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Astrophysics of variable stars; proceedings.


Astrophysics astrophysics, application of the theories and methods of physics to the study of stellar structure, stellar evolution, the origin of the solar system, and related problems of cosmology.  of variable stars; proceedings.

Conference on Astrophysics of Variable Stars (2005: Pecs, Hungary) Ed. by Christiaan Sterken and Conny Aerts.

Astronomical Soc./Pacific


480 pages



Astronomical Society of the Pacific The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) was founded in San Francisco in 1889. It has the legal status of a nonprofit organization.

It is the largest general astronomy society in the world, with members from over 70 countries.
 conference series; v.349


In these proceedings of this Ph.D. school of September 2005, lecturers describe broad topics within variable star science and the students attending present short papers and posters. The lectures topics include an overview of astronomical databases, space photometry photometry (fōtŏm`ətrē), branch of physics dealing with the measurement of the intensity of a source of light, such as an electric lamp, and with the intensity of light such a source may cast on a surface area.  and time series analysis, the virtual observatory, binaries as astrophysical laboratories, binary stars and their light curves, eclipsing binary stars, stellar pulsation pulsation /pul·sa·tion/ (pul-sa´shun) a throb, or rhythmic beat, as of the heart.

1. The act of pulsating.

2. A single beat, throb, or vibration.
, intrinsic variability in multiple systems and clusters, and pro-am collaboration and the AAVSO AAVSO American Association of Variable Star Observers (space) . The Ph.D. student presentations and posters encompass a variety of topics, and the session on the communication of scientific results includes projects, collaborations and career aspects, the daily challenges of a researcher, public outreach, and tips on writing and presenting a scientific paper.

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