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Audio Highway Announces the Listen UP Player -- A New Device that Delivers Personalized Audio Content to Information-Hungry, On-the-Go Consumers

CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 23 /PRnewswire/ -- Audio Highway today announced the Listen Up(TM) Player, a small, portable device which delivers personalized audio content to "information-hungry, on-the-go consumers."

According to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 Nathan Schulhof, Audio Highway president and CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board. , the Listen Up Player is the perfect new off-ramp for the Information Superhighway.

"With a Listen Up Player and an Internet account, consumers will be able to peruse pe·ruse  
tr.v. pe·rused, pe·rus·ing, pe·rus·es
To read or examine, typically with great care.

[Middle English perusen, to use up : Latin per-, per-
 and select audio versions of news, general information, entertainment, education, books and business selections for storage and replay through their player," stated Schulhof. "When coupled with the Internet, the Listen Up Player is ideal for information-hungry, on-the-go consumers. Because the Listen Up gives consumers the freedom to select the audio content they want to hear and a mechanism to hear it when and where they want to, it's the perfect new off-ramp to the Information Superhighway."

Now out of final design, today's Listen Up Player, which sells for a suggested retail price of $299, is similar in size to a common pager (approximately 4 X 2 X 1.5-inches) and weighs less than four ounces. Listening to audio selections is now accomplished via headsets or through transmission to an automobile or common stereo system.

With the proliferation of the Internet and its World Wide Web, Audio Highway will initially store audio selections on its web servers ( where Listen Up customers will be able to view and select personalized audio selections. Once chosen, audio selections will be delivered to the hard drive of a consumer's personal computer for future transfer to a Listen Up Player via a pass-through parallel port.

According to Schulhof, the first Listen Up Player Audio Highway ships will digitally store up to one full hour of audio content and will also include a Listen Up Docking Station, headphones, system software (AudioWiz(TM)), a car adapter and all necessary user manuals and materials. The Listen Up Player requires two AAA penlight pen·light  
A small flashlight having the size and shape of a fountain pen.

Noun 1. penlight - a small flashlight resembling a fountain pen
flashlight, torch - a small portable battery-powered electric lamp
 batteries and has a battery life of three months. And in today's business model, all Audio Highway content is advertising- supported and therefore delivered free-of-charge to consumers. (For every hour of selected audio content, consumers receive three minutes of audio advertising messages - six 30-second spots.)

AudioWiz, the software component for the Listen Up Player, is loaded on a users' personal computer and provides an interface between Audio Highway's web server and the users' PC and player. Audio Highway customers will also be able to forward email messages to their Listen Up Players, and with special Audio Highway software, convert text email messages into electronic speech for future playback in a mobile environment. As a mobile digital recording device, Listen Up Players will also allow consumers to record messages that can then be forwarded to individuals with email accounts for future playback through another Listen Up Player or a multimedia PC.

Audio Highway has already signed agreements with scores of media companies to provide a wide selection of continually updated audio content to its customers. Among the initial content choices available to Listen Up consumers will be tens of thousands of selections ranging from news, books, self- improvement programs, magazine articles, radio and television programs and movie reviews. Content providers included in the testing of the Listen Up Players are: The Associated Press, Berlitz, CMP CMP (cytidine monophosphate): see cytosine.

(1) (CMP Media LLC, Manhasset, NY, Part of United Business Media, CMP is a leading integrated media company that offers a wide variety of publications and services in the information
 Media, SyberVision, Harper Audio, Newsweek Inc., PR Newswire and Time-Warner Audio Books, among others.

"We will begin national field testing of the Listen Up Player this November," Schulhof said. "We will formally introduce Listen Up, Audio Highway and its other products and services at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 1997 in Las Vegas, and we plan to begin shipments of Listen Up Players that same quarter."

Formed in 1994, Audio Highway develops audio products with a focus on mobility and ease of use. The company partnerships with content providers to allow consumers to choose and retrieve personalized audio content utilizing both Internet and broadband delivery systems for future playback when and where they want. For more information, interested parties can contact Audio Highway at 408-255-5301 or visit its site on the World Wide Web at

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/CONTACT: Nathan Schulhof of Audio Highway at 408-255-5301, or or, David Politis, 801-572-1371, home, or or Travis Jacobsen 801-768-3474, home, or, both of Politis Communications, 801-523-3730/

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