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Cliche, Marie-Aimee "Historical Studies"
Cliche, Paul "Inroads: A Journal of Opinion"
Click, David L. "The Tax Adviser"
Click, Jeremy L. "Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin"
Click, Robin "World Literature Today"
Cliff, Aimee "The Fader"
Cliff, Andrew D. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Cliff, Brian "Irish Literary Supplement"
Cliff, Lisa; Steele, Judy "The Public Manager"
Cliff, Michael T. "Financial Management"
Cliff, Miichelle "The American Poetry Review"
Cliff, Norman H. "International Bulletin of Missionary Research"
Cliff, Patricia Warburg "Real Estate Weekly"
Cliff, Paul "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Cliff, Simon "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Cliff, William; Rois, Judy "Anglican Journal"
Cliffe, B "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Cliffe, Jeremy "Renewal"
Cliffe, Tim "Science News"
Clifford Lincoln, and others "Canadian Parliamentary Review"
Clifford Roberts, William "Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings"
Clifford, A A "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Clifford, Anna "Childhood Education"
Clifford, Anne "Theological Studies"
Clifford, Anne M. "Theological Studies"
Clifford, Annette "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Clifford, Bill "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Clifford, Brian "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Clifford, Brin "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Clifford, Bryn "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Clifford, Buzz "The Middle East"
Clifford, Catherine E. "The Ecumenical Review"
Clifford, Catherine E. "Theological Studies"
Clifford, Catherine E. "Journal of Ecumenical Studies"
Clifford, Claudia "The Pulse"
Clifford, Command Sgt Maj James H. "Air & Space Power Journal"
Clifford, Craig "Government Finance Review"
Clifford, D. May "Moment"
Clifford, Diane "Renaissance Quarterly"
Clifford, From Richard "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Clifford, George III "Washington Monthly"
Clifford, George M., III "Naval War College Review"
Clifford, Graham "Highlights for Children"
Clifford, Hal "Sunset"
Clifford, Hal "National Parks"
Clifford, Harlan "E"
Clifford, J. Garry "Presidential Studies Quarterly"
Clifford, J. Stephen; Soares, Gregory L. "Journal of Property Management"
Clifford, James "Air & Space Power Journal"
Clifford, James "Infantry Magazine"
Clifford, James "Oceania"
Clifford, James H. "Air & Space Power Journal"
Clifford, James H. "Infantry Magazine"
Clifford, Jim "Air & Space Power Journal"
Clifford, Jim "Canadian Journal of History"
Clifford, John "Real Estate Weekly"
Clifford, John "Dance Magazine"
Clifford, Joy "Modern Casting"
Clifford, Kelly; Budd, Simone "Practically Primary"
Clifford, L.J.; Nair, M.G.; Rana, J.; Dewitt, D.L. "Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy & Phytopharmacology"
Clifford, Lisa-Jean "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Clifford, Lucia "Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)"
Clifford, Madeleine "The Black Scholar"
Clifford, Mark "North American Whitetail"
Clifford, Matthew S. "Approach"
Clifford, Max "The Mirror (London, England)"
Clifford, Michael "Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table"
Clifford, Michael "Canadian Chemical News"
Clifford, Michael "Labour History - A Journal of Labour and Social History"
Clifford, Michael P. "The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin"
Clifford, Nerida "Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services"
Clifford, Ralph D. "Southern New England Roundtable Symposium Law Journal"
Clifford, Richard (English bishop) "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Clifford, Richard (English bishop) "Theological Studies"
Clifford, Richard (English bishop); Anatolios, Khaled "Theological Studies"
Clifford, Richard J. "Theological Studies"
Clifford, Robert A. "Trial"
Clifford, Samantha "Translog"
Clifford, Sarah "Girls' Life"
Clifford, Stephanie "New York Times Upfront"
Clifford, Stephen "The Progressive"
Clifford, Stephen P. "College Literature"
Clifford, Timothy "Apollo"
Clifford, Tom "Circuits Assembly"
Clifford, Tom "Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture"
Clift, Ben "Renewal"
Clift, Eleanor "Washington Monthly"
Clift, Eleanor "The Non-profit Times"
Clift, Joseph "Grocer"
Clift, Peter "Oceanus"
Clifton, Brett "Alberta History"
Clifton, Capt. Bryan S. "Naval Aviation News"
Clifton, David "Harvard International Review"
Clifton, Diane "The Tax Adviser"
Clifton, Eli "Iran Times International (Washington, DC)"
Clifton, Geoff "Grocer"
Clifton, Guy L. "Arkansas Business"
Clifton, James "National Catholic Reporter"
Clifton, James A. "Business Economics"
Clifton, James M. "Southern Economic Journal"
Clifton, Janie "U.S. Catholic"
Clifton, Jim "Gallup Management Journal"
Clifton, Jim "Gallup Business Journal"
Clifton, John "Adoption & Fostering"
Clifton, Jon "Gallup Poll News Service"
Clifton, Jon; Marlar, Jenny "Gallup Poll News Service"
Clifton, Jon; Morales, Lymari "Gallup Poll News Service"
Clifton, Jon; Ray, Julie "Gallup Poll News Service"
Clifton, Jon; Ryan, Ben "Gallup Poll News Service"
Clifton, Josh "Risk & Insurance"
Clifton, Joshua "Risk & Insurance"
Clifton, Keith E. "Notes"
Clifton, Keith E. "Fontes Artis Musicae"
Clifton, Lucille "The American Poetry Review"
Clifton, Merritt "Earth Island Journal"
Clifton, Nicole "Style"
Clifton, Peter "Folk Music Journal"
Clifton, Rodney A. "Journal of Thought"
Clifton, Ronald W.; Vitch, Martin L. "Security Management"
Clifton, Roxann "AMT Events"
Clifton, S. Diane "The Tax Adviser"
Clifton, Shane "Journal of Ecumenical Studies"
Clifton, Stuart "Mortgage Banking"
Cliftonville, Alex McGREEVY Portadown V "The Mirror (London, England)"
Clikeman, Paul M. "The National Public Accountant"
Clikeman, Paul M. "Strategic Finance"
Clikeman, Paul M.; Walden, W. Darrell "The National Public Accountant"
Climenhaga, Daryl "Mennonite Quarterly Review"
Climent-Espino, Rafael "Romance Notes"
Climescu, Oliver; Jaliu, Codruta; Saulescu, Radu; Neagoe, Mircea; Badea, Milian "Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings"
Clinch, Sherilee "Airports International"
Clinch, Sherilee; Crates, Emma; Pilling, Mark "Airports International"
Clinch, Therese "Georgia Nursing"
Clinch, Therese "ISNA Bulletin"
Cline, Alan D. "Communication World"
Cline, Benjamin J. "ETC.: A Review of General Semantics"
Cline, Brandon N.; Fu, Xudong "Financial Management"
Cline, Charles "Presbyterian Record"
Cline, Curtis R.; Goodnight, Michelle E. "U.S. Army Medical Department Journal"
Cline, Daniel "Peace and Freedom"
Cline, Daniel D. "Nursing Education Perspectives"
Cline, Daniel D.; Manchester, Jeannette; Tagliareni, M. Elaine "Nursing Education Perspectives"
Cline, Daryn S. "ASHRAE Transactions"
Cline, Eric H. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Cline, Erica; Elliott, Marianne "The American Biology Teacher"
Cline, Erica; Gogarten, Jennifer "The American Biology Teacher"
Cline, Erin M. "East-West Connections"
Cline, Ernest "Bookmarks"
Cline, George R. "Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science"
Cline, Harry "Rural Cooperatives"
Cline, J. Steven "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Cline, J.P. "Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology"
Cline, James "Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology"
Cline, Jennifer; Hessong, David "Communications News"
Cline, John "Military Police"
Cline, Kevin "Infantry Magazine"
Cline, Kevin; Retherford, Miles "Infantry Magazine"
Cline, Kimberly R. "University Business"
Cline, Lauren "Nursing Education Perspectives"
Cline, Mason H.; Hatt, Joanna L. "The Wilson Journal of Ornithology"
Cline, Michael; Bridges, Gary; McKinley, Robert "Texas Business Review"
Cline, Pat "Health Management Technology"
Cline, Patrick "Health Management Technology"
Cline, Randall W. "Security Management"
Cline, Randy L. "PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly"
Cline, Sandra "Indiana Business Magazine"
Cline, Sandra B. "Indiana Business Magazine"
Cline, Sue "The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)"
Cline, Terri "Highlights for Children"
Cline, Terry "The Journal of Employee Assistance"
Cline, Terry L. "Issues in Science and Technology"
Cline, W. Nick "Corrections Today"
Cline, William R. "The International Economy"
Cline, William R. "The Cato Journal"
Clines, Francis X. "New York Times Upfront"
Clingan, Eldon R. "The National Public Accountant"
Clingenpeel, C. Michael "Church & State"
Clinger, Christian W. "Utah Business"
Clinger, Patrick "Customer"
Clingerman, Evelyn; Stuifbergen, Alexa; Becker, Heather "Journal of Neuroscience Nursing"
Clingman, James E. "Journal of Pan African Studies"
Clingman, Joy M.; Hilliard, D. Vanessa "Journal of Sport Behavior"
Clingman, Rachel Giesber "Risk Management"
Clingman, Stephen "Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa"
Clink, David Livingstone "Literary Review of Canada"
Clink, Richard "Guns & Ammo"
Clinkinbeard, Curt "The National Public Accountant"
Clinkscale, Martha Novak "Notes"
Clinning, Caron "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Clint, Robert "Best's Review"
Clintock Folsom, Marcia MC "Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal"
Clinton, Angela "Monthly Labor Review"
Clinton, Angie; Coughlan, John; Dahlin, Brian "Monthly Labor Review"
Clinton, B. Douglas "Strategic Finance"
Clinton, B. Douglas; Webber, Sally A. "Strategic Finance"
Clinton, B. Douglas; White, Larry R. "Management Accounting Quarterly"
Clinton, Barbara "The Mirror (London, England)"
Clinton, Bill "Black Issues Book Review"
Clinton, Bill "Environmental Law"
Clinton, Bill "USA Today (Magazine)"
Clinton, Bill "Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)"
Clinton, Bill; Souter, David H. "Yale Law Journal"
Clinton, David "Modern Age"
Clinton, David "Ethics & International Affairs"
Clinton, Douglas B.; White, Larry R. "Strategic Finance"
Clinton, Hillary "U.S. Department of Defense Speeches"
Clinton, Hillary Rodham "DISAM Journal"
Clinton, Hillary Rodham "National Voter"
Clinton, Hillary Rodham "The American Conservative"
Clinton, Hillary Rodham "Yale Law Journal"
Clinton, Hillary Rodham "African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development"
Clinton, Hillary Rodham "Budget Requests"
Clinton, Hillary Rodham "State Magazine"
Clinton, Jennifer "The Public Manager"
Clinton, Kate "The Progressive"
Clinton, Kate "The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)"
Clinton, Kati "Swiss News"
Clinton, Kati; Mulder, Henk "Swiss News"
Clinton, Katie "Swiss News"
Clinton, Michael "Canadian Journal of History"
Clinton, Michelle T. "The Progressive"
Clinton, Patrick "University Business"
Clinton, Paul "The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)"
Clinton, Roy J.; Williamson, Stan; Bethke, Art L. "SAM Advanced Management Journal"
Clinton, Steve Smith "Arkansas Business"
Clinton, Tim "Journal of Psychology and Theology"
Clinton, Tim; Sibcy, Gary "Journal of Psychology and Theology"
Clinton, Zerric "Arts & Activities"
Clipa, Raluca Irina; Pohoata, Ion; Clipa, Flavian "Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings"
Clippard, Seth Devere "Journal of Buddhist Ethics"
Clippers, SEAN HOARE "The People (London, England)"
Clipperton, Ken "University Business"
Clippinger, David "Chicago Review"
ClissoLd, Barry "Sabretache"
Clissold, Martyn "Australian Journal of Management"
Clitheroe, H.C., Jr. "American Journal of Health Studies"
Clive, Ashmore "Circuits Assembly"
Clive, Barker "The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)"
Clive, Leviev-Sawyer "The Sofia Echo (Sofia, Bulgaria)"
Cliver, Dean O. "Journal of Environmental Health"
Clives, Les "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Clizbe, Becky "The Pulse"
Clizbe, Susan "New Life Journal"
Clo, Clarissa "Italica"
Clo, Clarissa "Annali d'Italianistica"
Clochesy, John M. "Journal of Health and Human Services Administration"
Clochesy, John M. "Nursing Education Perspectives"
Clochesy, John M.; Buchner, Marc; Hickman, Ronald L., Jr.; Pinto, Melissa D.; Znamenak, Kyle "Journal of Health and Human Services Administration"
Clochesy, John M.; Dolansky, Mary A.; Hickman, Ronald L., Jr.; Gittner, Lisaann S. "Journal of Health and Human Services Administration"
Clochesy, John M.; Gittner, Lisaann S.; Hickman, Ronald L., Jr.; Floersch, Jerry E.; Carten, Carla L "Journal of Health and Human Services Administration"
CLOCK, ALAN "Nursing Homes"
Cloclet da Silva, Ana Rosa "Tempo - Revista do Departamento de Historia da UFF"
Clodfelter, Dr. Mark "Air & Space Power Journal"
Clodfelter, Mark "Joint Force Quarterly"
Clodfelter, Mark "Air & Space Power Journal"
Clodfelter, Mark "Air Power History"
Clodic, Denis; Jabbour, Tony "HVAC & R Research"
Clodic, Dennis; Riachi, Youssef "HVAC & R Research"
Clodumar, Kinza "Earth Island Journal"
Cloe, Chase "Liberty Press"
CLOE, JOHN H. "Air Power History"
Cloeckaert, Axel "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Cloete, D. "CME: Your SA Journal of CPD"
Cloete, E.L. "Literator: Journal of Literary Criticism, comparative linguistics and literary studies"
Cloete, Elsie "Journal of Literary Studies"
Cloete, Karl "Synthesis/Regeneration"
Cloete, Michael "Tydskrif vir Letterkunde"
Cloete, N. "South African Medical Journal"
Cloete, Nicola "South African Theatre Journal"
Cloete, S.W.P.; Bunter, K.L.; Lambrechts, H. "Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery"
Cloete, T.T. "Literator"
Cloete, T.T. "Literator: Journal of Literary Criticism, comparative linguistics and literary studies"
Cloete, T.T. "Tydskrif vir Letterkunde"
Cloete, Willie; Wenzel, Marita "Literator: Journal of Literary Criticism, comparative linguistics and literary studies"
Clofine, Rick "New Life Journal"
Clogg, Clifford C. "Business Perspectives"
Clogg, George "The Mirror (London, England)"
Cloherty, Gavin "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Clohessy, David "Conscience"
Clohessy, David "St. Louis Journalism Review"
Clohessy, David; Swart, Bob "St. Louis Journalism Review"
Clohesy, Lachlan "Labour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History"
Clohesy, William W. "Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table"
Cloke, Chris "Community Practitioner"
Cloke, Curtis V. "Agent's Sales Journal"
Clolery, Paul "The Non-profit Times"
Clolery, Paul; Donohue, Michele "The Non-profit Times"
Clolery, Paul; Hrywna, Mark "The Non-profit Times"
Clolery, Paul; Hrywna, Mark; Donohue, Michele "The Non-profit Times"
Clolery, Paul; Quinn, Laura "The Non-profit Times"
Clolery, Paul; Sullivan, Patrick "The Non-profit Times"
Clompus, Brad "Conservation Matters"
Cloney, Lynn P.; Spiller, Linda J.; Fong, Whalley K.; Harris, Joanne E.; Harris, Paul C. "Clinical Chemistry"
Cloninger, C. Robert "Southern Medical Journal"
Cloninger, Dale O. "Journal of Risk and Insurance"
Cloninger, Patrick; Camper, Jeff "Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science"
Cloninger, Patrick; King, Peter; Frederick, James "Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science"
Cloninger, Peggy A.; Ramamoorthy, Nagarajan; Flood, Patrick C. "SAM Advanced Management Journal"
Cloninger, Peggy A.; Seivarajan, T.T. "SAM Advanced Management Journal"
Clontarf, RAY GREAVES "The People (London, England)"
Clontz, Lucia; Gilleskie, Gary; Hentz, Nathaniel "Pharmaceutical Processing"
Cloonan, Michele V. "Library Trends"
Cloonan, Michele V.; Harvey, Ross "Library Trends"
Cloonan, Michele Valerie "Library Trends"
Clooney, Francis V. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Clooney, Francis X. "National Catholic Reporter"
Clooney, Francis X. "Theological Studies"
Clooney, Francis X. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Clooney, George "Units"
Clooney, Norah "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Cloos, Dustin D. "Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin"
CLOPPER, LAWRENCE M. "Comparative Drama"
Clopton, Aaron W.; Finch, Bryan L. "Journal of Sport Behavior"
Clopton, Joe R. "The American Biology Teacher"
Clopton, Paul "Education Next"
Clopton, Tracy M. "Black Enterprise"
Clor, Harry "The Review of Metaphysics"
Clore, Jean; Gaynor, Scott "The International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy"
Clore, Ray E.; Nassmacher, Wendy "State Magazine"
Clorery, Paul "The Non-profit Times"
Close, Angela E. "Antiquity"
Close, Angeline G.; Lacey, Russell "Sport Marketing Quarterly"
Close, Brenda "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Close, Brenda; Archibald, Nadine; Hooper, Tania; Lloyd, Leanne; Nuku, Kerri; Tautari, Pari "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Close, Cecily "The La Trobe Journal"
Close, Christopher W. "Church History"
Close, D.C.; Davidson, N.J.; Johnson, D.W.; Abrams, M.D.; Hart, S.C.; Lunt, I.D.; Archibald, R.D.; H "The Botanical Review"
Close, David "Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies"
Close, David K. "Internal Medicine News"
Close, Dugald C.; Beadle, Christopher L. "The Botanical Review"
Close, Glenn "Science News"
Close, J. "Communications News"
Close, Jeffery C. "Florida Bar Journal"
Close, Lanny G. "Ear, Nose and Throat Journal"
Close, M. E.; Watt, J. P. C.; Vincent, K. W.; Bringsjord, Selmer "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Close, M.E.; Magesan, G.N.; Lee, R.; Stewart, M.K.; Hadfield, J.C. "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Close, M.E.; Pang, L.; Magesan, G.N.; Lee, R.; Green, S.R. "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Close, M.E.; Sarmah, A. K.; Flintoft, M.J.; Thomas, J.; Hughes, B. "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Close, Murray E.; Lee, Robert; Magesan, Gujja N.; Stewart, Michael K.; Skuse, George; Bekesi, Gabor "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Close, Ron "Canadian Manager"
Close, Sandy "National Catholic Reporter"
Closen, Michael L. "Trial"
Closen, Michael L. "USA Today (Magazine)"
Closier, Mike "Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Closmann, Charles E. "Journal of Social History"
Closmann, Charles E. "Canadian Journal of History"
Closs, David J.; Bolumole, Yemisi A. "Transportation Journal"
Closs, David J.; Bolumole, Yemisi A.; Rodammer, Fredrick "Transportation Journal"
Closs, David J.; Keller, Scott B.; Mollenkopf, Diane A. "Transportation Journal"
Closs, William J.; McKenna, Paul F. "Canadian Public Administration"
Closser, Bruce M. "Appraisal Journal"
Closset, Gerard "Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper"
Closset, Gerard P. "Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper"
Clossey, Laurene; Mehnert, Kevin; Silva, Sara "Health and Social Work"
Closson, Nichelle "The Journal of Corporation Law"
Closson, Patrick "New Hampshire Business Review"
Closson, Patrick C. "New Hampshire Business Review"
Closson, Rosemary B.; Henry, Wilma J. "Multicultural Education"
Closson, Tim "Shooting Industry"
Clostio, Sharise "Rural Cooperatives"
Cloteaux, Brian; LaMar, M. Drew; Moseman, Elizabeth; Shook, James "Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology"
Clotfelter, Cara; Raper, Kristi; Rosas, Yesenia; Shepherd, Hannah "Access"
Clotfelter, Charles T. "Southern Economic Journal"
Clotfelter, Charles T. "NBER Reporter"
Clotfelter, Ethan D.; Hollis, Karen L. "The American Biology Teacher"
Clotheir, Steffanie "State Legislatures"
Clothier, Brent; Fegent, Jenny "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Clothier, Mark "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Clothier, Mark; Naughton, Keith "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Clothier, Norman "Grocer"
Clothier, Richard "Grocer"
Clothier, Steffanie "State Legislatures"
Clothier, Steffanie; Tweedie, Jack "State Legislatures"
Clott, Alicia "Girls' Life"
CLOTT, CHRISTOPHER B. "Transportation Journal"
Clottes, Jean "Antiquity"
Clottes, Jean; Courtin, Jean; Collina-Girard, Jacques; Arnold, Maurice; Valladas, Helene "Antiquity"
Clottey, V.A.; Karbo, N.; Gyasi, K.O. "African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development"
Clotz, Julia "Grocer"
Cloud, Abigail "The American Poetry Review"
Cloud, Avery "Health Management Technology"
Cloud, Cathy "Communications News"
Cloud, Col. Noah C.; Neely, Shawn C. "Army Sustainment"
Cloud, James L. "Alaska Business Monthly"
Cloud, Jill; Sarikas, Zeke "The National Public Accountant"
Cloud, Jim "Alaska Business Monthly"
CLOUD, JOHN "The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)"
Cloud, John "Washington Monthly"
Cloud, John "Cartography and Geographic Information Science"
Cloud, John A. "Naval War College Review"
Cloud, Jonathan "People & Strategy"
Cloud, Kevin "Life Insurance Selling"
CLOUD, RANDALL J. "Strategic Finance"
Cloud, Whitney "Yale Law Journal"
Cloudsley, Annabella "Contemporary Review"
Clough "Internal Medicine News"
Clough, A. "South African Medical Journal"
Clough, A.; Skjemstad, J. O. "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Clough, Alexandra "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Clough, Chuck "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Clough, David "Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)"
Clough, David "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Clough, Edward "The Mississippi Quarterly"
Clough, Frank "Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)"
Clough, Jeanette G. "H&HN Hospitals & Health Networks"
Clough, Jeremy D. "Shotgun News"
Clough, Jeremy D. "Guns Magazine"
Clough, Mark "Endangered Species Bulletin"
Clough, Mark W. "Endangered Species Update"
Clough, Mark W. "Endangered Species Bulletin"
Clough, Michael; Zentilli, Marcos; Broders, Hugh G.; Nette, Tony "Alces"
Clough, Peggy "National Catholic Reporter"
Clough, Phala R. "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Clough, Richard "Los Angeles Business Journal"
Clough, T. J.; Sherlock, R. R.; Kelliher, F. M. "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Clough, T.J.; Rolston, D.E.; Stevens, R.J.; Laughlin, R.J. "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Clough, T.J.; Sherlock, R.R.; Cameron, K.C.; Stevens, R.J.; Laughlin, R.J.; Muller, C. "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Clough, T.J.; Sherlock, R.R.; Mautner, M.N.; Milligan, D.B.; Wilson, P.F.; Freeman, C.G.; McEwan, M. "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Clough, Tom "Nutraceuticals World"
Clough, William R. "Journal of Psychology and Theology"
Clough, Wulfstan "Christianity and Literature"
Clougherty, Jane E. "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Clougherty, Jane E.; Kubzansky, Laura D. "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Clougherty, Jane E.; Levy, Jonathan I.; Kubzansky, Laura D.; Ryan, P. Barry; Suglia, Shakira Franco; "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Clougherty, Jane E.; Rossi, Christina A.; Lawrence, Joy; Long, Mark S.; Diaz, Edgar A.; Lim, Robert "Environmental Health Perspectives"
CLOUGHERTY, JOSEPH A. "Contemporary Economic Policy"
Cloughley, Denyl "National Library of Australia Gateways"
Clouse, Aaron; Wiltenmuth, Erika "Corrections Today"
Clouse, David; Zuchowski, Todd "Endangered Species Bulletin"
Clouse, James A. "Federal Reserve Bulletin"
Clouse, Kate; Page-Shipp, Liesl; Dansey, Heather; Moatlhodi, Bridgette; Scott, Lesley; Bassett, Jean "South African Medical Journal"
Clouse, Lindsey "Word Ways"
Clouse, R. Wilburn; Goodin, Terry; Aniello, Joe "Journal of Entrepreneurship Education"
Clouser, Bruce "Directors & Boards"
Clouser, Caroline; Gabriel, Tristan "Risk Management"
Clouser, David B. "Approach"
Clouser, E. Randall "Risk & Insurance"
Clouser, Gary "Pipeline & Gas Journal"
Clouser, Jerry "Petersen's Bowhunting"
Clouser, K. Danner "The Hastings Center Report"
Clouser, Roy "Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith"
Clouser, Ted "Arkansas Business"
Clouston, Laurel L.; Kleinman, Mark H. "Canadian Chemical News"
Clouston, Peggi; Civjan, Scott; Bathon, Leander "Forest Products Journal"
Clouthier, Pierre; Belanger, Jd "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Cloutier, Cheryl L. "Financial Executive"
Cloutier, Clarice "The Review of Contemporary Fiction"
Cloutier, David "Theological Studies"
Cloutier, Genevieve; Methe-Myrand, Lea; Senecal, Gilles "Canadian Journal of Urban Research"
Cloutier, George "New Hampshire Business Review"
Cloutier, George "Directors & Boards"
Cloutier, Jonathan; Haidar, Nadim; Rompre-Deschenes, Marie-Pier; Grimard, Maryse; Bolduc, Stephane "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Cloutier, Mark B. "Best's Review"
Cloutier, Mary "International Bulletin of Missionary Research"
Cloutier, Michel "Canadian Chemical News"
Cloutier, Peter J.; Frank, Brian K. "Army Logistician"
Cloutier, Roger "Tooling & Production"
Cloutier, Yuan "Historical Studies"
Cloutier, Yvan "Historical Studies"
Clover, Charles "Grocer"
Clover, Faith "School Arts"
Clover, Jenny "African Business"
CLOVER, JIM "Coach and Athletic Director"
Clover, Joshua "College Literature"
Clover, Joshua "The American Poetry Review"
Clover, Joshua "Chicago Review"
Clovis, James S. "Research-Technology Management"
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