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Artificial intelligence; proceedings.


Artificial intelligence; proceedings.

European Conference on Artificial Intelligence The biennial European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) is the leading conference in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Europe, and is commonly listed together with IJCAI and AAAI as one of the three major general AI conferences worldwide.  (16th: 2004: Valencia, Spain) Ed. by Ramon Lopez de Mantaras and Lorenza Saitta.

IOS (1) (Internetwork Operating System) An operating system from Cisco that is the primary control program used in its routers. IOS is widely used and robust system software that supports the common functions of all products under Cisco's CiscoFusion architecture.  Press


1152 pages



Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications; v.110


Papers from an August 2004 conference are presented here, in sections on agents and distributed AI, case-based approaches, cognitive modeling, constraint satisfaction, genetic algorithms Genetic algorithms

Search procedures based on the mechanics of natural selection and genetics. Such procedures are known also as evolution strategies, evolutionary programming, genetic programming, and evolutionary computation.
 and emergent behaviors, and knowledge engineering and representation. Other subjects are machine learning and data mining, natural language processing Natural language processing

Computer analysis and generation of natural language text. The goal is to enable natural languages, such as English, French, or Japanese, to serve either as the medium through which users interact with computer systems such as
, neural networks and support vector machines, planning and scheduling, applications of intelligent systems, robotics, reasoning, and perception. Some specific subjects discussed include job shop scheduling with probabilistic durations, automatic discovery of translation collocations from bilingual corpora corpora

plural form of corpus.

corpora albicantia
see corpus albicans.

corpora arenacea
sandy or gritty bodies, found in the pineal body; appear to be of glial or stromal origin; have the structure of
, and staked generalization for information extraction. There is no subject index.

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