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Arrested terrorist reveals Jamiatul Muntazir next target.

LAHORE, July 11 -- One of the terrorists arrested by police last week disclosed that the Jamiatul Muntazir in Model Town is one of his group's main targets. He further revealed that the leaders of his group had finalised to attack the place during an expected visit of Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

Sources said law enforcement agencies had arrested a group of terrorists last week. The sources said that during interrogation interrogation

In criminal law, process of formally and systematically questioning a suspect in order to elicit incriminating responses. The process is largely outside the governance of law, though in the U.S.
, one of the terrorists had revealed during interrogation about their future plans and expected targets.

Following the information, the Police Department increased special surveillance in Model Town and also beefed up security arrangements. The sources added that senior police officials immediately issued directions to beef up security arrangements, besides round-the-clock patrolling of the entire area.

Security: Security officials have also deployed more than 250 plainclothesmen of Lahore and Punjab Police The Punjab police is responsible for policing in Punjab.

WWE Wrestler The Great Khali is a former Punjabi policeman History
After the British annexed Punjab in 1849, the Punjab police was created as a separate unit after 1861.
 Special Branch across the city.

However, Ayaz Saleem, the Model Town superintendent of police, told Daily Times, "In the current scenario, threats through anonymous callers have become a routine." Avoiding a question about a threat to the Jamiatul Muntazir, the SP said he is following the directions issued by his seniors and has beefed up security arrangements in his precincts.

Hit list: Meanwhile, intelligence sources revealed that Data Darbar is once again on the terrorists' hit list. Sources said following the information, the police has taken appropriate security measures Noun 1. security measures - measures taken as a precaution against theft or espionage or sabotage etc.; "military security has been stepped up since the recent uprising"
 to avoid any unpleasant incident. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP (1) (Digital Signal Processor) A special-purpose CPU used for digital signal processing applications (see definition #2 below). It provides ultra-fast instruction sequences, such as shift and add, and multiply and add, which are commonly used in math-intensive ) Khalid Mehmood told Daily Times, "Following special directions by the high-ups, more than 20 specially-trained personnel have been deployed at the Data Darbar complex as well as in adjacent streets."

The DSP added that he has also forwarded a proposal to increase the height of the outer walls of the complex as well as installation of additional security cameras to monitor activities inside and outside the complex.

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Publication:Daily Times (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 11, 2010
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