza's growth-related work continues unabated un·a·bat·ed  
Sustaining an original intensity or maintaining full force with no decrease: an unabated windstorm; a battle fought with unabated violence.
. The fourth quarter saw us lay the foundations for growth on a broader front by offering customers a PPM (Premium Pension Authority pension) service and by becoming one of the selectable options for the SAF-LO collective agreement-based occupational pension plans, which affect 2.1 million Swedes This is a list of well known Swedes, ordered alphabetically within categories: Actors
Main article: List of Swedish actors

  • Ann-Margret (born 1941), singer and actress
  • Pernilla August (born 1958), actress
. We will be expanding our operations still further in early 2007 with the launch of asset management services, but the most important thing of all will be our even greater focus in selling. And although we do need to keep an eye on to watch.
- Shak.

See also: Eye
 stock market performance, we are more excited about our growth potential than ever before", says Nicklas Storakers, Managing Director of Avanza.

"Avanza's total number of custodian account customers grew by a record 23 per cent in 2006. Net deposits in Avanza also reached their highest figure ever during 2006, exceeding SEK 6 billion, but a weak savings market at the end of the year meant that we did not quite achieve our full yearly goal."

"Revenues increased by 60 per cent in 2006 to SEK 455 million, and the operating margin Operating Margin

A ratio used to measure a company's pricing strategy and operating efficiency.

Calculated by:
 simultaneously increased to 54 per cent. This shows that our model, which combines the market's lowest charges with low costs, generates benefits for customers and shareholders alike."

For additional information, please contact Nicklas Storakers, Managing Director of Avanza, on tel.: +46 70 861 80 01.

Business performance Avanza is continuing to develop at a rapid rate, launching a number of savings products in 2006.

Avanza Zero and the occupational pension plan were launched in the spring, whilst the savings magazine, Placera Nu, was launched in the autumn, along with online trading Online Trading

Making trades via the Internet.

The use of online trading increased dramatically in the mid to late 1990's with the advent of high-speed computers and Internet connections. Stocks, bonds, options, futures, and currencies can all be traded online.
 on Scandinavian stock markets and health and accident insurance schemes. The latter part of the year saw the launch of the PPM service that gives customers access to their PPM holdings via Avanza, along with the option of reinvesting their funds. A currency trading service will be launched in early 2007.

Net deposits totalled SEK 6,030 million (SEK 5,660 m) during 2006, corresponding to an increase of 6.5 per cent (71.5%) in comparison with 2005. Net deposits during the fourth quarter totalled SEK 1,580 million (SEK 2,060 m). Gross deposits were strong, but a substantial outflow during the latter part of the year contributed to a lower than expected figure for net deposits. Total net deposits throughout the year corresponded to 20.2 per cent (34.9%) of the total value of custodian accounts at the beginning of the year.

The total number of custodian account customers increased by a net of 24,100 (16,100) to 130,000 during 2006 (105,900 as of 31st December December: see month.  2005), corresponding to an increase of 22.8 per cent (17.9%). The no-fee index fund, Avanza Zero, made a substantial contribution to the inflow in·flow  
1. The act or process of flowing in or into: an inflow of water; an inflow of information.

 of new customers.

The increase in the value of the average Avanza portfolio in 2006 was 22.1 per cent (42.0%), compared with the increase of 23.6 per cent (32.6%) reported by the OMX OMX Office Max (stock symbol)  Stockholm All Share index.

The total value of custodian accounts increased by 45.0 per cent (84.0%) to SEK 43,200 million, as of 31st December 2006 (SEK 29,800 m as of 31st December 2005). The total value of custodian accounts in Avanza Private Banking increased by 71.8 per cent (255.0%) during 2006 to SEK 11,700 million (SEK 6,810 m as of 31st December 2005). The total value of custodian accounts in increased to SEK 750 million (SEK 350 m as of 31st December 2005).

Avanza's occupational pension was launched in the spring and is attracting considerable interest, with 230 companies with a total of 360 employees (underlying custodian accounts customers) joining the Avanza occupational pension scheme occupational pension scheme nplan m profesional de jubilación

occupational pension scheme occupation nbetriebliche Altersversorgung f 
 to date. The market is characterised by long selling-in times and more complex selling-in processes than for Avanza's other products. Avanza applied for affiliation to the collective agreement-based occupational pension plans, known as the "tick-box markets," during the autumn, and has been adopted as a selectable option within the SAF-LO collective agreement-based occupational pension plans.

The total value of custodian accounts in pension products totalled SEK 4,800 million on 31st December 2006 (SEK 2,470 m on 31st December 2005), corresponding to 11.1 per cent (8.3% as of 31st December 2005) of the total value of custodian accounts.

The range of investment funds Noun 1. investment funds - money that is invested with an expectation of profit

assets - anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company
 offered has been augmented and now comprises 780 different funds from over 60 fund management companies. The business magazine, Privata Affarer, declared Avanza "Price Presser of the Year" on the basis of Avanza Zero, which was launched in May. Avanza Zero is an index fund intended to track the OMXS30 index. Units in the fund can only be bought via direct savings in Avanza custodian accounts, via pension savings with Avanza, or via PPM. To date, Avanza Zero has 11,400 unit holders who are with Avanza, and SEK 480 million in capital. The return on Avanza Zero since its launch has been 26.5 per cent, in comparison with the OMXS30 index, which rose by 26.6 per cent during the same period. The total value of custodian accounts invested in funds was SEK 6,600 million, as of 31st December 2006 (SEK 3,810 m as of 31st December 2005), corresponding to 15.3 per cent of the total value of custodian accounts (12.8% as of 31st December 2005). The total number of custodian accounts with fund holdings was 43,200 on 31st December 2006 (26,200 on 31st December 2005).

September September: see month.  saw the launch of Placera Nu, which is an online magazine focusing on savings and investments. The magazine is published at, which is integrated with Avanza's web service. Placera Nu is editorially independent and the editorial team comprises eight experts in the field of shares, funds and pensions. By the end of the year, Placera Nu was getting 53,000 visitors per week.

Avanza's market share of First North, the market for small growth companies, totalled 25.3 per cent of turnover and 18.0 per cent of the number of transactions in 2006. This market-dominant position means that Avanza is an attractive alternative for listings, ownership diversifications and new issues of shares in small growth companies. Avanza Corporate Finance has completed ten commissions this year.

Avanza's total market share of the Stockholm Stock Exchange The Stockholm Stock Exchange (Swedish: Stockholmsbörsen) is a stock exchange located in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1863 [1] it is the primary securities exchange of the Nordic Countries.  (including First North) was 2.7 per cent (2.0%) of turnover and 10.0 per cent (9.5%) of the total number of transactions. Just as in the previous year, Avanza was the biggest member overall of the Stockholm Stock Exchange (including First North), measured by the number of transactions.

The operational availability of Avanza's web service in 2006 was 99.7 per cent (99.6%).

Avanza's custodian account customers averaged 2.00 (1.57) commission notes per month during 2006, corresponding to an increase of 27.4 per cent (22.7%) in comparison with the previous year. The corresponding figure during the fourth quarter was 1.98 (1.79) commission notes per custodian account customer and month. The average brokerage BROKERAGE, contracts. The trade or occupation of a broker; the commissions paid to a broker for his services.  fee per commission note for custodian account customers in 2006 was SEK 94 (SEK 94). Operating income per custodian account customer totalled SEK 4,100 (SEK 3,000) during the period.

Borrowing, including client funds, increased to SEK 5,278 million as of 31st December 2006 (SEK 3,526 m as of 31st December 2005). Lending increased by 11.6 per cent to SEK 2,290 million (SEK 2,052 m as of 31st December 2005). Borrowing and lending correspond to 12.2 per cent (11.8% as of 31st December 2005) and 5.3 per cent (6.9% as of 31st December 2005), respectively, of the total value of custodian accounts. Customers' net liquidity hence totalled 6.9 per cent of the total value of custodian accounts (4.9% as of 31st December 2005). Result and position Operating income increased by 59.5 per cent (35.4%) to SEK 454.7 million (SEK 285.1 m) in 2006. The growth in income is due both to higher levels of customer activity and to underlying growth. Operating income totalled 1.26 per cent (1.29%) of the total value of custodian accounts during the year. Net interest items totalled SEK 137.7 million (SEK 81.7 m) during 2006, corresponding to an increase of 68.5 per cent (35.3%) in comparison with the previous years.

Brokerage income, less deductions for direct costs, comprised 53 per cent (54%) of total operating income during 2006, whilst non-brokerage income (net interest income, investment fund commissions and other income) made up the remaining 47 per cent (46%).

Non-brokerage income during 2006 comprised 102 per cent (94%) of operating expenses Operating expenses

The amount paid for asset maintenance or the cost of doing business, excluding depreciation. Earnings are distributed after operating expenses are deducted.
, and Avanza has hence exceeded its goal of non-brokerage income totalling a minimum of 90-100 per cent of operating expenses in 2006. The corresponding figure in Q4 was 101 per cent (97%). The increase in non-brokerage income is mainly due to rising volumes of borrowing and lending, increased investment fund commissions and fees from corporate finance.

Operating expenses during 2006 totalled SEK 210.9 million (SEK 138.4 m), corresponding to an increase of 52.4 per cent (26.6%) in comparison with 2005. Operating expenses during the fourth quarter totalled SEK 58.7 million (SEK 39.0 m), corresponding to an increase of 50.5 per cent (20.4%) in comparison with the same period last year. Marketing costs during 2006 increased to SEK 42.7 million (SEK 19.4 m), which together with increased costs for personnel represented the main share of the total cost increase.

The number of full-time full-time
Employed for or involving a standard number of hours of working time: a full-time administrative assistant.

 employees (excluding those on leaves of absence and parental leave parental leave
A leave of absence granted to a parent to care for a new baby.
) at the end of December was 157 (94 as of 31st December 2005).

The pre-tax pre-tax adjanterior al impuesto

pre-tax adjavant impôt(s)

pre-tax adjal lordo d'imposta 
 profit for 2006 was SEK 243.8 million (SEK 146.7 m), corresponding to an operating margin of 53.6 per cent (51.5%). The tax expense was SEK 55.8 million (SEK 40.8 m), corresponding to an effective rate of taxation of 22.9 per cent (27.8%). The effective rate of taxation has been reduced by decisions by the Tax Authority in the fourth quarter to approve previous loss carry forwards. The result after tax was SEK 188.0 million (SEK 105.9 m) in 2006. Earnings per share totalled SEK 6.85 (SEK 3.88). The return on equity in 2006 was 45.1 per cent (35.3%).

Depreciation of tangible and intangible assets Intangible Asset

An asset that is not physical in nature.

Examples are things like copyrights, patents, intellectual property, and goodwill. These are the opposite of tangible assets.
 totalled SEK 8.2 million (SEK 6.4 m) and investments totalled SEK 16.2 million (SEK 5.0 m). Investments during the year included Avanza's acquisition of the subsidiary company, Borsveckan, which affected the cash flow to the tune of SEK 2.4 million.

Shareholders' equity Shareholders' Equity

A firms' total assets minus its total liabilities. Equivalently, it is share capital plus retained earnings minus treasury shares. Shareholders' equity is the amount by which a company is financed through common and preferred shares.
 totalled SEK 488.8 million as of 31st December 2006 (SEK 353.7 m as of 31st December 2005), or SEK 17.80 (SEK 12.88) per share, and the capital adequacy ratio Capital adequacy ratio (CAR), also called Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio (CRAR)[], is a ratio of a bank's capital to its risk. National regulators track a bank's CAR to ensure that it can absorb a reasonable amount of loss.  was 11.8 per cent (11.1%). The Group's liquid assets Cash, or property immediately convertible to cash, such as Securities, notes, life insurance policies with cash surrender values, U.S. savings bonds, or an account receivable.  totalled SEK 2,880.2 million (SEK 802.9 m as of 31st December 2005). Outlook for the future Avanza's goal is to be The Savers' Bank. In concrete terms, our ambition Ambition
Alger, Horatio

author of a series of rags-to-riches stories. [Am. Lit.: Ragged Dick]

Bart, Lily

sacrifices her principles and her chance for love in schemes to climb the social ladder. [Am. Lit.
 is that every Avanza customer shall have more money over for personal use than would be possible anywhere else.

The Swedish savings market is worth SEK 3,400 billion and Swedes' need for individual savings is increasing, not least in the pensions sphere. With a total custodian account value of SEK 43,200 million, Avanza has a market share of 1.3 per cent.

Avanza has supplemented its range of products this year with an occupational pension and a PPM service, which means that Swedish customers can now bring all of their savings under the Avanza umbrella. The focus on providing advice and guidance in the form of the online magazine, Placera Nu, helps encourage this process. The combination of the market's cheapest savings products, high quality help, and the wide range of investments offered will enable Avanza to retain its position as Sweden's best savings service on the Internet Internet

Publicly accessible computer network connecting many smaller networks from around the world. It grew out of a U.S. Defense Department program called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), established in 1969 with connections between computers at the

Avanza believes, therefore, that the long-term Long-term

Three or more years. In the context of accounting, more than 1 year.


1. Of or relating to a gain or loss in the value of a security that has been held over a specific length of time. Compare short-term.
 growth potential with regard to both new customers and new capital continues to be very good. Our goal is to achieve a market share of at least 2 per cent and 200,000 custodian account customers by the end of 2008. Avanza has two focus areas during this growth phase in 2007: to sell more savings products to existing customers and to make it easier for new customers to choose Avanza.

The first quarter of 2007 will see Avanza putting greater effort into direct sales activities. Another goal is the establishment of an even broader distribution network for occupational pensions during the first six months of the year, by means of their inclusion in more and more collective agreement-based plans and through partnerships with insurance brokers. The first quarter will also see the launch of Avanza's asset management function as a complementary service for those customers who do not want to manage their entire savings portfolio personally. Placera Nu will be developed into an even better online savings magazine, and in the spring, Avanza will be launching a number of other new products and services.

Underlying growth in custodian account value generates the preconditions for revenue growth for Avanza, because there is, in the long-term, a clear link between growth in custodian account value and growth in operating income. Avanza will continue to put pressure on prices, in order to ensure that customers have more money over for themselves, and this will have a negative effect on the rate of revenue growth. Our goal, however, is a long-term revenue growth rate of 15-30 per cent per annum Per annum

. Over the course of one year - which can be classified as the short term in the savings market - however, stock market trends will also have a pronounced effect on the growth of both the total value of custodian accounts and revenues.

Net deposits per annum are estimated to comprise 20-25 per cent of the total value of custodian accounts at the beginning of the year. Seasonal variation, stock market climate and individual measures on the part of Avanza result in quarterly variations in levels of net deposits, and in 2006, they totalled 20 per cent of this value as a result of, amongst other things, an increase of 23 per cent in the number of custodian account customers.

Value should normally grow by 6-8 per cent per annum, taking into account the custodian account customers' distribution of shares and interest-bearing Adj. 1. interest-bearing - of financial obligations on which interest is paid  assets. In 2006, value growth levels were very high at 22 per cent.

The annual pricing pressure (defined as operating income in relation to total value of custodian accounts) is estimated at between 5 and 10 per cent. In 2006, Avanza continued to reduce its brokerage fees for share trading in conjunction with, amongst other things, the introduction of the Mikro Mikro is a Greek band based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was formed in 1998 and was named after the greek word micro used in metric measuring systems. Their main focus is electronic music.  custodian account, with a minimum brokerage fee of SEK 39. The launch of Avanza Zero also enabled Avanza to reduce the fees payable for savings in investment funds. These price cuts were, however, compensated for by the fact that customers invested more capital in actively managed funds and guarantee products, and that trading activity levels increased during the year. The pricing pressure in 2006 was therefore not more than 2.4 per cent.

This Interim Report is published in Swedish and English 1. English - (Obsolete) The source code for a program, which may be in any language, as opposed to the linkable or executable binary produced from it by a compiler. The idea behind the term is that to a real hacker, a program written in his favourite programming language is . In the event of any difference between the English version and the Swedish original, the Swedish version shall govern.

Avanza AB * Box 1399, SE-111 93 Stockholm Sweden *Street address: Klarabergsgatan 60T * el: +46 8 562 250 00 * Fax: +46 8 562 250 41

Registered office: Stockholm * Corp. ID no.: 556274-8458 *

This information was brought to you by Waymaker Way´mak`er

n. 1. One who makes a way; a precursor.
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