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Assembly votes to make rent regulation permanent.

The New York State Assembly approved a bill last week to make rent protections permanent in the city and in other counties including Westchester, Rockland and Nassau. More than 1 million units are affected statewide.

Currently, rent regulation must be renewed by the state legislature every two years.

Rent Stabilization Association President John J. Gilbert III called the move the "epitome of irresponsibility."

Dan Margulies, executive director of the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP), said the extention is a ploy by the Assembly so they can claim they've resolved the states' housing issues for the years and dump it in the senate's lap. It's a one-house bill and we'll see what happens next and its a shame they have to play such perry political games with such an important issue."

Assembly Speaker Saul Weprin introduced the measure as a way to avoid fighting over extensions to the Emergency Tenant Protection Act, which have usually been for two years. The Assembly also passed a two-year extender in case they run into problems with the permanent legislation.

The state Senate has traditionally used the regulations as a bargaining chip towards the end of the session and that still may happen this June. Senate Majority Leader Ralph Marino has already indicated permanent rent stabilization is not in the cards.

"We have to stand up and show Speaker Weprin the error of his ways and that we're not going to take it," Gilbert added.

There about 900,000 rent stabilized apartments in the city. Vacant co-op and condo units that are being rented until they are sold are exempt from regulation as are buildings with fewer than six apartments.
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Title Annotation:New York State Assembly approves rent protections bill
Author:Weiss, Lois
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Feb 17, 1993
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