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Anooraq Drilling Intersects Significant Platinum/Palladium/Rhodium.

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 17, 2000

Robert G. Hunter, Chairman of Anooraq Resources Corporation (CDNX-ARQ) is pleased to announce that drilling at the Platreef property in South Africa is successfully outlining platinum-palladium-rhodium and gold (PGM) within the Platreef horizon of the northeastern limb of the Bushveld Intrusive Complex. The Bushveld Complex produces 70% of the world's platinum and 25% of the world's palladium. Anooraq is planning to accelerate its exploration work to more rapidly develop the property and acquire its ownership interest.

Anooraq has a two-stage right to purchase up to 100% of Plateau Resources (Pty.) Ltd., a South African subsidiary of Pinnacle Resources Inc. of Denver. Plateau holds the Platreef property located immediately to the north of Anglo American's Potgietersrust Platinums (PPRust) property, the most profitable PGM mine in the world. The Platreef property covers 74 square kilometres of ground extending 10 kilometres north along strike from PPRust and offers considerable potential for systematic drilling to identify large scale PGM resources. Mining infrastructure, power and access are excellent.

Assay results have been received for core holes 1 through 8 and 13. All holes intersected significant PGM mineralization. Results are shown on the attached Table of Assay Results with the location of completed holes shown on the attached Drill Hole Location Map (see website: Intersections include: 3.38 g/t over 3.0 metres and 2.09 g/t over 13.0 metres including 3.60 g/t over 5.0 metres in hole 3; 1.94 g/t over 9.0 metres including 2.80 g/t over 3.0 metres in hole 6; 2.74 g/t over 10.0 metres in hole 7; 2.59 g/t over 13.0 metres including 3.31 g/t over 7.0 metres in hole 8; and 3.87 g/t over 8.0 metres including 4.52 g/t over 6.0 metres in hole 13. Holes 9 through 12 and 14 through 23 have been cored and are currently being assayed.

Drilling started at the Platreef property on February 1, 2000 and is ongoing. Initial drilling is expanding the area of Plateau's successful 1998 drill results in the southern portion of the Drenthe Farm. Strike extension drilling north towards the Witrivier Farm is also underway.

The Platreef forms the base of the Bushveld Complex trending through the PPRust and Platreef properties and is equivalent to the highly productive Merensky Reef in the western portion of the Bushveld Complex. Mineralization at Platreef contains a greater proportion of higher-value palladium relative to platinum. The Platreef horizon dips moderately to the west, affording targets for both open pit-mineable PGM resources and their underground-mineable down-dip extensions.

PGM are enjoying buoyant market conditions with prices near all-time highs due to strong global demand and uncertain supply. They have a dual role for jewellery and investment, as well as being industrial minerals consumed in essential and growing high-tech applications in autocatalysts, computers and wireless communications.

Mark Rebagliati, P.Eng., International Exploration Manager and Consultant to Anooraq, is supervising a rigorous quality assurance program for the Platreef drilling. From NQ (1.9 inch) diameter core, one-half sawn core samples are being collected over geologically defined and logged intervals by Anooraq geologists at a secure core logging facility. All samples, including standards and duplicates, are shipped to Set Point Laboratories in Johannesburg, South Africa. Set Point Laboratories is owned by Set Point Technology Holdings, one of South Africa's leading scientific and industrial technology groups. Set Point prepares the samples for platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold analysis by 50 gram fire assay fusion with lead as a collector followed by an inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) finish. Platinum group elements and gold analyses are reported in parts per billion. In addition, the samples are analysed for nickel, copper and cobalt by ICP. Base metal results are reported in parts per million. Duplicate samples are being analysed for platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold at Set Point Laboratories and also at SGS South Africa (Pty) Ltd. in Springs, South Africa.

For further details on Anooraq Resources Corporation and the Platreef properties or for a copy of the Drill Hole Location Map included with this release, please visit our website at or contact Investor Services at (604) 684-6365, or within North America, at 1-800-667-2114.

On Behalf of the Board


Robert G. Hunter Chairman

No regulatory authority has approved or disapproved the information contained in this news release.

Table of Assay Results

Anooraq Resource Corporation

Platreef Project

Drill Holes From To Intercept PGM(1) Base Metals(2)
 (metres) (metres) (metres) g/tonne %

1 147.70 155.50 7.80 1.992 0.253
 incl. 156.50 158.50 2.00 2.613 0.372

2 60.00 66.00 6.00 2.023 0.144
 77.84 80.24 2.40 2.040 0.323
 120.18 126.00 5.82 1.791 0.157

3 107.00 110.00 3.00 3.376 0.286
 incl. 107.00 108.00 1.00 6.500 0.491
 123.00 136.00 13.00 2.094 0.255
 incl. 124.00 129.00 5.00 3.598 0.422
 147.00 148.00 1.00 2.780 0.047
 172.00 173.00 1.00 2.085 0.112

5 108.00 117.00 9.00 1.609 0.178
 incl. 114.00 117.00 3.00 2.097 0.253
 121.00 122.00 1.00 2.495 0.277
 165.00 166.00 1.00 2.300 0.138

6 46.00 55.00 9.00 1.943 0.202
 incl. 48.00 51.00 3.00 2.800 0.299
 84.50 85.50 1.00 2.785 0.341

7 138.00 164.00 26.00 1.880 0.165
 incl. 154.00 164.00 10.00 2.802 0.265
 197.00 198.00 1.00 2.660 0.261
 203.85 206.00 2.15 2.501 0.185

8 82.00 95.00 13.00 2.586 0.280
 incl. 82.00 89.00 7.00 3.314 0.356

13 112.70 113.60 0.90 5.415 0.547
 123.70 128.50 4.80 1.963 0.276
 138.00 146.00 8.00 3.874 0.432
 incl. 139.00 145.00 6.00 4.518 0.447
 157.30 161.72 4.42 2.759 0.286
 164.00 166.00 2.00 2.863 0.293
 169.00 170.00 1.00 2.395 0.263

(1) PGM = Platinum + Palladium + Rhodium + Gold (2) Base Metals = Copper + Nickel + Cobalt
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