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Applied Materials Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio for C4F6 Etch Process Applications.

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SANTA CLARA Santa Clara, city, Cuba
Santa Clara (sän`tä klä`rä), city (1994 est. pop. 217,000), capital of Villa Clara prov., central Cuba.
, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 15, 2002

Process Chemistry Patented for Critical Dielectric Etch Applications;

Outstanding Results Demonstrated at UMC UMC United Methodist Church
UMC United Microelectronics Corporation
UMC University Medical Center
UMC United Microelectronics Corp (Republic of China)
UMC University of Missouri-Columbia

Applied Materials Applied Materials, Inc. NASDAQ: AMAT (HKSE: 4336 ) is the global leader in nanomanufacturing technology solutions with a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, service and software products for the fabrication of semiconductor chips, flat panel solar displays, solar , Inc. today announced two newly granted U.S. Patents No. 6,326,307 and No. 6,362,109, the company's third and fourth patents covering the use of hexafluorobutadiene (C4F C4F Concepts for Future 6) gas chemistry for critical dielectric etch applications. A high-performance etch process chemistry, C4F6 used in an Applied Materials etch system, enables the industry's move to the 100nm chip generation and beyond. Applied Materials' pioneering work with C4F6 has resulted so far in four patents issued, three additional patents allowed and about to issue, with more than 10 patents pending.

"These newest patents further the scope of our unique position to offer customers significantly improved techniques for critical dielectric etching using C4F6 process chemistry," said Dr. Diana Ma, vice president and general manager of Applied Materials Dielectric Etch Division. "Selecting the most appropriate etch process chemistry is the first step to addressing key etch issues for technologies to sub-100nm. Using this gas and our etch systems, customers can achieve higher selectivity and a wider process window while maintaining high etch rates for increased productivity."

The production benefits of using C4F6 gas for critical dielectric etching are verified by a leading chip foundry, United Microelectronics Company (UMC) of Hsinchu, Taiwan. "We have been using Applied Materials' C4F6 chemistry and eMAX(TM) etcher in production and are very pleased to see robust etch performance with low defectivity. We attribute the higher selectivity to photoresist and improved profile and CD control results largely to this advanced chemistry," said Dr. Tsu An Lin, etch module manager at UMC.

Applied Materials' C4F6 patents cover the use of the process gas for etching oxide films to provide improved process performance and increased process robustness and productivity. The C4F6 gas delivers high selectivity to photoresists and precise profile and critical dimension (CD) control for critical etch applications that include dual damascene, high aspect ratio and self-aligned contact etching. These capabilities are essential in etching the extreme feature sizes of sub-100nm devices and enable the use of low k dielectric films and 193nm photoresists. In addition to improving etch process performance, C4F6 gas features low global warming global warming, the gradual increase of the temperature of the earth's lower atmosphere as a result of the increase in greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution.  emissions and ozone depletion potential The ozone depletion potential (ODP) of a chemical compound is the relative amount of degradation to the ozone layer it can cause, with trichlorofluoromethane (R-11) being fixed at an ODP of 1.0. Chlorodifluoromethane (R-22), for example, has an ODP of 0.05. .

Applied Materials, Inc. is a Fortune 500 global growth company and the world's largest supplier of wafer fabrication Wafer Fabrication is a procedure composed of many repeated sequential processes to produce complete electrical or photonic circuits. Examples include production of radio frequency (RF) amplifiers, LEDs, optical computer components, and CPUs for computers.  systems and services to the global semiconductor industry. Applied Materials is traded on the Nasdaq National Market System under the symbol "AMAT AMAT Applied Materials (stock symbol)
AMAT Average Memory Access Time
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." Applied Materials' web site is
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 15, 2002
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