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Deaths renew calls for lookalike gun rules. Sewell, Dan; Gillispie, Mark Dec 8, 2014 539
SUSPECTS HELD AFTER TERROR CRACKDOWN; Four arrested and AK assault rifle seized as cops move on dissidents. Nov 22, 2014 415
Qty - 200 reflex sight for 5.56mm tavor assault rifle are required. Oct 29, 2014 111
M72 Light Assault Weapons and variants. Sep 27, 2014 128
Australia : AUSTRALIAN DEFENSE Force enters in low-rate production contract for new Assault Rifle. Sep 25, 2014 141
i will kill you; Wild U.S. riot cop's assault rifle threat to protest crowd. Aug 22, 2014 406
Arizona medical researcher arrested after taking a loaded assault rifle into Phoenix Airport. Aug 5, 2014 441
UVF SERIAL KILLER LINK TO RUC UNIT; Assault rifle used in murders. Jun 16, 2014 595
How New York lost: Res Troy's Pump Action Rifle is a NY/CA-compliant alternative to the "evil" AR. Nance, Richard Jun 11, 2014 2449
AK74 James River armory AK74: born in bussia, refined in America: you probably know James River from its superb U.S. martial arms, but now they've taken on the kalashnikov, and kokalis likes the results. Kokalis, Peter G. Apr 1, 2014 6210
Police find assault rifle in Freeland Terrace raid. Reis, Jacqueline Mar 22, 2014 212
Armed and polite. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Mar 14, 2014 125
Connecticut gun owners fail to register; officials push "amnesty". Feb 17, 2014 364
Blame crosses US Mexico border: while Mexican officials take US to task for guns going south, others point to indigenous factors fueling hyper-violence. Schaeffer-duffy, Claire Feb 14, 2014 1927
Special Forces patrol weapons system. Jan 29, 2014 205
Sensible gun control. Jan 2, 2014 610
Kalashnikov assault rifle designer dies aged 94. Dec 23, 2013 233
The assault weapons ban - politics, the Second Amendment, and the country's continued willingness to sacrifice innocent lives for "freedom'. Phelan, John J., IV Dec 22, 2013 17976
Gun buyback program nets assault rifle, Glock. Reis, Jacqueline Dec 15, 2013 297
DEATH FOR SALE; One year on from the Sandy Hook school massacre, we buy this deadly SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE minutes from where 26 children and teachers were gunned down...SUNDAY Mirror INVESTIGATES; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 15, 2013 1270
death for SALE; One year on from the Sandy Hook school massacre, we buy this deadly SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE minutes from where 26 children and teachers were gunned down... investigates. Dec 15, 2013 1272
Hold your fire. Ross, Frank L. Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2013 386
From Arisaka to assault rifle: in Part 1 (10/1 issue), Scarlata detailed Japanese rifle ammo from the 1850s through the Murata. This time, he covers rifle cartridges from the Arisaka to the present day. Scarlata, Paul Nov 1, 2013 1549
Fake guns and real idiots. Sep 20, 2013 621
Pleas for gun control; Victim's mother talks at hearing. Monahan, John J. Sep 14, 2013 1007
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Supports National Divestment Campaign Against Manufacturers Of Assault Weapons And High-Capacity Ammo Clips. Jul 22, 2013 691
State-level statists. Suprynowicz, Vin Jul 10, 2013 1463
U.S. firearms industry today: history repeats itself with dramatic growth, major battles. Thurman, Russ Jul 1, 2013 5052
Not just bullets: ammunition and ammunition feeding facts. Venturino, Mike May 24, 2013 932
An endless befuddlement. Suprynowicz, Yin May 10, 2013 1208
Cop Fired 8 Times: Opa-Locka, Fla. Police Officials Propose Firing Sgt. German Bosque Over AR-15 Assault Rifle Scandal. May 3, 2013 349
Russian Military May Soon Adopt New Kalashnikov Assault Rifle. Apr 30, 2013 305
Senate Rejects Assault Weapons Ban, 40 To 60. Apr 17, 2013 154
Reid To Vote For Assault Weapons Ban Amendment. Apr 17, 2013 317
Statement By U.S. Conference Of Mayors President Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter On The Senate's Rejection Of Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban, Toomey-Manchin Background Check, And Other Amendments To Reduce Gun Violence. Conference news Apr 17, 2013 532
Statements On Connecticut Legislature's Passage Of Comprehensive Background Checks, Tougher Assault Weapons Ban, And Limits On Ammunition Magazines. Apr 4, 2013 1371
Statements On Maryland Legislature's Passage Of Assault Weapons Ban And Limits On Ammunition Magazines. Apr 4, 2013 1008
Fool me once ... Cramer, Clayton E. Apr 1, 2013 1684
Assaulting gun owners and freedoms. Hoar, William P. Apr 1, 2013 2018
Syrian Civil War: 8-Year-Old Child Wields Assault Rifle and Smokes Cigarettes. Mar 30, 2013 435
Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense Asks: Why Do We Ban A Chocolate Easter Egg To Protect American Children, But Not Assault Weapons? Mar 29, 2013 440
Hunters Show Strong Support for Conservation, Background Checks, Strong Opposition to Assault Weapons Ban. Mar 27, 2013 648
Mark Kelly Buys Assault Rifle, Purchase Of AR-15 Rifle Blocked By Arizona Gun Shop For Gabrielle Giffords' Former Husband. Mar 26, 2013 617
Blame spineless Congress. Mar 22, 2013 631
The Best Amendment Explores Gun Violence From Both Sides. Mar 19, 2013 986
Gun Control Debate: Reform Appears Doomed In Congress But States Make Progress. Mar 19, 2013 1090
Man fends off kidnappers with assault rifle in Bekaa Valley. Mar 15, 2013 323
Senate Judiciary Committee Advances Assault Weapons Ban 10-8. Mar 14, 2013 192
Mayor Pedro Segarra Demands Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1333
Indiana Mayors Demand Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1329
Massachusetts Mayors Demand Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1286
Mayor Rybak Demands Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1251
Mayor Suttle Demands Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1328
California Mayors Demand Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1284
Michigan Mayors Demand Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1351
North Carolina Mayors Demand Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1314
Pennsylvania Mayors Demand Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1462
New York Mayors Demand Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1345
Mayor Joseph Riley Demands Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1326
Mayor Miro Weinberger Demands Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence. Mar 7, 2013 1260
Grappling with the gun issue. Griffin, Jonathan Mar 1, 2013 484
'Ban assault weapons for my Jesse'. Feb 28, 2013 369
New Comprehensive Study Of Mass Shootings Reveals Prevalence Of Mass Shootings, Role Of Assault Weapons And Strong Connection Between Domestic Violence And Guns. Clinical report Feb 22, 2013 574
Assault Weapons Ban: Feinstein Bill Exempts 2,220 Guns; Critics Complain List Is Arbitrary. Feb 18, 2013 631
Three (well, they were) inexpensive AKs: three months ago, you would have been able to get these Kalashnikovs on the cheap Now, they're just cheaper than other rifles in the rack. Fortier, David Feb 10, 2013 2960
School Committee urges Congress to act on guns. Feb 8, 2013 580
School Committee to take up gun issue; Proposal calls for assault weapons ban. Feb 6, 2013 476
Obama renews campaign for assault weapons ban. Feb 5, 2013 340
Assault Weapons Ban Useless, Won't Stop School Shootings, Expert Says. Feb 5, 2013 727
Secretary Of Education Duncan, College Presidents, Students And Mayors Against Illegal Guns Call On Congress To Prevent Gun Violence. Feb 4, 2013 1525
States take up gun legislation. Perez-Lozano, Eloisa Feb 1, 2013 571
APHA calls for renewing federal assault weapons ban. Tucker, Charlotte Feb 1, 2013 204
The Evening Brief: Jan. 30, 2013. Jan 30, 2013 698
Poll: 52 Percent of Americans Say the Sandy Hook Shooting Is Being Exploited. Jan 30, 2013 427
Was Newtown Parent, Neil Heslin, Heckled At Assault Weapons Hearing? News Outlets Exaggerate Disagreement During Meeting [VIDEO]. Jan 29, 2013 322
The gun debate: December's tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, is prompting a new look at the nation's gun laws. Smith, Patricia Cover story Jan 28, 2013 1516
We can't stop the killings unless we let go of guns. Jan 28, 2013 837
Government Officials Can Still Own Assault Weapons Under Feinstein Bill. Jan 25, 2013 428
Dianne Feinstein Gun Bill: Text, List Of Guns Banned And Details Of 'The Assault Weapons Ban of 2013'. Jan 24, 2013 1707
US Sen. Feinstein To Introduce Assault Weapons Ban Thursday. Jan 24, 2013 298
U.S. Conference Of Mayors President Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Endorses Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Bill. Jan 24, 2013 731
Obama opens a $500m war chest in gun fight. Jan 17, 2013 671
Obama Op-ed Urges Lawmakers To 'Act Soon' On Gun Violence [FULL TEXT]. Jan 17, 2013 1034
New York enacts gun-control law, first since attack. Jan 16, 2013 842
Gun Controls...Assault Weapons...Concealed Weapons: Full Disclosure Special TV-Internet Series. Jan 16, 2013 505
Gun Law: Barack Obama Highlights Military Assault Rifle Ban. Jan 16, 2013 454
Obama Gun Control Package Includes Assault Weapons Ban, Ammo Restrictions, Mental Health Push. Jan 16, 2013 519
New York leads the way. Jan 16, 2013 622
Assault weapon ban a sensible effort: Obama. Jan 15, 2013 566
Mayors Against Illegal Guns Releases New Television Ad Demanding Action From Washington And Report On Gun Lobby Suppression Of Research On Gun Violence On One-Month Anniversary Of Newtown Shooting. Jan 14, 2013 1586
New York Gov. Cuomo To Press For Stronger Gun Laws, Assault Weapons Ban. Jan 9, 2013 630
Obama Administration Is Getting Serious About Gun Control: Report. Jan 7, 2013 823
It is time to demand an assault weapons ban. Editorial Jan 4, 2013 586
COPS IN U.S BUY BACK GUNS; FIREARMS HANDED IN AFTER SANDY HOOK Hundreds queue to exchange their weapons for food. Dec 28, 2012 417
Rocket Launchers Collected In LA Gun Buyback Along With 75 Assault Weapons. Dec 28, 2012 331
Year In Review: 2012, The Year Washington Got Serious About Gun Control. Dec 26, 2012 1042
US lobby issues point-blank 'no' on gun control. Dec 24, 2012 781
Patrick says gun used in massacre banned in Mass. Dec 21, 2012 439
Republicans resist ban on assault weapons as debate over gun control reignites. Dec 20, 2012 440
Lifetime NRA member, hunter, security expert advocates assault weapon ban. Dec 20, 2012 454
Obama 'actively supporting' assault weapons ban legislation after Connecticut school shooting. Dec 19, 2012 277
Rise in sales of the AR-15 assault rifle. Dec 19, 2012 187
Rise in sales of the AR-15 assault rifle. Dec 19, 2012 157
Rise in sales of the AR-15 assault rifle. Dec 19, 2012 183
Obama to support bid to ban assault weapons. Dec 19, 2012 604
Rise in sales of the AR-15 f assault rifle. Dec 19, 2012 183
Obama supports assault weapons ban. Dec 19, 2012 137
Nation's Emergency Physicians Call for Increased Investment in Mental Health Resources and a Ban on the Sale of Assault Weapons. Dec 19, 2012 436
Cerberus Capital Selling Maker Of Bushmaster Assault Rifle Used In Massacre At Sandy Hook Elementary In Newtown. Dec 18, 2012 367
US senator launches bid to ban assault weapons. Dec 17, 2012 752
Assault Weapons Ban: Newtown School Shooting Renews Calls For Gun Control Legislation. Dec 17, 2012 552
Will Obama Push For Renewal Of Federal Assault Weapons Ban? Dec 14, 2012 635
Oregon mall shooter's 'jammed' assault rifle averted 'much worse' tragedy, says sheriff. Dec 13, 2012 212
How To Make An AR-15 Or Another Gun At Home: Start With A 3D Printer. Dec 2, 2012 2270
RNC Fundraising Events: Assault Rifle Raffles, 'Milk and Cookies' With Lindsey Graham And One Really Expensive Journey Concert. Aug 28, 2012 509
Controversy clouds army's plan to buy new assault rifle. Aug 20, 2012 198
'Dark Knight' shooting suspect bought assault rifle same day he failed key exam. Jul 26, 2012 182
Jamming of 'Dark Knight' massacre suspect's assault rifle possibly saved several lives. Jul 23, 2012 152
Want An Assault Rifle? Yours For $600 In Aurora, Colorado. Jul 20, 2012 648
Kayla Ferrante Killed By Assault Rifle; Hundreds Gather To Say Goodbye To The 17-Year-Old Memorial High School Graduate. Jun 1, 2012 609
Franklin Armory CSW. Apr 10, 2012 107
'NO SENSE' IN GUNS ESCAPADE. Mar 1, 2012 376
Assault rifle nonsense. Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2012 434
Zombies Fear It - Other Styluses Want to Be It; The Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Edition Makes You Cool Without Trying, Available Now. Jan 16, 2012 438
Madsen M50: Looking to make the leap into machine guns? Kokalis, who's owned hundreds in his time, says you can't go wrong with this reliable and low - priced SMG from Denmark. Kokalis, Peter G. Jan 1, 2012 3598
Google pulls plug on game that let you shoot in streets with virtual assault rifle. Dec 13, 2011 213
Land OPS = firepower + mobility. Company overview Dec 1, 2011 10049
SAF Files Constitutional Challenge of California 'Assault Weapons' Law. Nov 21, 2011 531
SIG 551A1: back in business: the classic assault rifle has returned. Poole, Eric R. Nov 17, 2011 682
Roller locking wonder: Century International Arms' outstanding CETME. Bodinson, Holt Aug 1, 2011 1627
Sturmgewehr: the first assault rifle Germany's MP44. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Aug 1, 2011 1977
Patrol rifles good, assault rifles bad? Codrea, David Aug 1, 2011 481
Too many bullets? The "why" of high-capacity magazines. Ayoob, Massad Jun 1, 2011 877
SAF, Calguns Sue over California 'Assault Weapons' Law Arrest. May 23, 2011 571
SAF, Calguns Sue Over California 'Assault Weapons' Law Arrest. May 23, 2011 607
7.62x39: when loaded with good bullets, the ubiquitous ".30 Russian short" is good for a lot more than high-volume, rapid-fire plinking. Forker, Bob Jan 25, 2011 1120
The LAW is back. Jan 1, 2011 383
Ultimate AUG: originals from the early 1990s are sought-after collector's items. Now this groundbreaking Austrian bullpup is made in the USA. Kokalis, Peter G. Oct 1, 2010 6596
DSA SA-58 Para Tactical Rifle. Kokalis, Peter G. Product/service evaluation Jul 1, 2010 6974
Could Mayors' fervor for gun curbs trigger global legal action? Peirce, Neal Column May 10, 2010 842
A flanking detachment in the mountains. Grau, Lester W. May 1, 2010 2756
The six gunner goes AR! Hunting, that is. With a stag arms model 7 hunter 6.8mm Remington SPC. Taffin, John Apr 1, 2010 2358
The FNH SCAR: special forces combat assault rifle. Douglas, Dave Cover story Mar 1, 2010 1599
Country reports. Report Mar 1, 2010 29791
Words matter. Sanetti, Steve Mar 1, 2010 760
Osh Shamy newspaper receives letter with threats, bullet from assault rifle. Dec 15, 2009 249
Should assault weapons be banned? A 10-year ban was allowed to expire in 2004 President Obama wants Congress to pass a new one. Carter, Jimmy; Boren, Dan Sep 7, 2009 539
Rights watch: a red herring. Codrea, David Aug 1, 2009 541
An Eastern Bloc alternative to the Kalashnikov? Looking for a 7.62 x 39mm gun? You might want to consider a vz. 58! Once a rarely seen curiosity, the vz. 58 has become much more common as several importers bring in semi-auto versions. Fortier says the Czech guns have a lot to offer. Fortier, David M. Jul 10, 2009 4052
You are not to blame. Venola, Richard Jul 1, 2009 771
Holder shows hand too soon. Codrea, David Jul 1, 2009 524
Advice for citizen activists: what you can do to prevent the reinstatement of the Assault Weapons Ban. Franks, Congressman Trent Jun 1, 2009 704
National Rifle Association to honour Palin with special Alaska-themed assault rifle. May 6, 2009 209
What makes sights NMC. Brief article May 1, 2009 149
Deadlier weapons triggered arms raids CRACKDOWN: Guns found at crime scenes in Valley spurred probe, police say. Apr 3, 2009 354
Full auto fun with softies: the Mini-Uzi and AKS-74U. Galan, J.I. Apr 1, 2009 1538
17-YR-OLD HAD ASSAULT RIFLE AND BULLETS ON NIGHT PSNI MAN WAS SHOT, COURT TOLD; Boy accused of Const Carroll's murder and CIRA membership. Mar 25, 2009 407
Teen driver arrested, facing multiple gun, ammo charges; Defendant says firearms were purchased in birthday binge. Mar 6, 2009 378
Air base defense. Feb 1, 2008 966
Table 20 Murder, by state, type of weapon, 2007. Statistical table Jan 1, 2007 687
Table 22 Aggravated assault, by state, type of weapon, 2007. Statistical table Jan 1, 2007 873
"Knife control" in England. Brief article Jun 26, 2006 267
U.S. v. Scales. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 119
Assaulting our liberties. Hoar, William P. Oct 18, 2004 625
Assault Weapons ban mired in election-year politics. Sep 20, 2004 624
Assault weapons ban expires today. Bates, Katherine Brief Article Sep 13, 2004 315
Should Congress renew the ban on assault weapons? Unless renewed, the ban will expire in September. A Senator who voted for the 1994 ban, and one who voted against it, debate its value. Craig, Larry E. Feb 2, 2004 498
Crack kills, pot giggles. (Off the Map). Durst, Will Aug 1, 2003 750
Sergeant Jerry Wayne Apffel of the Fauquier County, Virginia, Sheriff's Office observed the suspect approximately 1 hour after the shootings. (The Bulletin Notes). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 163
D.C. Dispatches. MacDonald, Sam Nov 1, 2001 1745
No trial for gun maker. Brief Article Jul 1, 1997 193
Assault weapons ban under fire in the House. Quist, Janet Brief Article Mar 25, 1996 261
Shooting blind. Tonso, William R. Nov 1, 1995 3991
Assault pistol maker to face liability in law office shooting. Brienza, Julie Brief Article Jul 1, 1995 381
NLC leaders stand firm against weapons ban repeal; demand local role in reforming US welfare system: NLC policy unit asserts local commitment. Anderson, Sharon D. May 22, 1995 894
Banks says repeal of weapons ban would preempt local authority. Quist, Janet May 1, 1995 377
NLC president warns against repeal of assault weapons ban; calls on local officials to stop the measure in its tracks. Becker, Christine Apr 24, 1995 434
City officials aim to fight repeal of assault weapons ban. Quist, Janet Apr 17, 1995 312
Weapon assault: the advantage of weak arguments. Sullum, Jacob Jul 1, 1994 915
Hard work and united front fuels momentum to pass the crime bill; assault weapon ban serves as proof of what working together can do. Borut, Donald J. May 16, 1994 667
In 'vote of conscience,' ban on assault weapons narrowly passes in House. Quist, Janet May 9, 1994 204
House unit passes NLC-supported ban on assault weapons. May 2, 1994 598
"Crime Bill" threatens massive market restriction. Schneider, Jim Jan 1, 1994 579
Connecticut bans assault weapons. Oct 1, 1993 475
Connecticut law points assault rifle ban at Colt's. Schneider, Jim; Clede, Bill Aug 1, 1993 438
Washington D.C. is full of rumours: so what's new? Schneider, Jim column Aug 1, 1990 1142
Assault pistols now take the anti-gun stage. Schneider, Jim column Apr 1, 1990 787
Infantry support weapons in an era of uncertainty; armies and manufacturers ponder weapons needs. Ezell, Virginia H. Apr 1, 1990 4329

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