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Association of Brewers announces drafting of new "individual responsibility policy."

The Association of Brewers, the non-profit educational organization representing homebrewers, microbrewers and beer enthusiasts, has announced the creation of an "individual responsibility policy," intended to promote the responsible use of beer.

According to the Association, the policy will be identified by the slogan "Savor the Flavor--Responsibly," and will symbolize the Association's commitment to providing the public and the brewing community with information about the responsible consumption of beer.

In the press release announcing the move, an Association spokesperson noted, "With the freedom and privilege to make one's own choice regarding the consumption of beer as an alcohol-containing beverage also comes the responsibility of becoming informed about the qualities of beer and the effects of alcohol. In short, individuals need to be accountable for their actions and decisions."

Charlie Papazian, founder and president of the Association of Brewers, said, "As an association that exists to promote the appreciation of beer and brewing, I feel it is our responsibility to provide the educational materials to help consumers make informed decisions when they choose to drink beer."

The Association of Brewers' mission statement for the policy reads, "The Association of Brewers proactively encourages the responsible use of beer as an alcohol-containing beverage. To help individuals make responsible informed decisions regarding the consumption of beer, the Association will continue to educate consumers and disseminate information about beer as an alcohol-containing beverage."

According to Papazian, the Association and each of its divisions (the Institute for Brewing Studies, American Homebrewers Association, Great American Beer Festival and Brewers Publications) will participate in the campaign.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 26, 1993
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