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Arkansas Bigfoot legend is topic of administrator's new e-book.

EL DORADO, Ark, (AP) -- Folklore or real creature, the mysterious South Arkansas Fouke monster seems to emerge from time to time in various forms. Now the legendary Bigfoot has made its way into a new e-book by South Arkansas Community College's vice president for academic affairs.

Daniel G Ford, who also teaches at Cossatot Community College, published "Littlefoot-Bigfoot."

The story is set in the backwoods of southern Arkansas, partly based on the Bigfoot legend. Ford, an El Dorado native, said the book idea came when he considered what the origins of Bigfoot might have been if it were true.

"I came up with the idea that it might have been a genetic experiment out in New Mexico and somehow the host got away and ended up in Arkansas," he said. "And I went from there."

The book also brings in little creatures from the Smackover bottoms, another local legend.

Not a believer in either legend, Ford said, "If you pick a plot that's totally unbelievable and then you treat it as if it's absolute verifiable fact, it's an irony that's appealing to me--trying to make the believable as a part of the unbelievable."

In "Littlefoot-Bigfoot," a voodoo woman and her grandson living in the Smackover bottoms control the remnant clans of monkeys brought in by a circus years earlier. The two provide "some good backwoods humor" that Ford describes as "a little Erskine Caldwell one better."

He said the book is a spoof of both local legends and some true believers might take offense. But readers who enjoy the bizarre or those interested in backwoods legends and the mystery of the wilderness might find the book an enjoyable read.

"And if you like droll humor and quirkiness, unexpected plot twists and turns," then Ford recommends the book.

Ford has published two other works: "In the Province of Babylon," a book of poetry, and "Heir and Prototype," a collection of essays on the criticisms of William Faulkner.
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Date:Dec 4, 2006
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