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Appendix A: autopsy and disposition of remains.


I, --, hereby nominate nom·i·nate  
tr.v. nom·i·nat·ed, nom·i·nat·ing, nom·i·nates
1. To propose by name as a candidate, especially for election.

2. To designate or appoint to an office, responsibility, or honor.
 -- to be my agent for purposes of directing an autopsy and controlling the disposition of my remains.

I understand that my agent will be able to authorize To empower another with the legal right to perform an action.

The Constitution authorizes Congress to regulate interstate commerce.

authorize v. to officially empower someone to act. (See: authority)
 an autopsy (an examination of my body after my death to determine the cause of my death) and to direct the disposition of my remains unless I limit that authority in this document. I also understand that my agent or any other person who directed the disposition of my remains must follow any instructions I have given in a written contact for funeral services funeral service nmisa de cuerpo presente

funeral service nservice m funèbre

funeral service funeral n
, my will or by some other method.

(Directions: If any of the statements below reflect your desires, sign next to that statement. If none of these statements reflect your desires and you want to limit the authority of your agent to consent to an autopsy and/or and/or  
Used to indicate that either or both of the items connected by it are involved.

Usage Note: And/or is widely used in legal and business writing.
 to dispose of To determine the fate of; to exercise the power of control over; to fix the condition, application, employment, etc. of; to direct or assign for a use.

See also: Dispose
 your remains, you should write your own statement. Under some circumstances CIRCUMSTANCES, evidence. The particulars which accompany a fact.
     2. The facts proved are either possible or impossible, ordinary and probable, or extraordinary and improbable, recent or ancient; they may have happened near us, or afar off; they are public or
, the law may require that autopsy be performed even if you have refused to authorize your agent to consent to one.)

( -- ) I hereby consent to an examination of my body after my
       death to determine the cause of my death.

( -- ) My agent may not authorize an autopsy.


( -- ) I prefer that my agent direct the disposition of my
       remains by the following method (check one):
       Burial -- Cremation --

( -- ) My agent may not direct the disposition of my remains
       and I would prefer that
       (name and address)
       direct the disposition of my remains.

( -- ) I have prescribed the way I want my remains disposed of
       in (check one):

       -- A written contract for funeral services with
       (name of mortuary/cemetery)
       -- My will
       [] Other: --


( -- ) I revoke any prior durable power of attorney for health
       care, designations made in regards to autopsy and/or
       disposition of my remains.

Executed this -- day of --, 20 --, at --

Signature of Principal

CERTIFICATE OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT acknowledgment, in law, formal declaration or admission by a person who executed an instrument (e.g., a will or a deed) that the instrument is his. The acknowledgment is made before a court, a notary public, or any other authorized person.  OF NOTARY PUBLIC A public official whose main powers include administering oaths and attesting to signatures, both important and effective ways to minimize Fraud in legal documents.  
State of -- )
         ) SS.
County of --)
On -- before me, --, personally
 (Date)       (Notary)
appeared --

Personally known to me - OR -   proved to me on the basis of
                                satisfactory evidence to be the
                                person(s) whose name(s) is/are
                                subscribed to the within instrument
                                and acknowledged to me that he/she/they
                                executed the same in his/her/their
                                authorized capacity(ies), and that by
                                his/her/their signature(s) on the
                                instrument the person(s), or the entity
                                upon behalf of which the person(s)
                                acted, executed the instrument.

                            WITNESS my hand and official seal.

                            Notary's Signature

IMPORTANT NOTE: This sample legal document is provided for informational purposes only and may or may not be valid in your state. This sample legal document also may not include the particular provisions you need. We strongly recommend you consult a competent Possessing the necessary reasoning abilities or legal qualifications; qualified; capable; sufficient.

A court is competent if it has been given jurisdiction, by statute or constitution, to hear particular types of lawsuits.
 family or estate planning Estate Planning

The overall planning of a person's wealth, including the preparation of a will and the planning of taxes after the individual's death.

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning involves much more than preparing a will, and it is not only for the
 attorney who is familiar with these issues. This sample document in no way constitutes, and should not be relied upon, as legal advice.
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Publication:Life Lines: Documents to Protect You and Your Family in Times of Trouble
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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