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Applied Food Technology's scope and experience.

Flexibility and experience are the keys the success of Applied Food Technology in the food processing an packaging industries. Drawing upon more than twenty years experience and a wide knowledge of the food industry, the company not only supplies a range of standard equipment but also designs, builds and installs one-off machines, production lines or plant, each tailor-made to suit the individual customer.

A recent example of the company's ingenuity in the field is a complete line for the production of French bread pizzas. This was designed and built to order for Tryton Foods of Hull.

AFT has supplied all the major food groups in the UK and is currently targeting mainland Europe. Equipment produced ranges from standard components to whole production lines, which often find application in today's fast food and convenience food industries. The current range includes depositors, vegetable/fruit slicers, cake cutters, French bread cutters, buttering machines, pizza base loaders, cheese cubers/accumulators and handling systems, plus complete sandwich, cake and gateaux lines.

The company has a staff of 22, whose skills cover the full range of design and fabrication techniques needed to supply customers with the equipment they need. As well as manufacturing facilities, the 13,500sq ft premises also contains inhouse design and drawing office facilities, so that each project can be handled from concept through manufacture to installation and commissioning.

For Tryton Foods, AFT was asked to devise machinery specifically for the quantity production of French bread pizzas under efficient and hygienic conditions. As with many production lines made by AFT, it combines several standard components with specially designed and manufactured components. This line consists of a French bread cutter and slicer, buttering machine, tomato sauce deposit system, cheese and herb deposit systems, and a station for the hand depositing of garnishes, such as harm and peppers.

Whole French bread is fed into a hopper by the operator at one end of the line and the complete pizza emerges at the other, ready for freezing, packing and distribution. The first process is cutting the bread into two by a continuously running, food quality saw blade. The halves are then cut into four pieces, by a second blade set at ninety degrees to the first, to form the pizza bases.

The bases pass through an automatic buttering machine, where a specific weight of butter is spread on top, and then through the tomato sauce deposit system, which fed by two pressurised tanks, only one of which is in use at a time. Each depositing head can be controlled to deliver the required weight of sauce.

From the deposit station, pizza bases are transferred on to a Polycord conveyor where shredded cheese is 'rainfall' deposited from a hopper along the line. After hand garnishing, the pizza bases pass under an automatic dried herb dispenser and water spray. Finished pizzas are then taken off the end of the line ready for the next operation.

A high standard of hygiene is, of course, vital in any food handling process and one of this systems' features is continuous washing of the belt on the sauce deposit conveyor to ensure absolute cleanliness. The Tryton line is capable of an output of between 100-120 French bread pizzas per minute.

Among the range of stand alone components produced for the food industry by AFT are single-head and multi-head volumetric depositors, which can be used with all types of liquid and semi liquid food products. AFT's vegetable and fruit slicers are capable of accurately slicing tomatoes to 3/16in. at rates up to 100 per minute. The company also produces cutters designed to operate with cakes and gateaux.

The versatility of these components means they can be adapted for various applications and materials, to satisfy particular production demands. AFT can combine standard and specially fabricated components to form complete production lines for any food manufacturing and packaging process.

For more information on the full product range and custom design and production services offered, contact Paul Wise at the company's premises at Weman Road, Thame Industrial Estate, Thame, Oxfordshire, tel 084421 7303.
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Date:Mar 1, 1992
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