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Aussie cricket selectors erred 'but not to blame'

Chairman of selectors Andrew Hilditch Andrew Mark Jefferson Hilditch (born 20 May 1956, North Adelaide, South Australia) is a former Australian cricketer who played in 18 Tests and 8 ODIs from 1979 to 1985, and now chairman of selectors for the Australian cricket team.  on Monday refused to blame his panel for Australia's shattering loss of the Ashes to England.

Australia's 197-run loss in the fifth Test at The Oval on Sunday, which delivered England a England A refers to England's developmental national teams in several sports. Players on these teams often "graduate" to slots on the appropriate senior national team. The phrase may refer to:
  • England A - rugby league
  • England A cricket team
 2-1 series victory, led all the news bulletins in sports-obsessed Australia on Monday as the ramifications ramifications nplAuswirkungen pl  sank in.

Ricky Ponting's captaincy and the selectors' decision-making came under fire for the series loss but they appeared likely to hold on to their positions with Cricket Australia's chief executive James Sutherland For the Canadian politician, see .

For the "father of hockey", see .
James Sutherland was a minor supporting character on the FX Networks television show, Nip/Tuck. He was played by Georg Stanford Brown.
 fully supportive of their performances.

Hilditch admitted his panel erred by not choosing specialist spinner Nathan Hauritz Nathan Michael Hauritz (born October 18, 1981, Wondai, Queensland) is an Australian cricketer who played in one Test and eight ODIs from 2002 to 2004.

A highly accredited junior player, his only Test match was in Mumbai in 2004 in which he took 3/16 in the second innings and
 for the final Test, but he refused to blame the selection of an unbalanced side on a spin-friendly pitch for Australia's humiliating hu·mil·i·ate  
tr.v. hu·mil·i·at·ed, hu·mil·i·at·ing, hu·mil·i·ates
To lower the pride, dignity, or self-respect of. See Synonyms at degrade.

Ponting became only the second Australian skipper in more than a century to have twice lost an Ashes series This is a list of Ashes cricket series played between Australia and England. Most Ashes series have consisted of five Test matches between the two countries. The Ashes series with the fewest Test matches was the 1887-88 Ashes series, consisting of only one Test.  in England, and Hilditch said he was gutted and in a state of disbelief over the final Test defeat inside four days.

"We would've changed the side (from the fourth Headingley Test) if we'd read the wicket right, and we would've played Nathan Hauritz," Hilditch told a news conference in Adelaide on Monday.

"But it would be an over-simplification to say that meant we lost the Test match, that'd be incorrect. We lost the Test match because we got 160 in the first innings.

"Jamie Cox Jamie Cox may refer to:
  • The 2006 Commonwealth Games gold winning boxer Jamie Cox (from Swindon, England).
  • The cricketer Jamie Cox (from Tasmania).
 was the selector on duty, but everybody misread mis·read  
tr.v. mis·read , mis·read·ing, mis·reads
1. To read inaccurately.

2. To misinterpret or misunderstand: misread our friendly concern as prying.
 the wicket, from our entire playing group, captain and coach included, and that just happens.

"To see the hard work that all those players put in, a very important series for everybody, to see it fall apart at The Oval was hard for everybody."

Hilditch, who has been a frequent target of critics during his controversial tenure as chairman, said he was shocked by the Ashes outcome.

"I'm feeling gutted and in some disbelief over the last couple of days," he said.

"The traditional signs of who's going to win a Test series are all there and it should have been Australia.

"We had six of the top seven batsmen, 10 centuries, eight of them Australian, the three leading bowlers in the series were all Australian.

"Everything indicates that we dominated the Test series."

But he said that "we lost the Test series through five hours of cricket. We lost the Test series in the last hour in Cardiff (first Test) when we should have won. I thought at the time it was going to hurt us, which it did.

Other key phases were "two hours of batting at Lord's in the second Test and maybe even an hour's batting at The Oval in the first innings, when we really needed to get 400-500 runs and get into a good position.

"The Test series really came down to us losing key moments and England winning key moments. It didn't come down to individuals, it came down to England winning the critical moments and (us) losing them."

Hilditch said Australian cricket was in a rebuilding phase following the keenly felt retirements of Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, Matthew Hayden and Glenn McGrath.

"The reality check is we're a young side, a rebuilding side, we've lost a lot of great players but had no time to reflect on that, we've got to reflect on the future," he said.

"We're going to have ups and downs ups and downs  
Alternating periods of good and bad fortune or spirits.

ups and downs
Noun, pl

alternating periods of good and bad luck or high and low spirits
 in performance over the next couple of years while we continue a rebuilding process.

"The process is far from over. We've still got players we're going to lose in the next couple of years."
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