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AperServ Technologies Launches Complete Performance and SLA Management Service Suite for xSPs.

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VIENNA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 23, 2001

Three New Services: Automate Performance Monitoring; Enable

Customized Customer Reporting; Measure Other Outsourced Services

as New Revenue Source

AperServ Technologies Inc. ( today announced its flagship performance management service offering for xSPs -- Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Application Service Providers (ASPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) -- that offers maximum control of their performance, flexible customer reporting, robust service level agreement (SLA) features and a monetized service for measuring other outsourced services. AperServ's three new services are: Customer Performance Management System(TM) for pinpointing, prioritizing and resolving performance problems; Customer Access(TM) for providing detailed performance reports to customers; and Private Label TOM(TM) (Technology Outsourcer Management system) a revenue generating service that monitors the performance of customers' outsourced IT providers and their SLAs. In a separate release, AperServ also announced today its enterprise service offering.

"In order to beat the competition and retain valuable customers, xSPs need to have a clear viewpoint into their performance levels by customer, understand the financial impact of each problem, and have the ability to clearly communicate this knowledge to their customers," said Greg Keough. "We are delivering a completely automated and flexible set of services that pinpoints problems in real-time, enables service providers to prioritize their workload and is customizable to give xSPs 100 percent control over their performance."

AperServ's services are based on the company's Intelligent Agent Platform that continuously gathers network, application and system data from geographically dispersed locations to identify and pinpoint problems with complex e-business transactions, network latency, packet loss and downtime. These Web-based services require no hardware or software installation and maintenance by the xSP.

Customer Performance Management System -- CPMS

AperServ's CPMS provides a completely automated remote service for xSPs to manage performance and SLA compliance in order to improve customer satisfaction by eliminating performance degradation and downtime. CPMS reduces customer complaints and SLA credits by pinpointing problems in real-time so that service providers can solve problems before they effect their customers.

Key features include:

 -- Identifies specific problems by customer, location and
 financial impact per each customer's SLA enabling service
 providers to prioritize workloads.

 -- Sets alerts to instantly communicate relevant information
 to the appropriate people to facilitate a quick

 -- Leverages flexible incident/alert definition methodology
 to define problems/incidents on an "average" or "summary
 over time basis" for both networks (on the entire network
 or subset, client path or individual hop) and for
 web-based services (on transactions, pages and page

 -- Easily integrates with existing systems -- trouble ticket,
 billing, monitoring and customer service.

Customer Access

Enterprises are becoming more sophisticated in negotiating and managing their service level agreements (SLAs) and are demanding higher performance levels. Ensuring quality of service and proactively communicating performance to end-user customers, strengthens the provider-customer relationship for long-term customer retention.

Customer Access is a customizable reporting service that enables xSPs to provide their customer with performance reports via the Web. With Customer Access, xSPs can offer their customers a variety of reports such as total networks statistics, customer specific statistics and statistics on service type and optional SLA comparison reports depending upon the preference of the xSP Customer Access is designed to help xSPs to increase customer satisfaction and offer a competitive differentiating service.

Other features include:

 -- Enables customers to receive copies of alerts proactively
 under specific thresholds that the xSP sets.

 -- Offers private label or third-party report presentation.

 -- Provides low cost quick deployment delivered in a
 non-intrusive outsourced system.

Private Label TOM (Technology Outsourcer Management) System

Private Label TOM enables xSPs to offer their customers a new service to proactively manage the performance of their other IT outsourcers and SLAs. Enterprises use a variety of outsourcers -- caching, ad serving, colocation, data and content feeds -- to run their day-to-day business. Private Label TOM is a Web-based remote service that automates the entire SLA management process for these services -- from pinpointing problems, alerting the appropriate staff and tracking the resolution to automatically comparing performance to SLA thresholds in real-time and requesting credits when appropriate. Private Label TOM gives xSPs a new revenue opportunity, as well as the ability to increase customer satisfaction, offer competitive differentiation and reduce customer churn.

Other key features include:

 -- Pinpoints problems down to the network hop/router and Web
 page component level and attributes problems to outsourcer
 so problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

 -- Automatically alerts appropriate staff at the enterprise
 and outsourcer. Alerts can be set based on user
 preferences as well as SLA thresholds, and various degrees
 of escalation can be assigned.

 -- Opens and tracks "trouble tickets" through to resolution.

 -- Provides customizable technical and business reports that
 provide a full life-cycle view of network, application and
 system level performance from the end-user perspective.

 -- Does not require the xSP in install hardware or software.

"We see the opportunity for xSPs to generate revenue and increase loyalty by offering their customers a service for managing third-party IT outsourcers and their SLAs and are the first to come to market with a private-labeled solution," said Keough. "Now, not only can xSPs manage their own performance and offer reports on their SLA compliance to customers, but can facilitate their customers' management of all of their outsourced services to strengthen their relationships with their customers over the long-term."

Pricing and Availability

CPMS, Customer Access and Private Label TOM are available immediately. Pricing is based on licensing and implementation fees.

About AperServ Technologies Inc.

AperServ ( was founded in 2000 to help enterprises and service providers ensure higher revenues, optimal productivity, and quality user experiences by automatically managing the network, system, and application performance and proactively measuring Service Level Agreements. AperServ's founders Greg and Tim Keough previously founded, the leading financial services and ASP technology platform for financial institutions in Latin America and raised over $42 million from leading institutional investors. Prior to that, they co-founded Virtual Loan Corporation (VLC), an online loan platform for Fortune 500 financial institutions. AperServ is privately held and headquartered in Vienna, Va. Investors include Walker Ventures, Lycos Ventures and private investor Ed Horowitz.
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Date:Jul 23, 2001
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