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I'm not scared. I know I'm going early but it's in my family's best interest; THE LAST SUPPER: DAD'S HEARTBREAKING DECISION. May 26, 2015 1562
More than 1,700 helped to die after proving life is intolerable. May 26, 2015 182
THE LAST SUPPER; Just 16 hours later tragic dad ends life at suicide clinic. May 26, 2015 1007
Poor care 'is driving calls for assisted dying law'. May 21, 2015 435
Californians Against Assisted Suicide Response to California Medical Association's following of the Oregon Medical Association's 1994 example in neutrality on assisted suicide. May 20, 2015 720
Give my dad the right to choose when he will die; RIGHT TO DIE DISABLED MAN'S PLEA Gordon wants courts to clarify the legal position on assisted suicide in Scotland. May 15, 2015 295
THE LAW IN ENGLAND. May 15, 2015 144
@dailyrecord; Record readers. May 15, 2015 184
Mum broke down when she heard Bernadette had been prevented from ending her own life; Daughter tells of Marie's pain. May 6, 2015 480
Africa Focus: South Africans divided over assisted suicide. May 4, 2015 614
South African judge rules in favour of assisted suicide. Apr 30, 2015 178
Jury to start deliberations in 'assisted suicide' trial. Apr 25, 2015 217
Assisted suicide trial hears of a 'lethal' dose. Apr 22, 2015 228
Woman first in Ireland to face court on assisted suicide rap; Friend accused of helping MS sufferer take own life. Apr 21, 2015 478
Begging to die: the curiously circumscribed suicide right recognized by Canada's Supreme Court. Sullum, Jacob Apr 18, 2015 654
'We thought long and hard about assisted suicide' After losing a parent to a rare and devastating neurological condition Examiner journalist Hilarie Stelfox asks if the time has come to change the law on assisted suicide. Apr 16, 2015 1171
Assisted Suicide Bills Fail in Several States as Poll Shows Little Support and Major Concerns. Apr 16, 2015 753
Right to die law backed by4outof5. Apr 5, 2015 112
Assisted Dying. Book review Apr 1, 2015 165
Mixed reactions to assisted dying. Forget, Andre; Williams, Leigh Anne Apr 1, 2015 958
Task force on physician-assisted suicide to outline the church's response and guidelines this spring. Forget, Andre Apr 1, 2015 659
Choosing the 'escape clause'. Williams, Leigh Anne Apr 1, 2015 982
California physicians sue state over suicide law. Gallegos, Alicia Apr 1, 2015 262
Suicide Bill 'makes dying cheaper than cure'. Mar 14, 2015 193
'Discworld' author Pratchett dies after Alzheimer's battle. Mar 13, 2015 779
The ethics of 'assisted dying' Views of Wales. Mar 11, 2015 185
Alzheimer's is terrifying, you don't want to live like that.. I totally agree with Dignitas; STAR JOAN WHY I AM DETERMINED TO DIE WITH DIGNITY Dynasty dame Joan Collins opens up about assisted dying, equal pay for women in Hollywood and reveals how she still manages to look so youthful despite being 81. Mar 9, 2015 1203
Legislation to legalize aid in dying was introduced in California in January. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Mar 1, 2015 145
Supreme Court says yes to assisted dying; what does the church say? MacLachlan, Amy Mar 1, 2015 539
Concerns raised by 'Death With Dignity' laws. Hanson, Annette Mar 1, 2015 993
David's terminally ill dad backs right to die. Feb 28, 2015 119
Assisted suicide ban lifted. Feb 27, 2015 107
64% BACK ASSISTED SUICIDE; Scots support Margo's change in law. Feb 21, 2015 274
Experience shows approach is flawed. Feb 12, 2015 171
We need to look after those who are suffering so much pain at the end of their lives; ASSISTED SUICIDE FAMOUS SCOTS LEND THEIR SUPPORT TO CONTROVERSIAL BILL Letter to MSPs calls for change in the law. Feb 12, 2015 482
Canada Lifts Ban on Doctor-Assisted Suicide. Feb 7, 2015 130
Canada OKs assisted suicide. Noronha, Charmaine Feb 7, 2015 626
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: The Supreme Court Makes a Medical Error in Judgment. Feb 6, 2015 1045
Canada's Supreme Court allows doctor-assisted suicide. Feb 6, 2015 517
@dailyrecord. Feb 3, 2015 187
OAPs: We'd rather die than be separated; Cousins lay side by side holding hands and died peacefully and happily Assisted suicide for Scots pair at Switzerland clinic. Feb 2, 2015 400
Dying well. Proudman, Colin Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2015 169
Canada's Supreme Court mandates assisting suicide for people with disabilities. Balch, Burke J. Feb 1, 2015 711
Supreme Court of Canada strikes down law against physician-assisted suicide. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2015 848
Assisted suicide advocates push dangerous legislation in unprecedented number of states--early victories and looming problems emerge. Popik, Jennifer Feb 1, 2015 1022
Californians Against Assisted Suicide Coalition Statement On New Senate Bill. Jan 21, 2015 411
THE BIG QUESTION. Jan 2, 2015 221
Care for the dying must be top quality. Jan 1, 2015 205
Marcia Angell enthusiastic for euthanasia. Smith, Wesley J. Jan 1, 2015 674
Three days before Great Britain resumes debate, the Daily Mail publishes alarming look at increase in "assisted dying" in the Netherlands. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2015 467
Appeal for change on suicide law. Dec 30, 2014 178
Right-to-die campaigner Debbie Purdy is dead at 51. Obituary Dec 30, 2014 243
Good care at the end of life is essential. Editorial Dec 29, 2014 205
Medscape Ethics Survey: Life-and-Death Decisions Keeping Doctors Up at Night. Dec 17, 2014 1370
Why I oppose assisted dying. Dec 15, 2014 722
'The wish to die vanishes when they get good care' Whether doctors should be allowed to help patients die is highly divisive political issue, but here leading Welsh doctor Baroness Ilora Finlay argues that the National Assembly's stance against it made her proud. Dec 13, 2014 710
'Assisted dying' motion defeated at Assembly. Dec 11, 2014 479
Why it's vital Welsh voices have their say on Assisted Dying Bill; As the Assisted Dying Bill comes up for debate in the Senedd, Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas says it's vital Welsh voices now have a chance to form a view on "one of the most pressing ethical issues of our age". Dec 10, 2014 832
CARER GIVES PARALYSED MAN 50 PILLS IN ASSISTED SUICIDE BID; Probe after patient 'asked for lethal dose'. Dec 9, 2014 357
New Jersey Senate Committee Shuts Out Disability Rights Community from Assisted Suicide Hearing According to the New Jersey Alliance Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide. Dec 8, 2014 378
End-of-life questions. Forget, Andre Dec 1, 2014 393
Assisted suicide opponents meet in Conn. Nov 23, 2014 123
Life not death: Why euthanasia and assisted suicide must be prohibited. Nov 20, 2014 802
Poll reveals right to die concerns; UK BULLETINS. Nov 6, 2014 128
Vatican official condemns Maynard assisted suicide case in U.S. Nov 5, 2014 250
New task force formed to revisit end-of-life issues. Forget, Andre Nov 1, 2014 751
Surprise outcome in Maryland Governor's race comes as welcome news to those who oppose dangerous doctor-prescribed suicide laws. Popik, Jennifer Nov 1, 2014 547
Brittany Maynard: RIP. Andrusko, Dave Nov 1, 2014 630
Terminally ill woman in Oregon may postpone taking her life. DuBois, Steven Oct 31, 2014 228
'She was fiercely independent...' - nurse defends actions of mum who starved herself to death. Oct 21, 2014 642
GRAN, 86 STARVES HERSELF TO DEATH; Agony of right-to-die campaigner. Oct 20, 2014 298
Poll Shows 87% Of Canadians Highly Favour Doctor Assisted Suicide. Oct 10, 2014 427
Compassion & Choices uses tragedy to promote its assisted suicide agenda. Andrusko, Dave Oct 1, 2014 1133
Canada at a deadly crossroads. Oct 1, 2014 964
Melchert-Dinkel headed to jail for assisting suicide: case confirms need to protect vulnerable persons from assisted suicide. Oct 1, 2014 472
Philanthropist leaves a PS2.5m legacy of hope. Sep 17, 2014 823
'The Farewell Party' finds humor in death. Sep 1, 2014 352
Don't make suicide stats worse. Letter to the editor Aug 27, 2014 166
Few doctors willing to help patients end their lives. Aug 24, 2014 256
Suicide tourism numbers double; NEWS IN BRIEF. Aug 21, 2014 107
Archbishop backs suicide bill. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 168
Andrew Lloyd Webber changes mind on suicide. Smith, Wesley J. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 299
Conning the public over assisted dying; FEEDBACK. Jul 25, 2014 199
'Because of the cowardice of our politicians I can't die in my country, in my own home' Terminally ill woman's anger at having to go abroad to die - now her family are calling for change in law. Jul 21, 2014 1280
Oppenents speak out on right to die. Jul 19, 2014 497
Right-to-die Bill 'could change moral compass'. Jul 19, 2014 681
Care chief in U-turn over right to die. Jul 17, 2014 134
Assisted suicides pose a danger. Jul 16, 2014 615
THE BIG QUESTION. Jul 16, 2014 138
Concern over Assisted Dying Bill; Views of Wales. Jul 15, 2014 161
Welsh figures plead for UK to avoid the 'right to die' road; Leading figures in Welsh public life told Senedd Correspondent Graham Henry why they oppose legislation to make assisted suicides lawful. Jul 15, 2014 896
help me to die well; Sick ex schools boss pleads for assisted dying law change. Jul 14, 2014 199
Tutu and Carey back right to die reform; House of Lords to debate controversial issue this week. Jul 14, 2014 393
Church probe on assisted dying; Shock after Lord Carey drops opposition. Jul 13, 2014 341
COE calls for inquiry into right to die. Jul 13, 2014 139
'Unworthy of life' Views of Wales. Jul 8, 2014 155
Doctors strike back at BMJ editors over assisted suicide stance. Saunders, Peter Jul 1, 2014 831
A man who disdains euphemisms. Russell, Paul Jul 1, 2014 708
Beyond cure? Europe euthanasia rulings fuel passions. Hinnant, Lori Jun 26, 2014 402
Medically assisted dying: Quebec's extraordinary citizens' debate. Kelley, Geoffrey Jun 22, 2014 3672
Dignitas: the facts. Jun 1, 2014 147
'I HELPED MY BROTHER KILL HIMSELF' Devoted sister Lesley Close, 57, would do anything for her brother John - even help him die. Jun 1, 2014 1271
Reasons for increase in Washington State suicides highlight death advocates' "Bait and Switch". Popik, Jennifer Jun 1, 2014 691
Children's charities push hard to promote assisted suicide of children in Scotland. Andrusko, Dave Brief article Jun 1, 2014 266
The Canadian Medical Association says no to euthanasia. Schadenberg, Alex Conference news Jun 1, 2014 723
New Jersey is again the target of dangerous doctor prescribed suicide legislation. Popik, Jennifer Jun 1, 2014 443
Sir Patrick: I'd want to die with dignity. May 27, 2014 713
Don't patronise us over 'assisted dying' Views of Wales. May 26, 2014 226
Church debates 'assisted dying' LEADERS TO OPEN UP 'SENSITIVE ISSUE'. Apr 23, 2014 510
Bishop attacks 'assisted dying'. Apr 20, 2014 266
Jack "Dr. Death" Kevorkian Exhibition At Gallerie Sparta, West Hollywood, California: Oil Paintings and The "Thanatron" Assisted Suicide Machine. Apr 16, 2014 478
Assisted dying debate is needed; THE MERCURY SAYS. Editorial Apr 13, 2014 258
MAN LOCKED UP FOR TRYING TO KILL PAL TWICE; Jail term for attempted mercy killing sparks call for change in law. Apr 13, 2014 597
Is it time to reconsider our assisted suicide law? Apr 7, 2014 319
Lethal drugs should be given patients regardless of family wishes, Belgian doctors say. Balch, Burke Apr 1, 2014 752
"Team Oz" helps woman starve to death. Smith, Wesley Apr 1, 2014 908
I FEAR WEB PREDATOR WILL DO IT ALL AGAIN; Mum predicts repeat as former nurse jailed in US for assisting suicide of her son has convictions overturned. Mar 23, 2014 836
Jack "Dr. Death" Kevorkian Exhibition At Gallerie Sparta, West Hollywood: Oil Paintings And The "Thanatron" Suicide Machine. Mar 18, 2014 489
Former State Representative Explains why Quebec Should Follow New Hampshire and Reject Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia. Mar 17, 2014 677
/R E P E A T -- Former state representative explains why Quebec should follow New Hampshire and reject assisted suicide and euthanasia/. Mar 17, 2014 636
Former state representative explains why Quebec should follow New Hampshire and reject assisted suicide and euthanasia. Mar 16, 2014 636
Leading doctors back Margo's assisted suicide Bill. Mar 11, 2014 162
care chief backs 'help to die' law; Assisted suicide may be legalised. Mar 10, 2014 232
Minister backs assisted dying. Mar 10, 2014 147
Assisted suicide bill debate intensifies. Owen, Paula J. Mar 2, 2014 1212
Belgium law allows euthanasia. Brief article Feb 28, 2014 161
Pa. AG will drop daughter's assisted-suicide case. Dale, Maryclaire Feb 25, 2014 211
Group Praises Decision Not to Appeal Dismissal of Unjust "Assisted Suicide" Case. Feb 24, 2014 907
I said 'I love you. Goodbye.' Then I left my mum and dad to die in each other's arms; TRAGIC PACT SON BACKS ASSISTED SUICIDE. Feb 18, 2014 580
'Ann felt it was the right time to end her life...'. Feb 14, 2014 737
Suicide law is not fit for UK; Views of the North. Feb 11, 2014 336
Group Praises Dismissal of Unjust "Assisted Suicide" Case Against Philadelphia Nurse for Her Father's Death. Feb 11, 2014 788
Saying no to doctor-prescribed suicide: disability advocates say that the name is misleading: "Death with Dignity." They contend that the general public may think they guarantee a safe exit from painful death without knowing the bills' real consequences. Smith, Norman Feb 1, 2014 1376
A timed death. Reid, J.T. Feb 1, 2014 269
"A Place for Mom" blog pushes assisted suicide. Smith, Wesley J. Feb 1, 2014 474
"Senior living referral service" promotes assisting suicide. Balch, Burke Feb 1, 2014 608
The American College of Pediatricians blast Belgian policy of "Neonatal Euthanasia". Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2014 701
Bishops decry assisted suicide. Brief article Jan 31, 2014 199
We should have same right to die as this woman; STATESIDE With US Editor Christopher Bucktin Follow him on Twitter @chrisbucktin Cody Curtis ended her suffering in one of three US States where assisted suicide is legal. It's time Britain passed similar laws. Jan 30, 2014 703
We should have same right to die as this woman. Editorial Jan 30, 2014 705
Coronation St assisted death is praised by campaigners. Jan 22, 2014 214
Hayley's tragedy a Corrie triumph; Right-to-die widow backs suicide storyline; TV DEATH LEAVES VIEWERS IN TEARS; EXCLUSIVE. Jan 21, 2014 482
Hayley's tragedy a Corrie triumph; TV DEATH LEAVES A NATION IN TEARS Right-to-die widow backs suicide storyline. Jan 21, 2014 483
Hayley's tragedy a Corrie triumph; TV DEATH LEAVES A NATION IN TEARS Right-to-die widow backs suicide storyline. Jan 21, 2014 521
mercy death fear on hayley suicide. Jan 20, 2014 152
We've a right to die with dignity. Editorial Jan 19, 2014 498
THANK YOU; THE BIG DEBATE: US STATE WHERE ASSISTED SUICIDE IS LEGAL; Just like Corrie's Hayley, terminally ill mum Cody wanted to die with dignity. So with her loving family around her, she drank a lethal dose of drugs. Her last words were not goodbye, but...EXCLUSIVE. Jan 19, 2014 1085
Ex-boyfriend says suicide girl 'copied Corrie plot'. Jan 18, 2014 262
WOMAN HELD OVER 'ASSISTED SUICIDE' OF 21-YEAR-OLD PAL; Emma was 'happy & healthy'. Jan 17, 2014 348
TV soap puts issue back under spotlight. Jan 15, 2014 238
Time to show mercy for the terminally ill, say campaigners; After the former head of the Arts Council in Wales took her own life rather than face a future with multiple sclerosis, pressure mounts for a change in the law on assisted dying or suicide. Darren Devine reports. Jan 15, 2014 690
Patients' Rights Action Fund Issues Response to New Mexico Assisted Suicide Ruling. Jan 14, 2014 245
Ballot question backers aim to win voters. LeBlanc, Steve Jan 5, 2014 562
New Mexico court ruling on assisting suicide endangers the vulnerable. Popik, Jennifer Jan 1, 2014 917
Roe v. Wade's toxic fruit. Smith, Wesley J. Jan 1, 2014 919
Compassionate death. Delva, Melanie Jan 1, 2014 331
The definition of assisted suicide. Nanton, Elmo Jan 1, 2014 200
Marie died as she wanted home and in my arms; Brave assisted suicide campaigner passes away after battle with MS; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 21, 2013 549
Assisted suicide law - where will it end? Dec 16, 2013 354
Assisted suicide and the law. Dec 14, 2013 278
My wife was out of pain for her last few days. Not everybody has that opportunity; North East peer backs calls for a change in the law. Dec 14, 2013 1007
4Chan User 'Stephen' Films Suicide Attempt for Live Broadcast. Dec 2, 2013 404
Time for follow up? Marshall, Diane Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2013 166
Prove you are dying; Heartless HSE medical card quiz for terminally ill Marie; ASSISTED SUICIDE WOMAN'S ORDEAL; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 26, 2013 114
French Couple's Suicide in Paris Hotel Room Triggers Euthanasia Debate. Nov 25, 2013 426
Gilmore calls for assisted suicide law. Nov 22, 2013 103
Woman in court on assisted suicide charge; 42yr-old pleads 'not guilty' over death of MS sufferer. Nov 21, 2013 389
TOGETHER WE'LL GET RIGHT TO DIE; MSP Margo MacDonald insists public are behind her new attempt to change assisted suicide laws. Nov 15, 2013 683
Law & medicine: physician-assisted suicide. Tan, S.Y. Interview Nov 1, 2013 1063
Interest in hospice on the rise; Death with dignity debate shifted opinions. Owen, Paula J. Oct 25, 2013 1344
Australia : Parliamentarians urged to support Voluntary Assisted Dying. Oct 17, 2013 468
Final Exit Network Receives Decisive Victory in Minnesota Assisted Suicide Case. Oct 2, 2013 741
MDs oppose assisted suicide. Anderson, Jane Oct 1, 2013 120
CMA members do not support euthanasia. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 144
Policy & practice. Anderson, Jane Oct 1, 2013 676
Patient choice at end of life: guidelines for nurses. Oct 1, 2013 476
Assisted suicide foes hold parley; Forum held at Assumption. Russell, James F. Sep 29, 2013 835
We don't let our animals suffer so why let humans? HAWKING BACKS SUICIDE. Sep 18, 2013 344
Hawking backs right-to-die option. Sep 18, 2013 230
"Assisted Suicide" Defendant Barbara Mancini Files Motion to Dismiss Case. Sep 17, 2013 801
The end. Essay Sep 1, 2013 3212
Love & death: Bollywood tackles assisted suicide. Hancock, Jennifer Column Sep 1, 2013 1186
Assisted suicide in Canada. Leishman, Rory Sep 1, 2013 1183
Is it right to allow euthanasia? Aug 19, 2013 420
Is it right to allow euthanasia? Aug 19, 2013 416
'Assisted suicide aid' arrest. Aug 19, 2013 123
MUM AND SON ARRESTED OVER SUICIDE PLOT; Dementia OAP in Swiss clinic bid. Aug 19, 2013 385
'It could become a duty to die'. Aug 17, 2013 356
DO WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DIE? The campaign group Dignity in Dying is supporting a private member's bill to legalise assisted dying for terminal patients in England and Wales. Previous attempts to bring in such a law have failed but Dignity says 80% of the UK population is now in favour and it's time for a change. Aug 17, 2013 1441
Brave gran's backing for assisted suicide bill. Aug 6, 2013 480
Right-to-Die Campaign: Hope for 'Martin' after Court Rejects Lawful Euthanasia in Nicklinson-Lamb Case? Aug 2, 2013 1347
Vermont OKs assisted suicide. Anderson, Jane Aug 1, 2013 126
Suicide denied: disabled woman loses in court. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Brief article Jul 20, 2013 176
Assisted dying would see big legal changes. Jun 27, 2013 304
More Than 65% of Family Caregivers Support the Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide. Jun 4, 2013 622
Bill for rights of the terminally ill. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 232
TREATED LIKE DIRT ON THEIR SHOES.. Assisted suicide campaigner slams Kenny's refusal to act. May 30, 2013 417
SO GRATEFUL; DEATH BEFORE DEMENTIA; Man, 83, could not face agony of disease and chose to kill himself at the Dignitas clinic telling loving wife he was..EXCLUSIVE. May 30, 2013 1214
Final bid to end the life of ill Marie; DAIL. May 29, 2013 300
U.S. Support for Euthanasia Hinges on How It's Described; Support is at low ebb on the basis of wording that mentions "suicide". Saad, Lydia Survey May 29, 2013 1011
Cardinal O'Malley: New Vermont Assisted Suicide Law Reveals Slippery Slope. May 21, 2013 397
Assisted dying bill will be debated. May 13, 2013 178
Statement from Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare on "Unrestricted" Assisted Suicide Bill Being Considered by the Vermont Legislature. May 10, 2013 288
'Mum was determined to take control over her life and her death' Sons back campaign for assisted dying. May 9, 2013 597
Melvyn: I'll kill myself if I ever get Alzheimer's; suicide. May 6, 2013 214
WE'LL TAKE ASSISTED SUICIDE CASE TO E.U. MS victim claims rights breached. Apr 29, 2013 368
Paralysed man takes on right to die campaign. Apr 18, 2013 146
Calls for change in law for right to die. Apr 18, 2013 131
Desperate to break free from suffering. Apr 3, 2013 243
Judge Dismisses Charges Against Former Final Exit Network President in Assisted Suicide Case. Mar 26, 2013 599
Deaf Twins Euthanized: Belgian Brothers Marc And Eddy Verbessem Wanted To Die Because They Were Going Blind. Jan 16, 2013 428
Denied a peaceful death at home by courts; ASSISTED SUICIDE RULING; PLEA FOR PARTNER TO HELP END MS SUFFERER'S LIFE REJECTED. Jan 11, 2013 511
From civilization to savagery. Adamick, Paula Essay Jan 1, 2013 1394
Truven Health Analytics-NPR Health Poll Finds Over Half of Americans Support Physician-Assisted Suicide for Terminally Ill Patients. Dec 28, 2012 713
SAVE ME FROM A HORRIBLE DEATH; MS sufferer's High Court plea. Dec 5, 2012 552
The euthanasia/assisted-suicide debate. Book review Dec 1, 2012 152
'No conflict between nursing ethics and helping a patient die with dignity': in our October issue, a nurse educator in palliative care, Julie Maher, argued against a draft bill which would allow patients to choose to die. Two more nurses join the debate on these pages, both arguing for the patient's right to choose to end an intolerable life. Havill, Glynis; Nichols, Jenny Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2012 1819
Assisted suicide effort continues. Nov 8, 2012 692
Opposition overcomes 48 point deficit to defeat assisted suicide - Ballot Question 2 in Massachusetts. Nov 7, 2012 388
Voters OK medical marijuana. Nov 7, 2012 503
SCOTS COULD LEAD WAY ON RIGHT TO DIE; Campaigner's widow will fight to her final breath for a change in the law. Nov 3, 2012 366
Death becomes us. Cones, Bryan Nov 1, 2012 679 Columnist Discusses Research on After-Death Experiences. Oct 24, 2012 714
Lecture on law over assisted dying. Oct 17, 2012 142
MP's brain tumour changed his view on assisted suicide. Oct 10, 2012 299
Ill Winner: I looked into suicide help; DIGNITAS. Oct 5, 2012 168
Disability Rights leaders reach out to Elizabeth Warren regarding 'No On 2'. Sep 25, 2012 555
Patients just want to live; Cancer doctor against assisted dying. Sep 24, 2012 366
MP BACKS 'ASSISTED DYING'. Sep 21, 2012 401
Consequences of assisted suicide; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Sep 13, 2012 202
Can we judge how to 'act for the best'? Mailbag letters also appear online at Mailbag. Letter to the editor Sep 11, 2012 315
Performing a valuable public service. Gilmore, Commander Sep 1, 2012 107
Appeal of BC Court decision on assisted suicide. Kenney, Jason Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2012 194
Radical judge triumphs again. Sep 1, 2012 682
Assisted suicides; You Say Aug 25, 2012 121
Tony Nicklinson: Can Law Change on Assisted Dying and Protect Vulnerable? [BLOG]. Aug 24, 2012 2100
FULL SUPPORT FOR GRIEVING FAMILY; Rivals hail bravery of victim Tony. Aug 23, 2012 307
HEARTBROKEN; Tears of despair as Tony told: You don't have the right to die. Aug 17, 2012 546
Assisted death debates. Brief article Aug 3, 2012 226
End-of-life issues. Tan, S.Y. Aug 1, 2012 1080
Editor's comment: end-of-life practices in the Netherlands. Farham, Bridget Editorial Aug 1, 2012 849
A Canadian judge's verdict on assisted dying will endure. Jul 26, 2012 961
Doctors reject pleas to change their stance on assisted dying; MEDICAL POLICY DESCRIBED AS 'MORALLY REPUGNANT'. Jun 28, 2012 629
'Neutral stance' on assisted dying; UKBULLETINS. Jun 14, 2012 102
The right to die via euthanasia: an expository study of the shari'ah and laws in selected jurisdictions. Ansari, Abdul Haseeb; Sambo, A.O.; Abdulkadir, A.B. Report May 1, 2012 6995
'Right to die' controversy comes round again. Apr 1, 2012 527
Terrible days that shaped MP's opinions; 'Death must be left up to the individual'. Mar 28, 2012 576
MP backs assisted suicide. Mar 28, 2012 244
Baroness Finlay explains why we should not legalise assisted suicide. Mar 27, 2012 985
MP will speak out on assisted suicide; Debate set to consider the right to die. Mar 27, 2012 865
Legalise assisted suicide, says MP. Mar 27, 2012 272
Should assisted suicide be legal in the UK? Mar 19, 2012 1252
Court to decide on assisted suicide bid; Disabled man delighted by judge's ruling. Mar 13, 2012 461
Campaigner for assisted suicide dies; TRAGEDY. Mar 7, 2012 134
Assisted suicides. Mar 6, 2012 159
Georgia High Court Exonerates Final Exit Network's Volunteers. Feb 7, 2012 1070
LET OUR FRIENDS END IT FOR US; MSP Margo in fresh bid for assisted suicide Bill. Jan 25, 2012 436
No easy answers over right to die; DAILY POST OUR VIEW. Editorial Jan 16, 2012 375
200 assisted suicides per year in N.Wales. Jan 16, 2012 670
The GP will kill you now. Jan 8, 2012 327
Terminally ill could have help from doctors, report suggests; TV host starts Antarctic challenge. Jan 5, 2012 764
Report backs case for assisted suicide; Commission calls for tough safeguards. Jan 5, 2012 633
Assisted suicide: 'Current law inadequate'. Jan 5, 2012 280
Unsafe law on suicide. Jan 3, 2012 215
End of life requests on the rise. Dec 22, 2011 143
THE General Medical Council (GMC) [...]. Dec 19, 2011 270
Assisted suicide guidance. Dec 16, 2011 180
GMC to issue new guidance on assisted suicide. Dec 16, 2011 126
Dying with dignity; Geraldine "Mo" McClelland, one of the founders of Newcastle's Live Theatre, has died in an assisted suicide at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland. SHEILAGH MATHESON remembers her friend. Dec 12, 2011 955
Guide to dealing with hard chats. Oct 24, 2011 267
Nurses who are asked to assist a suicide are told how to respond. Oct 19, 2011 250
'Assisted suicide is a moral act'. Oct 3, 2011 130
Tackling the emotional issue of assisted suicide; Prosecutors have been accused of legalising assisted suicide after it emerged no-one has ever been to court for helping someone end their life. ANDY HUGHES looks at the issue. Sep 7, 2011 530
Assisted suicide 'to be made legal by stealth'. Sep 6, 2011 204
Kafka saw the future. Shea, John B. Sep 1, 2011 630
Government will not re-open euthanasia issue. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 116
We should have choice to end our own lives; Call to legalise assisted suicide. Aug 30, 2011 478
Suicides by terminally ill 'ignored' DEATHS. Aug 23, 2011 152
Suicides by terminally ill 'ignored' deaths. Aug 23, 2011 152
Unreconcilable differences? Jennings, Bruce; McCurdy, David; Jackson, Ann; Buccafurni, Diana; Miller, Richard B. Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2011 4426
Other actions at the bishops' meeting. Jun 24, 2011 439
Assisted Suicide Not the Answer to Preventing Bad Deaths. Jun 22, 2011 664
Cops look into son's assisted suicide. Jun 19, 2011 301
If you love someone let them go in peace. Jun 18, 2011 538
MY TELLY. Jun 18, 2011 587
Bishops Approve Physician-Assisted Suicide Statement; Call on Catholics to Support the Dying, Ensure Their Legal Protection. Jun 16, 2011 533
Author Terry Pratchett defends right-to-die film. Jun 15, 2011 498
Regarding the Recent Statement by the USCCB on Assisted Suicide. Jun 15, 2011 305
BBC Condemned for Unbalanced Assisted-Suicide Documentary. Jun 14, 2011 379
Spotlight : Jack Kevorkian. Jun 13, 2011 623
Agony over TV death; your letters. Jun 13, 2011 459
BBC show 'promotes suicide' Fury over documentary. Jun 12, 2011 150

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