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Ask the Networks ...

Here's what members are talking about these days on ACPE's popular online Networks:

* Do you have some successful ways of getting physician collaboration to tackle committee work?

* What mechanisms are hospitalist programs using to limit admissions to prevent burnout and enhance patient safety?

* What are your experiences reporting physician performance data in a balanced way?

* Is there a place in health administration for medical students who don't necessarily want to go on to residency, but still want to use their credentials towards a successful career?

These are just a handful of the topics being discussed by physician executives across the country and around the globe. To join in the discussions, visit the ACPE Networks on the College's home page at

Announcing four new ACPE Online Networks:

ACPE Networks continue to grow! Newest networks include three new Topical Networks:

1. Correctional Medicine -- for ACPE members interested in exchanging information about issues and challenges in delivering care in correctional settings. Led by Charles Howard, MD, MMM, CHCQM

2. Emergency Medicine -- for ACPE members interested in the delivery of emergency care. Led by Keith Butler, MD, MBA, CPE and Daniel Wehner, MD, FACEP

3. Creativity -- for ACPE members interested in exploring creativity and its applications in medical management. Led by Barry Silbaugh, MD, MS, FACPE

And one new Regional Network:

4. Greater China -- for all physician leaders practicing in China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Led by Kenneth Lee, MD, MPH, MBA, CPE, CMCM, FAAFP

Remember to visit Ask ACPE Anything for general medical management discussions and questions. This discussion board is open to everyone and available on the home page at Recent discussions include questions on inpatient length of stay, reorganizing a pediatric department, and passing on a clinic to your heirs.

Join the discussions! Visit the ACPE Online Networks at

For Information about ACPE's Graduate Program Please Visit:
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