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Austal Selects Blue Coat Appliances for WAN Optimization across Town and Across the World.

Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BCSI BCSI Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks ), the leader in WAN Application Delivery and Secure Web Gateway, today announced that Austal, a world-leading manufacturer of aluminium vessels, has selected Blue Coat[R] ProxySG[R] appliances to optimize its Wide Area Network (WAN) by providing visibility, security, control and acceleration of application traffic between its offices.

Initially, Austal deployed Blue Coat ProxySG appliances as a trial evaluation between its US headquarters in Mobile, Alabama and an engineering facility located a few miles away. Despite the short distance, the performance increase was impressive with respect to the large Computer Aided Design (application) Computer Aided Design - (CAD) The part of CAE concerning the drawing or physical layout steps of engineering design. Often found in the phrase "CAD/CAM" for ".. manufacturing".  (CAD) and modelling files that are shared between locations. Large files that previously required 40 minutes to save or re-open can now open or save in less than a minute. The improved performance has had an immediate effect on productivity, enabling engineers to work on six or seven drawings per day, rather than only two or three.

Strategic Allied Technologies, an important provider of IT solutions in the Southeast, was instrumental in the selection, installation and support of the ProxySG appliances. The entire installation took less than four hours to accomplish.

The ProxySG appliances provide Austal with visibility into what traffic is crossing the WAN and the ability to then manage the traffic appropriately. Mission-critical traffic can be accelerated and malicious or unimportant un·im·por·tant  
Not important; petty.

unim·portance n.
 traffic can be stopped or managed. After installing the appliances, the company realized that a considerable amount of WAN bandwidth was being consumed by remote back-up traffic. With the appliances, it was then able to limit the bandwidth devoted to back-up.

"We were surprised at how great a difference WAN optimization WAN optimization products seek to accelerate a broad range of applications accessed by distributed enterprise users via eliminating redundant transmissions, staging data in local caches, compressing and prioritizing data, and streamlining chatty protocols (e.g., CIFS)..  makes even over relatively short distances," said Jeff Creighton, IT manager, Austal. "Blue Coat appliances give us visibility into our WAN and the ability to accelerate, manage or even stop certain traffic. The result is immediate increases in productivity, reduced bandwidth consumption and greater efficiency of our applications and infrastructure."

Austal will be deploying Blue Coat appliances at its headquarters in Western Australia Western Australia, state (1991 pop. 1,409,965), 975,920 sq mi (2,527,633 sq km), Australia, comprising the entire western part of the continent. It is bounded on the N, W, and S by the Indian Ocean. Perth is the capital.  for speeding applications and file access over the long distance between Australia and Alabama. Most content and applications now run 70 to 80 times faster across the company's Internet gateway (1) See cable/DSL gateway.

(2) A router or server that converts IP packets to IPX, AppleTalk or some other non-IP format and vice versa. It is used to connect non-IP networks to the Internet.
 connection. Now Austal has protection from malware (MALicious softWARE) Software designed to destroy, aggravate and otherwise make life unhappy. See crimeware, virus, worm, logic bomb, macro virus and Trojan.  and control of Web applications and usage. The ProxySG appliances protect, control and accelerate all Internet access See how to access the Internet.  for the company.

"WAN optimization is a multifaceted mul·ti·fac·et·ed  
Having many facets or aspects. See Synonyms at versatile.

Adj. 1. multifaceted - having many aspects; "a many-sided subject"; "a multifaceted undertaking"; "multifarious interests"; "the multifarious
 challenge, requiring visibility, security, control and acceleration of traffic to and from branch offices," said Bethany Mayer, senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing, Blue Coat Systems. "We are excited to see the dramatic effects our ProxySG appliances have already made for Austal."

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Date:Feb 14, 2008
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