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Arrows & broadheads.

Code Red

All-new Maxima Red hunting arrows from Carbon Express are designed with stiffer ends to contain and control dynamic spine, shifting it to the middle of the shaft, or the "Red Zone" as Carbon Express would have it. The result is a hunting arrow that provides superior broadhead accuracy and tighter groups. Maxima Red arrows The Red Arrows, officially known as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, is the aerobatics display team of the Royal Air Force, based at RAF Scampton, United Kingdom.  are sorted for consistent weight (+1-1 grain) and spine (+/-.0025-inch). Every Red shaft is also laser checked for straightness (+/.0025-inch). New LaunchPad precision nocks are also installed to deliver controlled arrow release and better shaft alignment to further improve accuracy. Red technology is so effective only two spine options are required to handle bows from 40-92 pounds.

MSRP MSRP Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
MSRP Message Session Relay Protocol
MSRP Multi-Species Recovery Plan (US Fish & Wildlife Service)
MSRP Member of the Society for Radiological Protection (UK) 
: $84.99 per 6/fletched

Contact: Carbon Express, 800-241-4833;

More Easton Speed

Easton's new HEXX hunting arrows are all about flat-out, barn-burning speed. These lightweight yet rugged arrows feature the tightest tolerances of any carbon arrow produced by Easton to date, combining flat trajectories, reduced diameter penetration and off-the-chart factory precision. Each includes a factory-installed Easton H Nock nock  
1. The groove at either end of a bow for holding the bowstring.

2. The notch in the end of an arrow that fits on the bowstring.

tr.v. nocked, nock·ing, nocks
 and comes with Microlite H inserts promoting faster down-range arrow speeds. Plus, each shaft is guaranteed to hold straightness tolerances within +/-,001-inch. They are being offered in 480 spine weighing 6.3 gpi, 400 weighing 7.2 gpi and 330 weighing 7.9 gpi.

MSRP: $93.99 per 6/ with Blazer vanes

Contact: Easton Technical Products, 801539-1433;




A New Standard

Victory Archery's VAP (Value Added Process) An executable program in a NetWare 2.x server. Starting with NetWare 3.x, VAPs were replaced by NLMs. See NetWare.  (Victory Armour Piercing) carbon arrows set a new standard for bowhunting Bowhunting is the practice of taking game animals by archery. Technique
In contrast to a rifle hunter, who may shoot effectively from ranges in excess of 200 yards (about 180 m), archers will usually restrict shots to 45 yards or less, depending on factors such as
 performance. Independent testing shows VAP's ultra-low diameter, thick-walled design translates into deeper penetration, increased accuracy, less flight noise and reduced wind drift. They include 100 percent high-modulus carbon fiber construction, standard-thread Penetrator Broadhead Adaptors (aircraft aluminum 5/16-inch weighing 43 grains or 9/32-inch at 33 grains, or stainless steel stainless steel: see steel.
stainless steel

Any of a family of alloy steels usually containing 10–30% chromium. The presence of chromium, together with low carbon content, gives remarkable resistance to corrosion and heat.
 weighing 92 grains) making them ruggedly dependable and F.O.C. loaded. All Victory V1 (+/.001-inch straightness) and V3 (+/-.003-inch straightness) arrows include slick Victory ICE coating, making them quieter across the rest and easier to pull from targets.

MSRP: $140-$165 per dozen

Contact: Victory Archery archery, sport of shooting with bow and arrow, an important military and hunting skill before the introduction of gunpowder. England's Charles II fostered archery as sport, establishing in 1673 the world's oldest continuous archery tournament, the Ancient Scorton , 866-934-6565;

Lightning Bolt Lightning bolt may refer to
  • Lightning discharge, electrical discharge within clouds or between clouds and the ground
  • Thunderbolt, a traditional expression for a discharge of lightning or a symbolic representation thereof

The new ICS (1) (Internet Connection Sharing) A Windows feature that enables two or more computers to share one Internet connection. First introduced in Windows 98 Second Edition, sharing is accomplished with network address translation (NAT), which is the common method.  Crossbow Hunter from Beman is designed especially for high-performance crossbows. It features high-strength but lightweight carbon that produces, maximum speed from today's advanced crossbow designs, aiding in driving broadheads right through big game. They combine super-strong, multi-laminate carbon with proven component systems for Beman's most advanced crossbow bolt yet. Beman aerospace alloy inserts are included, or purchase F.O.C.-enhancing brass inserts separately. They're made in the USA to precise tolerances to assure top-notch accuracy.

MSRP: $44.99 per 6/fletched

Contact: Semen semen
 or seminal fluid

Whitish viscous fluid emitted from the male reproductive tract that contains sperm and liquids (seminal plasma) that help keep them viable.
, 801-539-1433;

Total Zone Coverage

New Archery Products' rear-deploying, two-blade Killzone--a design allowing both blades to open in unison and using no 0-rings or rubber bands--has been expanded for 2013. In addition to the original, 2-inch, 100-grain model, NAP has added: 125-grain models with either cut-on-contact or Trophy Tips; a 1 1/2-inch cutting diameter, 100-grain KE head for low kinetic energy, bows; a 2-inch crossbow version available in 44111 both 100 and 125 grains; and a 2 3/8-inch, 100-grain Maxx version. Each package includes a free practice head. The 125-grain models offer instant F.O.C. boost, the KE model is designed for low-poundage or short-draw bows, the crossbow heads are designed for increased launch speeds, and the Maxx is made for bows with draw weights in excess of 60 pounds. Replacement-blade kits are offered for all.

MSRP: $40-$45 per 3

Contact: New Archery Products, 800-3231279;



Outfitted in Camo

Outfitter Camo carbon arrows from Cabela's pack everything serious bowhunters want into a single package. They start with a precision, multidirectional carbon-fiber core surrounded by high-strength composite fibers and micro-smooth finish for quiet draws and easier target extraction. The reduced-diameter design increases penetration and decreases wind drift, thicker walls making them nail tough during hard impacts. High-visibility, factory-installed crest helps track arrow placement. They're offered in 55/70 (.400 deflection deflection /de·flec·tion/ (de-flek´shun) deviation or movement from a straight line or given course, such as from the baseline in electrocardiography.

, 8.6 gpi) and 65/80 (.340 deflection, 9.5 gpi) and include Easton H Nocks and precision HP Inserts.

MSRP: $60 per 6, fletched

Contact: Cabela's, 800-237-4444;


Strength & Straightness


1. pale soft exudative pork.

2. portosystemic encephalopathy.
 Carbon Force EXT EXT Extension
EXT Extended
EXT External
Ext Extraction
EXT Exterior (screenwriting)
EXT Extinguisher
EXT Extruded
EXT Extinguished
EXT Exeter, England, United Kingdom - Exeter (Airport Code) 
 Hunter carbon arrows feature a small diameter and extra thick shaft walls for exceptional strength and penetration. Every PSE EXT Hunter arrow is guaranteed to +/-.001-inch straightness and a +/-.5-grain weight variance per dozen shafts. In addition, every PSE EXT Hunter arrow is spine matched for consistent shooting. PSE EXT Hunter arrows are also coated with PSE's whisper coating to glide quietly over the arrow rest and allow easier removal from targets. PSE also uses an exclusive Fast Recovery System (FRS FRS
Fellow of the Royal Society

n “flexed rotated side-bent,” an osteopathic abbreviation used to describe vertebral position in cases of spinal dysfunction.
) technology in building each arrow. All shafts feature a spine alignment mark for consistent vane/broadhead orientation from arrow to arrow.

MSRP: $199 per 12

Contact: Precision Shooting Equipment, 520-884-9065;

Toxic to Big Game

Flying Arrow Archery is a new company out of Montana with a brand new broadhead like nothing you've seen before. The 100-grain, fixed-blade Toxic holds three "half-moon," "coring" blades set through the middle of the aircraft-aluminum ferrule A ceramic, plastic or stainless steel part of a fiber-optic plug that holds the end of the fiber and precisely aligns it to the socket. The fiber is inserted into the ferrule and cemented with an epoxy or adhesive, which gives it long-term mechanical strength and prevents contamination  to add strength and structural integrity. The curved blades combine to provide nearly five inches of cutting surface, all honed to a surgical sharpness. RCS (1) (Remote Computer Service) A remote timesharing service.

(2) (Revision Control System) A Unix utility that provides version control.

RCS - Revision Control System
 (Radical Core Decompression core decompression Orthopedic surgery A procedure for nontraumatic osteonecrosis, in which the BM is decompressed by removing a core of medullary bone, which is then reinserted to support the weakened cortical bone. See Osteoporosis. ) and RWD RWD Rewind
RWD Rear Wheel Drive
RWD Ringwood (Victoria, Australia suburb)
RWD Real World Data
RWD Rwandair Express, Rwanda (ICAO code)
RWD Rogalski, Wigura & Drzewiecki
 (Reduced Wing Drag) technologies provide field-tip accuracy from the fastest compound bows, while creating devastating dev·as·tate  
tr.v. dev·as·tat·ed, dev·as·tat·ing, dev·as·tates
1. To lay waste; destroy.

2. To overwhelm; confound; stun: was devastated by the rude remark.
 wound channels on the biggest game. The bone-splitting chisel chisel

Cutting tool with a sharpened edge at the end of a metal blade, used (often by driving with a mallet or hammer) in dressing, shaping, or working a solid material such as wood, stone, or metal.
 tip starts penetration out right.

MSRP: $45 per 3

Contact: Flying Arrow Archery, 855-7644394;


Consistent Value

The new RedHead BlackOut X3 Hunter Carbon Arrows from Bass Pro offer the three things hardcore bowhunters care about most: consistency, durability and value. With straightness of +/-.003-inch and weight consistency of +/-2 grains, they deliver an extra edge of precision that can make the critical difference between a clean kill and an empty freezer. They also feature 100 percent carbon construction for durability and smooth penetration.

MSRP: $79.99 per 12, with Blazer vanes

Contact Bass Pro Shops Bass Pro Shops is a privately held sporting goods and outdoor goods store headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. The original Outdoor World store, referred to as the "Grand Daddy" is located at the corner of Sunshine and Campbell in Springfield. , 800-227-7776;

Unfailing Light

Lumenok, one of the originals in lighted-nock technology, offers 100 percent carbon arrows designed to work efficiently with the company's innovative nocks. Lumen-Arrows are hand squared at the rear to ensure reliable Lumenok operation. Meanwhile, Boh-ning Blazer vanes are spine aligned for consistent flight. If you ever need to refletch your Lumen-Arrow, a printed red line marks this spine line, the stiffest point in the arrow around its diameter. Lumen-Arrows are offered with red, green or pink Lumenoks in .300, .350 and .400 deflections.

MSRP: $136 per 6, with Blazer vanes


Contact: The Burt Coyote Co., 309-3581602;

Get Uhner's Edge

Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge mechanical broalheads offer fieldpoint accuracy and two super-sharp, rear-deploying blades that open as one on impact, pivoting around bone and folding forward to expose rear-sharpened edges as needed as needed prn. See prn order. . The blade-retention system assures blades won't open prematurely, and they can be locked into practice mode without damaging targets or blades. New for 2013, this amazing a·maze  
v. a·mazed, a·maz·ing, a·maz·es
1. To affect with great wonder; astonish. See Synonyms at surprise.

2. Obsolete To bewilder; perplex.

 head will be offered in slimmer 100-grain, 1 1/2-inch-wide and 125-grain, 2-inch-wide designs for Easton Deep Six inserts and other slim shafts (such as Victory's VAP) with standard threads. All include one-piece steel ferrule with chisel tips.

MSRP: 545-850 per 3

Contact: Trophy Taker, 406-826-0600;


Premium Crossbow Ammo

New for 2013, Firenock brings you the AeroBolt II in lengths from 20-26 inches. Each is engineered for maximum flight stability plus speed, with stiffer primary shaft deflection of .200 with an inner diameter of .350-inch. The 26-inch version is assembled without any metal parts, including integral hybrid inserts, to weigh 300 grains. They include +/-.001-inch straightness and marked spine indexing, plus dual spine front to back for faster recovery during launch. The AeroBolt II Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer is an action role-playing game developed by the Nihon Falcom Corporation. It was originally released in 1984 for the NEC PC-88; it was followed by an MSX port published by Squaresoft in 1986 and a Game Boy port by Epoch in 1990.  is a heavier version delivering maximum momentum and penetration, with .092-inch thick walls. It includes two inner shafts running its entire length and Aerolnsert-DS installed at the factory. Finished weight is about 750 grains, including three stability-enhancing Aerovane Ills.

MSRP: $23-$38 each

Contact: Firenock, 815-780-1695;


Towering Solutions

Bohning's Tower Fletching fletch·ing  
The feathers on an arrow.
 Jigs have become so popular two new models were added for 2013 to accommodate a wider array of arrow sizes and fletchings. The Tower saves time by allowing you to fletch fletch  
tr.v. fletched, fletch·ing, fletch·es
To feather (an arrow).

[Probably back-formation from fletcher.]
 three vanes at a time. They also allow fletching all arrow diameters, from skinny Easton Injexions to line-cutting Easton Fat Boys, and all sizes of fletchings, from short Blazers The Blazers (in some cases, short for Trail Blazers) is the name of several professional and collegiate sports teams:
  • The Portland Trail Blazers are a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association.
 to traditional-length feathers. Each Tower includes two collar rings: red for use with smaller-diameter carbon and aluminum, and green for use with the fattest shafts. All systems are compatible with Tower Jig base. Replacement or additional arm sets are sold separately.

MSRP: 374

Contact: Bohning Archery, 231-229-4247;


Extremely Hard Hitting

New PileDriver PTX PTX Pneumothorax
PTX Pituitary Homeobox
PTX Private Trading Exchange
PTX Practical Training Exercise
PTX Preliminary Training Exercise
 (Pass Thru Extreme) arrows from Carbon Express feature a small diameter paired with the innovative PTX Half-Out Insert. Made with carbon steel, PTX inserts are three times stronger than traditional aluminum, ensuring broadheads stay securely in place upon impact. Compatible with any standard broad-head or fieldpoint, PTX inserts weigh 44 grains and deliver four times more kinetic energy than aluminum. PTX inserts also boost F.O.C. for increased arrow stabilization and accuracy. PileDriver PIX shafts feature a high-polish finish for quiet draws and easy target removal, along with lightweight, 2-inch NRG-2 vanes for maximum velocity maximum velocity
1. The maximum rate of an enzymatic reaction that can be achieved by progressively increasing the substrate concentration.

. PileDriver PTX arrows are sorted for weight consistency of +/-2 grains and straightness of +/-.004-inch.

MSRP: $55 per 6/fletched

Contact: Carbon Express, 800-241-4833;


Hoyt Custom Fletching

The custom Hoyt QuikFletch vane Vane , John Robert 1927-2004.

British pharmacologist. He shared a 1982 Nobel Prize for research on prostaglandins.


the membranous or main part of the contour feather in birds as distinct from the shaft.
 system makes fletching a new set of arrows to shoot from your Hoyt bow easier, cleaner and faster. They allow you to fletch a dozen arrows in less than five minutes, using only a pot of boiling water. Just slip the shrink tubes over the shaft end, hold in place and dip in hot water to securely snug into place. A custom, Hoyt-branded red and black crest featuring the Hoyt logo and whitetail skulls, plus three white Hoyt branded NAP Twister Vanes, help make your arrows more visible after release, giving you more positive arrow tracking.

MSRP: $20 per 6

Contact: Hoyt, 801-363-2990;


Fade to Black

The RedHead Blackout 100-grain fixed-blade broadhead from Bass Pro features a sleek, technically advanced design with the convenience of replaceable blades. The Blackout's precision ferrule is all stainless steel, configured using patented MonoFlow technology to ensure superior 'strength and flight performance. The super sharp, German steel blades are .030-inch thick and lopsecurely locked into the ferrule to withstand even harsh impacts. A cut-on-contact tip aids in deep penetration, while a 1 V6-inch cutting diameter provides an. ample blood trail.

NISRP: $29.99 per 3

Contact: Bass Pro Shops, 800-227-7776;



Slimmer & Cheaper

Easton's all-new Aftermath arrows are designed to give bowhunters the benefits of high-strength, small-diameter carbon at an affordable price. The Aftermath's reduced-diameter, multi-layer carbon reduces wind drift and increases penetration, while precision Hnocks ensure a consistent interface with the bowstring. Meanwhile, an ultra-smooth finish ensures a quiet draw across the arrow rest and easier extraction from foam targets. The Aftermath is available in 500 (7.3 gpi), 400 (8.8 gpi), 340 (9.5 gpi) and 300 (10.2 gpi) deflections.

MSRP: $44.99 per 6/with Blazer vanes

Contact: Easton Technical Products, 801539-1400;

A Crushing Design

Barnett's 100-grain Gamecrusher provides a straight-flying, accurate mechanical broadhead to pair with your fastest vertical or horizontal bow. The blades provide a near fieldpoint profile in flight, opening to 1 1/2 inches on impact to produce devastating wound channels and bigger blood trails. The aircraft aluminum ferrule holds three scary-sharp Diamize stainless steel blades to inflict maximum hemorrhaging, the faceted Trophy ' Tip crushing through bone to clear the path for deeper penetration. Blades are held tight to the ferrule during flight by a unique rear 0-ring retention design. Should any of the three blades open beyond about 20 degrees, the 0-ring is cut to release all of the Gamecrusher's cutting edges, reducing the chance of deflection on angled hits and maximizing penetration and entrance-hole damage.

MSRP: $40 per 3

Contact: Barnett Crossbows, 727-234-4999;


Shockingly Reliable

The new Legacy Shock Collars from Rage Broad-heads are designed to be used in conjunction with the 0-ring of the original design to ensure blades stay put before the shot. The new Shock Collars slip over the back of the ferrule and over the 0-ring for an additional level of blade-retention security. They're specifically designed for bow-hunters who stalk stalk (stawk) an elongated anatomical structure resembling the stem of a plant.

allantoic stalk
 their game or move a lot while on stand with an arrow nocked. Based on the proven blade-retention design of the newly introduced Rage Xtreme, Legacy Shock Collars help prevent premature deployment of original Rage designs during accidental contact with branches, twigs or weeds. They include breakaway petals to work along with the original 0-ring, securing blades until impact with game. The new Shock Collars are compatible with any 2- or 3-blade Rage Broadhead with 0-ring design.

MSRP: $8 per pack of 15

Contact: Rage Outdoors, 888-779-0092;



Nuke 'Em!

The spanking-new Slick Trick Nuke mechanical broadhead is a revolutionary, patented design offering fieldpoint flight from the fastest bows and a 1.8-inch cutting diameter for nasty entrance and exit holes. The 1.3-inch, in-flight blade position makes it impossible to create an entrance cut less than 1.3 inches wide, though the EZ Open Blade design also makes it impossible for the head to fail to expand to full diameter. Should you bump the blades while stalking or removing from a quiver, however, they immedi- ately spring back into flight position. Set back blades eliminate "kick-outs" on angled hits, the cutting tip and spooky-sharp blades assuring pass-through devastation.

MSRP: $40 per 3

Contact: Slick Trick, 870-934-0131;


Wider Swhack

Swhacker has introduced a new member to its family of unique mechanical broadheads. This new, 100-grain Swhacker includes a 2-inch cutting diameter to produce wider blood trails for easier tracking. The Swhacker's unique blade design provides two separate cutting edges; the exposed wing blades cutting a 1-inch hole through hair and hide, the main blade opening to maximum cutting diameter inside the animal to expose fresh cutting edges with razor sharpness. The design also means angled hits are no problem, the high-carbon steel tip and aircraft-aluminum ferrule piercing hide before the .032-inch thick, ultra-sharp blades make contact. Both

2(1/4)-inch cutting diameter 125-grain and 1(3/4)-inch cutting diameter 100-grain versions are also offered.


MSRP: $40 per 3

Contact: Swhacker, 866-671-3827;

It Slices and Dices

Innerloc's tunable B.A.T. (Blade Alignment Technology) broadheads allow you to align your broadhead blades to your fletchings and index them identically from arrow to arrow for more consistent arrow flight. The exclusive broadhead tuning system tuning system
n. Music
An ordered collection of intervals that can be precisely expressed by rational numbers.
 makes quick work of producing matched sets of carbon if arrows, helping to tighten broadhead groups from today's fastest compound bows. They also include In-nerloc's Center Locking System to keep blades locked tight in the ferrule even after the most punishing hits. The Endure Edge blade-honing process keeps cutting edges sharp all the way through the wound channel for increased hemorrhaging. New for 2013, the Deep Slice offers all of these features in a Deep Six ferrule design compatible with Easton's lnjexion arrow shafts.


MSRP: $40 per 3

Contact: Sullivan Industries, 706-782-5863;

Bone-Chiseling Edges

Expanding on the success of the nail-tough Phathead series--cut-on-contact broad-heads owning the thickest primary blades in the business--the new, solid-blade, Single-Bevel series offers "spiral" wound channels and bone-cracking leverage. These two-blade, cut-on-contact heads offer ultimate penetration potential, with no-curl Tanto Tanto may refer to several things. Please see:
  • Tantō - A Japanese weapon
  • Tanto, Stockholm - A district of Stockholm, Sweden.
See also: Tonto.
 tips and left-or right-wing single-bevel edges (match to fletching orientation) to split bone on impact. They're available in new 125-grain 3:1 ratio and 145-grain Phathead, in addition to earlier 190-, 225- and 300-grain versions, mixing and matching aluminum or steel ferrules and steel or titanium blades to create finished weights for compound or traditional bowhunting needs. They include .050- (125-grain) and .080-inch thick blades to withstand rough treatment, and a patented blade-locking system that makes failure impossible.


MSRP: $33-$52 per 3

Contact: Vision Quest vision quest

supernatural experience in which an individual interacts with a guardian spirit to obtain advice or protection. Of particular importance to indigenous North and South American peoples, these rituals varied from tribe to tribe.
, 570-448-2845;

Pretty in Pink

Catering to the growing cadre of female bowhunt-ers (500,000 last year, according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 the Sporting Goods Noun 1. sporting goods - sports equipment sold as a commodity
commodity, trade good, good - articles of commerce

sports equipment - equipment needed to participate in a particular sport
 Manufacturing Association), Wasp Archery introduces the new Queen broadhead. The Queen weighs 75 grains to balance lighter, shorter arrows shot from bows with draw weights less than 55 pounds. The head includes a 1-inch cutting diameter, cutting Stainless Smart Tip (SST SST: see airplane. ) and three razor-sharp stainless blades to assure deep penetration and reliability. The aerodynamic, stainless steel ferrule is anodized bright pink to set it apart as a woman's accessory. Each three-pack also includes two sets of replacement blades.


MSRP: $34 per 3

Contact: Wasp Archery, 717-979-7645;

Laser-Beam Accuracy

Clean-Shot Archery's Spot-On Laser Hogzilla Killa' Broadhead is designed specifically to bow-hunt hogs in low-light or nocturnal nocturnal /noc·tur·nal/ (nok-tur´n'l) pertaining to, occurring at, or active at night.

1. Of, relating to, or occurring in the night.

 conditions. The internal laser, elevation adjustable to act as a sighting device, only activates at full draw using a simple, bow-mounted magnet, and the battery will last for 400 shots. All you have to do is place the laser where you want to hit and release. The .25-Inch Hollow Point Tip bores a channel through hide to start penetration off right, and the 3-blade, 1(1/4)-inch-wide cutting diameter ensures wide blood trails. Each package contains a weight-adjustable point used to create a 125-150-grain broadhead.


MSRP: $50 each

Contact: Clean-Shot Archery, 800-242-9023;

Expanded Devastation

Ramcat 100- and 125-grain broadheads include a one-piece, stainless steel ferrule with Hydro-shock Self-Centering Chisel Tip. This year, the broadheads have been made stronger and sharper, and ferrules are now equipped with Fi-renock Aero Insert Technology for better alignment. They've also added 100- and 125-grain versions for Easton's Deep Six insert system. All 100-grain heads include 1(3/8)-inch cut, while 125-grain versions boast a 1(1/2)-inch cut, providing field-point accuracy and deep penetration via .032-inch thick, offset blades that pivot forward and cut from the rear in the event a pass-though doesn't occur and the head is pulled backwards.


MSRP: $39 per 3

Contact: Ramcat Broadheads, 412-519-5352;

Phater & Wider

Steel Force's Phathead cut-on-contact mini broadheads have proven a big hit with bowhunt-ers due to accurate flight from the fastest bows combined with uncompromising ruggedness on the most formidable targets. And while plenty of game has fallen to the original 1(1/8)-inch cutting diameter Phat-head, many bowhunt-ers wanted more cutting action. The new Phathead HP (High Profile) gives you a wider, 1(3/16)-inch cutting diameter and serrated trailing edges to spill more blood. They're offered in 100- and 125-grain models, with aircraft aluminum ferrules, patented blade-retention system and .08-inch thick blades--still the phattest in the business.


MSRP: $36 per 3

Contact: Vision Quest, 570-448-2845;

Snare Some Success

Snaro bird points have been around since 1960, a blunt tip with cloverleaf wire loops used to shoot upland birds and waterfowl waterfowl, common term for members of the order Anseriformes, wild, aquatic, typically freshwater birds including ducks, geese, and screamers. In Great Britain the term is also used to designate species kept for ornamental purposes on private lakes or ponds, while in  on the wing with bow and arrow bow and arrow, weapon consisting of two parts; the bow is made of a strip of flexible material, such as wood, with a cord linking the two ends of the strip to form a tension from which is propelled the arrow; the arrow is a straight shaft with a sharp point on one , the wide-reaching loops increasing your odds of a hit. The new-and-improved 2013 Snaro Spearo includes an additional 4-inch long, razor sharp, small-game-sized broad-head at its center (plus original wire loops), designed to penetrate the body of larger fowl such as geese and ducks with no fear of targets flying away with an arrow. Offered in 230-grain, 3-inch, and 300-grain, 6-inch, versions.


MSRP: $14 each

Contact: Snaro, 763-213-6811;

Vanes, Right Now

When you need to fletch arrows in a hurry but also demand precise alignment and unsurpassed accuracy, Blood Vanes are your answer. The flexible, one-piece design provides a quick fletching option without sacrificing durability or accuracy. Just slide the one-piece unit over the arrow, '1. '1, position as desired and place a drop of glue in each external glue port. You're now ready to shoot. The flexible design is super tough and available in two sizes, for standard-diameter carbons and Easton Axis-diameter shafts. There are also several color options.


MSRP: $25 per 6

Contact: Outer Limit Archery, 812-598-8597;

NuNocks, NuLight

NuFletch Archery, makers of the first modular fletching system allowing replacement of one to three vanes in seconds, now manufactures an in-house nock line for its Spectrum line of products. The new necks can be shot with or without the NuFletch Lighted Nock option, the nock design allowing instant insertion of the light into the NuFletch nock. When used with the lighted option, the Lighted Nock will activate automatically on release of the bowstring. NuFletch lighted nocks are currently available for Spectrum Standard (for standard-diameter arrows), Spectrum Light (for slim-line arrows) and Spectrum X (for crossbow bolts).


MSRP: $22 per 3

Contact: NuFletch Archery, 877-353-8244;

Bent for Bowfishing

Clean-Shot Archery's revolutionary Spot-On Laser Bowfish Assassin features an internal laser that automatically activates at full draw using a bow-mounted magnet. The laser makes bowfish-ing aiming easier, because the adjustable-for-impact laser light bends in the water just like daylight to provide spot-on aiming at any reasonable water depth. No more aiming low to beat Snell's Law of Refraction refraction, in physics, deflection of a wave on passing obliquely from one transparent medium into a second medium in which its speed is different, as the passage of a light ray from air into glass. , making bowfishing easier for every shooter. It's especially useful for beginning bowfishermen, and for bowfishing guides to help teach clients where to aim on submerged targets.


MSRP: $50 each

Contact: Clean-Shot Archery, 800-242-9023;

Lighter & Lighted

All-new LaunchPad lighted nooks from Carbon Express offer an optimal combination of low weight, lighting brightness and long battery life, all served with zero to minimal sacrifice of arrow F.O.C. balance. A unique alignment system and precision manufacturing assure topnotch accuracy, while the LaunchPad's minimal weight maintains standard-nock trajectory. LaunchPad fits all Carbon Express carbon hunting arrows and most other standard-sized arrows with internal shaft diameter of .243.245-inch. The contained design lights automatically on release, needing no magnet for activation.


MSRP: S20 per 2 or $36 per 3

Contact: Carbon Express, 800-241-4833;

Tough and Dependable

The Bloodsport HT2 lightweight carbon hunting arrows from Muddy Outdoors have everything you need to get the job done in the field. At an uncut length of 31 inches, you'll first have the ability to get your arrows cut specifically to suit your specifications. Features include a 19/64-inch diameter and straightnesses of +/-.001-, .003- or .006-inch, while spines are available in 300 (9.1 gpi), 350 (7.9 gpi), 400 (7.4 gpi) and 500 (6.5 gpi). Bloodsport HT2 arrows come with white Bohning B-Nocks and inserts. The full package is a dependable arrow for both hunting and 3-D shooting.


MSRP: Roughly $90 per dozen (varies by model)

Contact: Muddy Outdoors, 877-366-8339;


Titanium Injection

A new face in archery, Titus Innovations introduces the new titanium insert for micro-diameter carbon hunting arrows such as Victory's VAP or Easton's lnjexion. These 48-grain inserts offer strength rivaling that of steel but weighing only a few grains more than aluminum inserts of the same dimensions. This is a great option for bow-hunters looking for the strongest, most precise option possible for their micro-diameter hunting shafts and standard-thread broadheads (8x32 thread) while taking on the largest, toughest big game around.

MSRP: $19.95 each

Contact: Titus Innovations, 619-944-1133;

Get Under Their Skin

The all-new Rage Hypodermic hypodermic /hy·po·der·mic/ (-der´mik) applied or administered beneath the skin.

1. Of or relating to the layer just beneath the epidermis.

 series of two-blade broalheads features the company's signature SlipCam rear-deploying blades in tandem Adv. 1. in tandem - one behind the other; "ride tandem on a bicycle built for two"; "riding horses down the path in tandem"
 with a new, one-piece, machined stainless steel ferrule for superior accuracy at even longer ranges. Hypodermic broadheads have a 2-inch cutting diameter and also feature Rage's new, patent-pending shock collar A shock collar is an electronic training aid developed to deliver an electrical signal through contact points attached to a dog collar. While similar systems are available for other animals, the most common and most controversial are the collars designed for domestic dogs.  for super secure blade retention both before the shot and during flight. Hypodermic heads are available in 100 grains only, for both standard inserts and Easton's new Deep Six insert system.


MSRP: $49.99 per 3

Contact: Rage Outdoors, 715-395-2860;

Precision Arrow Mating

Aerolnserts from Firenock are precision internal-fit inserts made from 7075-T5 aluminum. Aero-Insert-AS inserts are for standard-diameter arrows with .244-.246-inch internal diameter specs. These lightweight inserts weigh only 10.5 grains, but are weight adaptable to increase F.O.C. or finished arrow weight. Unlike standard inserts, which use gaps in the sides to shave weight, Aerolnserts eliminate these gaps to minimize glue usage and more closely maintain even weight. The AeroOut-sert is also made from high-quality forged 7075-T5 aluminum, made to fit today's ultra-slim .166-inch shafts, such as the Victory VAP and Easton Injexion. Each 33-grain AeroOutsert accommodates standard broadhead threads and an outside collar offering precision centering as well as patented Blood Channels resulting in easier arrow extraction.


MSRP: $20-$26 per 12

Contact: Firenock, 815-780-1695;

Index & Balance

Webb Products A-Sert inserts make indexing broadheads for identical orientation a snap. A-Sert's patented rotational adjustment feature and precision machining assure repeatable impact from even larger fixed-blade broadheads. A-Serts are installed by plugging broad-heads into the arrow and indexing to desired position, using an adjusting tool to access the A-Sert from the nock end of the arrow and tightening to lock into place. A-Serts also include a weight system to increase F.O.C. by interchanging various nut portions of the insert (25, 50, 75 01 100 grains).


MSRP: $45 per 12 (arrow) or $41 per 3 (crossbow)

Contact: Webb Products, 260-402-8745;

Nocking Unlimited

Precision Designed Products' new Nock Inserts give you a more precise and lightweight way to mate your nock of choice to any hunting arrow. Nock Inserts allow you to create any arrow and nook combination VOL VOL Volume
VOL Volunteer
VOL Volcano
VOL Volvo (stock symbol)
VOL Verdingungsordnung für Leistungen (German)
VOL Volatile Organic Liquid
Vol Volscan (linguistics) 
! wish, whether inserting smaller "target-sized" flocks into larger diameter arrows, replacing a company's proprietary nock with one you prefer or combining old-style, glue-on nocks with modern carbon. They're sized to precisely fit inside diameters of any arrow brand and model, chosen to accommodate any sized nock from Easton Super/Bohning Signature to Easton X/ Bohning A to Easton G/Bohning F. A Full-Tapered Cone model allows using traditional glue-on flocks with standard carbon shafts, or the rear cone can be cut off on provided hash marks
For other meanings, see Hash#Hash mark.
In Ice hockey, the hash marks are two pairs of parallel lines on either sides of the face-off circles in both ends of the rink.
 using an arrow saw to create plug-in nock bushings as desired.


MSRP: S6.50 per 12

Contact: Precision Designed Products, 620331-0333;

Bones Beware

The all-new Muzzy muz·zy  
adj. muz·zi·er, muz·zi·est
1. Mentally confused; muddled.

2. Blurred; indistinct.

[Origin unknown.
 Trocar trocar /tro·car/ (tro´kahr) a sharp-pointed instrument equipped with a cannula, used to puncture the wall of a body cavity and withdraw fluid.

 HX broadhead takes the company's legendary "Bad to the Bone" performance to the next level for 2013. The head features the company's trademark, bone-shattering trocar tip incorporated into a solid steel ferrule. Then Muzzy added three, .035-inch steel blades with a right helix orientation for better arrow stabilization, particularly on long-range shots. The result is a terrific combination of accuracy and lethality. The Muzzy Trocar HX features a 1(3/16)-inch cutting diameter and is available in 100 grains only for both standard arrow inserts and Easton's Deep Six system. A Trocar HX Crossbow version also is 3 available.


MSRP: $29.95 per 3

Contact: Muzzy Outdoors, 770-387-9300;

Indulge Your Impulse

The newest addition to Bohning's vane line, Impulse is the resuit of exhaustive research into aerodynamic and materials engineering. Impulse is a super low-profile, lightweight and durable vane designed for Olympic recurve re·curve  
tr. & intr.v. re·curved, re·curv·ing, re·curves
To curve (something) backward or downward or become curved backward or downward.
 shooters but compatible with compounds as well. The low profile provides 14 percent less chance of hitting the arrow rest than with standard Mylar vanes and, in the event of contact, significantly less shaft deflection is experienced. The composite material composite material or composite, any material made from at least two discrete substances, such as concrete. Many materials are produced as composites, such as the fiberglass-reinforced plastics used for automobile bodies and boat hulls, but the  maintains stiffness while proving 50 percent lighter than Bohning's standard material. The vane is especially effective in high winds and unstable conditions.


MSRP: $15 per 40, $29 per 100

Contact: Bohning Archery, 231-229-4247;

Mass Exodus

Quality Archery Designs' Exodus broadheads proved a big hit with bowhunters for producing big wound channels and providing un-cornpromising strength and straight flight. Until this year, they were offered only in 85- and 100-grain models. New for 2013, a 125-grain version is being offered, designed specifically for crossbows, but suitable to any bowhunter looking for an F.O.C. boost. The fixed-blade head includes all-stainless-steel construction, unique blade-locking system with 040-inch thick blades, 1(1/4)-inch cutting diameter, cutting tip and compact, straight-flying dimensions. BOS Technology (in Full and Swept Blades) means blades sweep back over the arrow shaft to make the head even more compact and streamlined. They have been designed to fit crossbow bolts and include scary-sharp cutting edges.


MSRP: $40 per 3

Contact Quality Archery Designs, 434-8465839;


True Camo, Naturally

Trueflight Feathers is now producing its own Camo-Pattern feathers in a full range of sizes, shapes (shield and parabolic par·a·bol·ic   also par·a·bol·i·cal
1. Of or similar to a parable.

2. Of or having the form of a parabola or paraboloid.
, for instance) and color combinations. All together there are now more than 11900 choices from Truef light Feathers, from the smallest target feathers to the largest traditional or full-cut "flu-flu" fletchings. Camo Feathers add great eye appeal while disguising them from the sharp eyes of the game you bowhunt. Camo Feathers come in classic subdued color schemes or you can choose from eye-grabbing "Brights," such as the company's Barred Brights but with this new camouflage design.

MSRP: Not Available

Contact: Truelight Feathers, 715-543-8451;

Pod Of Protection

LimbSaver FletchPods and Broad-headPods are designed to snap over fletchings and broad-heads, protecting while traveling or in storage. The FletchPod accommodates arrow/fletching sizes from .25-.35-inch diameter shafts; up to .55-inch fletch height and 4.2-inch length. The Broad-headPod is designed for most 3-blade heads with cutting diameter up to 1.35-inch, acting as a broadhead wrench, and protecting you from sharp edges and blades from dulling during transport.


MSRP: $10 per 6 (FletchingPod), $5 per 3 (BroadheadPod)

Contact: Sims Vibration Laboratories, 360427-6031;
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