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Arts and Crafts of Mexico.

ARTS AND CRAFTS OF MEXICO. Chloe Sayer. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1990. Illustrated, 160 pp., softbound, $19.95.

Crafts in Mexico are an essential part of life and are found more often in markets than in galleries. This book offers over 160 color photographs sampling a wide range of crafts unsurpassed elsewhere in the Americas. Ceramics, jewelry, basketry, wood-carving, metalwork, ritual arts and folk toys are visually presented. The text is well-written, and describes both cultural backgrounds as well as technical information about processes, materials and formulas. A reference section completes the book, providing detailed advice on collecting Mexican folk art, a glossary, a bibliography and a guide to Mexico's indigenous peoples. With its richness of imagery, extensive cultural information and inventive usage of inexpensive materials, this book is highly recommended for all ages and levels.
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Publication:School Arts
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Date:Nov 1, 1992
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