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At last, Sarah's gone to blazes; LAST NIGHT'S VIEW.


SARAH Sugden (Alyson Spiro) went out in a blaze of glory in Emmerdale (ITV).

There hasn't been a farm exit like it since poor Grace Archer was barbecued in Ambridge yonks ago.

Sarah was trapped in the barn with toyboy Richie (Glenn Lamont) when it went up in flames.

The cheating farmer's wife had walked out on her young lover and was on the way to tell husband Jack (Clive Hornby) she was sorry when he caught up with her.

Richie pleaded with her to return home with him to talk it over. "No, we'll go to the barn," she said. "No, stay away from the barn," I screamed at the set.

I've got a long memory and remember what happened to Grace on the wireless in The Archers. My fears were justified because young Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) torched the place.

It came as no surprise since he had spent most of the episode fiddling around with petrol cans.

The barn was engulfed in no time. It was like a countryside version of London's Burning complete with a huge explosion.

Richie managed to escape but Jack failed to rescue Sarah. Between you and me I don't think he tried very hard now he has found comfort burying his head in Diane Blackstock's (Elizabeth Estensen) ample bosom. Both Jack and Richie were carted off to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and overacting.

They sounded as if they had been given coughing lessons by someone on 40 cigarettes a day.

Andy set the barn ablaze for the insurance money. He did it to for the sake of his dad who faced bankruptcy and managed to do the entire village a favour at the same time. Sarah was getting on everyone's nerves.

Historical Note: Grace Archer was sacrificed as part of the ratings war on the day ITV started in 1955. She died saving Christine Archer's horse Midnight from a fire at Grey Gables.

FRANK Sinatra Jnr guested as a poker player in The Sopranos (C4). Someone must have made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 17, 2000
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