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United States : Visteon Agrees to Purchase Group Annuity Contract Covering Approximately One-Third of U.S. Pension Liability. Jul 17, 2014 287
Fiduciary Counselors Inc. Serves as Independent Fiduciary For $350 Million Annuity Placement. Jul 17, 2014 317
Visteon Agrees to Purchase Group Annuity Contract Covering Approximately One-Third of U.S. Pension Liability. Jul 16, 2014 490
Conning--Life-Annuity Industry Distribution Force Grows in Parallel with Industry's Social Media Consumer Outreach. Jul 15, 2014 543
Annuity Index Reveals Gulf in Rates. Jul 14, 2014 1445
United States : OPTING for deferred income annuities for retirement. Jul 13, 2014 253
Upgrading and maintenance of state highways under design, build, finance, operate, maintain, and transfer (dbfomt) - annuity basis. Jul 2, 2014 102
AnnuityAdvantage Recognizes National Annuity Awareness Month with Eight Reasons to Consider Fixed Annuities. Jun 24, 2014 777
MGM Advantage Calls for all Annuities to be Bespoke to an Individual's Circumstances. Jun 23, 2014 1199
How you can tell when the time is right to buy an annuity; Andy James, head of retirement planning at investment management firm Towry, outlines five points that may act as a trigger for retirees to buy an annuity product. Jun 21, 2014 547
Upgradation operation and maintenance project from 67.000 km. to 108.000 km of morbi navlakhi port section of sh 24 under shdp on annuity basis. (providing kerbing between railway and road). Jun 14, 2014 157
AnnuityAdvantage Celebrates 15 Years of Helping Retirees and Pre-retirees Make Informed Annuity Purchase Decisions, Enjoy Better Quality of Life. Jun 10, 2014 688
China : ICBC Enterprise Annuity Service Brings Benefits to Employees. Jun 10, 2014 388
United Kingdom : TOTAL SCHEME assures for Au1.6 with PIC in Second Annuity Transaction. Jun 10, 2014 174
More cash in my pocket last; PENSION ANNUITY Reader Offers. May 18, 2014 351
Pricing of Offering, Rating Updates, Annuity Plans, Shareholder Approvals, and Monthly Market Report - Analyst Notes on NorthStar Realty Finance, Lorillard, MetLife, Morgan Stanley and Charles Schwab. May 16, 2014 1534
India : SUITE of annuity alternatives to be launched by Aviva. May 16, 2014 387
Annuities Insurance in the UK, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2017. May 13, 2014 2573
Fidelity & Guaranty Life Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2014 Results. Financial report May 8, 2014 10836
Same As It Always Was...Risk-Free Lifetime Income for Those With Common Health Conditions. May 6, 2014 1095
United Kingdom : Fewer big hitters in the UK bulk annuity market but more players to enter. Industry overview May 3, 2014 429
Changing face of planning for pensions; SAMANTHA DOLBY examines the pension changes due to introduced and looks at the implications. May 3, 2014 717
CONFUSED ABOUT YOUR OPTIONS AT RETIREMENT? Advertisement feature Annuities - Phased retirement - Unsecured pensions - Alternatively secured pensions SIPPs - Final salary - Draw down - Money purchase... May 1, 2014 817
Annuity sales continued upward momentum in 2013. May 1, 2014 114
Beacon CEO: sales of fixed annuities in US rose in 2013 due to demand, demographics. Lysiak, Fran Matso May 1, 2014 380
United States : New York Life Surpasses $1 Billion Milestone in Income Annuity Payouts. Apr 29, 2014 427
United States : Prudential Annuities Launches Prudential Premier Investment. Apr 29, 2014 357
Supply of foodstuffs for the preparation of menus for private ivas people with intellectual disabilities l~almara, jubalcoy, prague and co belcaire for expte annuity. iv-my001/2014. Apr 17, 2014 136
Osborne's rabbit out of the hat is a game-changer for annuities. Apr 10, 2014 833
Voya Financial Hires Carolyn M. Johnson to Lead Annuities Business. Apr 8, 2014 784
Significantly Greater Income Potential Among Key Advantages of Tax-deferred Fixed Annuities, According to Experts at AnnuityAdvantage. Apr 7, 2014 873
Annuity sales reach $61.9b in Q4 2013. Financial report Apr 1, 2014 133
Annuity can provide lifetime income. Cayton, Wendell Apr 1, 2014 618
Upgrading and maintenance of state highways under design, build, finance, operate, maintain, and transfer (dbfomt) - annuity basis. Mar 31, 2014 105
United Kingdom : UK boosts investment-linked annuities in pensions revolution. Mar 28, 2014 212
United Kingdom : LEGAL & GENERAL gains Bulk Annuity Contract, worth GBP3.0 Billion. Mar 27, 2014 187
United Kingdom : LEGAL & GENERAL GROUP declares bulk annuity arrangement with ICI Pension Fund. Mar 26, 2014 164
United Kingdom : Bulk annuity and longevity swap market to evolve but will capacity remain? Mar 26, 2014 468
PENSIONS ARE NOW ALL YOUR PROBLEM! It was a huge surprise, a Budget announcement that brings massive and sudden changes to Britain's pensions system. We explore what it all means for those reaching retirement age Comment&Analysis Politics, comment and analysis edited by Aled Blake. Mar 23, 2014 1224
Reforms 'will raise cost of annuities'. Mar 21, 2014 174
Providing musical instruments destined for musical societies and choirs in the province of valencia, 2014 annuity. Mar 14, 2014 125
South Africa : RDF offers to acquire all of the issued capital of ANNUITY PROPERTIES. Mar 10, 2014 283
FINANCIAL VIEW; Controversy over annuities - products people buy when they retire to guarantee them an income - has erupted again. Vicky Shaw reports. Mar 6, 2014 650
Should annuity agents be taxed? Mar 1, 2014 152
Adopting the NAIC model: state action on annuity sales suitability is predicted for 2014 following the Federal Insurance Office report. Lysiak, Fran Matso Mar 1, 2014 1117
An age old problem; YOUR MONEY Controversy over annuities - products people buy when they retire to guarantee them an income - has erupted again. Vicky Shaw reports. Mar 1, 2014 586
Need for clarity to negotiate 'annuity minefield' Controversy over annuities - products people buy when they retire to guarantee them an income - has erupted again. Vicky Shaw reports. Mar 1, 2014 732
United States : PHOENIX COMPANIES launches single premium fixed indexed annuity. Feb 20, 2014 176
More advice on pensions urged. Feb 19, 2014 547
First Investors Life Launches 'Single Pay Longevity Annuity'. Feb 18, 2014 1001
Annuity market 'like a minefield'. Feb 15, 2014 187
More cash in my pocket; PENSION ANNUITY Reader Offers. Feb 7, 2014 351
Retirement Rescue Plan Launched to Stem [pounds sterling]435m Loss in Retirement Income. Feb 4, 2014 1593
design, build, finance, operate, maintain and transfer the existing State Highway from Malavalli to Pavagada (around 193.3444 km) on DBFOMT (Annuity) basis. Feb 3, 2014 102
Annuity Sales Sessions Set for AALTCI's Long Term Care Insurance Conference. Conference news Feb 2, 2014 290
Shopping around for annuity deals could save you 100k. Feb 1, 2014 539
Retirees and annuities. Feb 1, 2014 137
An annuity renaissance: once scorned the investing public, annuities of all types are gaining favor with advisors as an important piece in the retirement income puzzle. Port, David Feb 1, 2014 1647
Protect your assets with SPIAs: a short term "period certain only" Single Premium Immediate Annuity can help some of your clients qualify for Medicaid benefits while protecting asset values for their heirs. Towers, Russell E. Feb 1, 2014 1171
The new year has provided some much-needed glimmers of financial hope for people approaching retirement. Vicky Shaw reports; In association with FINANCIAL VIEW The new year has provided some much-needed glimmers of financial hope for people approaching retirement. Vicky Shaw reports. Jan 30, 2014 596
Pensions make positive progress; YOUR MONEY The new year has already provided some much-needed glimmers of financial hope for people approaching retirement. Vicky Shaw reports. Jan 25, 2014 1130
Record growth of annuity rates is welcome news for new pensioners; The new year has already provided some much-needed glimmers of financial hope for people approaching retirement. Vicky Shaw reports. Jan 25, 2014 690
Reap rewards by taking time to pick an annuity; The big issue. Jan 3, 2014 407
DALBAR recognizes Genworth for life insurance, annuity and long term care insurance servicing. Dec 11, 2013 630
Allstate, ING U.S. Announce Strategic Alliance to Offer ING U.S. Fixed Annuities to Allstate Customers. Dec 9, 2013 1482
Agilis Core Insurance Software ranked in Celent's 2013 Report for Life, Annuity, Pension, and Health. Dec 3, 2013 461
United Kingdom : Towers Watson welcomes annuity protection solutions. Dec 3, 2013 448
Planned giving: 20th anniversary of gift annuities for the presbyterian church in canada. Dec 1, 2013 1711
Don't be left penniless if you lose your husband; Alert over single life annuities that mean no pension money for the surviving partner. Nov 22, 2013 852
Purchase of materials to be used in visual arts classes and annuities in the second cycle and language classes and school communications pioneers south, according to conditions set out in administrati. Nov 19, 2013 118
MassMutual Tops $3 Billion in 2013 Annuity Sales; Breaks Previous Annual Sales Records. Nov 14, 2013 1031
Carl Barnowski Revolutionizes The Financial Services Industry Via An "Annuity Safe Zone". Nov 7, 2013 901
Consumers are Retiring Earlier Than Planned and Underestimating Retirement Expenses, According to a Genworth Survey. Nov 7, 2013 1253
Supply of fresh fruit and vegetables esquerdo center and provincial home doctor. annuity 2014. Nov 6, 2013 119
Frozen food supply center and provincial home dr. esquerdo. annuity 2014. Nov 6, 2013 116
Delaware Life Introduces New Multi-Year Guaranteed Fixed Annuity. Nov 4, 2013 434
Here come the QLACs: new regulations remove critical barriers to addressing longevity risk. Lewis, Angelo John Nov 1, 2013 1565
Chapter two: Life. Nov 1, 2013 3671
Lincoln Financial Group Reports Third Quarter 2013 Results. Financial report Oct 30, 2013 8738
Seek independent advice for best pension options; ADVERTISING FEATURE INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Oct 28, 2013 466
'' The vexing question of the stability of annuities. Oct 24, 2013 749
CONFUSED ABOUT YOUR OPTIONS AT RETIREMENT? Annuities - Phased retirement - Unsecured pensions - Alternatively secured pensions SIPPs - Final salary - Draw down - Money purchase... Oct 11, 2013 494
Reckoning up for retirement income. Oct 8, 2013 875
invested INTEREST. Oct 7, 2013 403
United States : AVIVA to deal with US life and annuities for $2.6 million. Oct 5, 2013 142
Closing the gap. Lewis, Angelo John Oct 1, 2013 1931
Nobody Wins the Waiting Game: Founder Ken Nuss Encourages Tentative Investors to Leave the Sidelines. Sep 24, 2013 782
Infosys - Athene Annuity First to Market with Enhanced Repetitive Payout Service from Infosys McCamish Systems, an Infosys BPO Company. Sep 13, 2013 662
Get a better annuity rate; Converting your private pension can enhance returns. Sep 10, 2013 478
Conning--Life-Annuity Insurers Accelerate Pace of Change in Marketing and Distribution Strategies. Sep 4, 2013 578
Lincoln Financial Group Launches Its First-Ever Deferred Income Annuity. Sep 3, 2013 831
Lifecycle portfolio choice with systematic longevity risk and variable investment-linked deferred annuities. Maurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph; Kartashov, Vasily Sep 1, 2013 11482
The life care annuity: a new empirical examination of an insurance innovation that addresses problems in the markets for life annuities and long-term care insurance. Brown, Jason; Warshawsky, Mark Sep 1, 2013 13643
Annuity rates are up: are your sales? Moore, Sheryl J. Sep 1, 2013 393
FINANCIAL VIEW; Many of us look forward to our retirement, but concerns have been raised about the big gamble you could be taking if you cash in your pension pot for an annuity. VICKY SHAW reports. Aug 29, 2013 576 Sales Experts Craft Tailored Product Packages Designed to Fit Any Need. Aug 26, 2013 758
The annuity 'gamble' just might not pay off; YOUR MONEY Sponsored by George Slack, Chartered Finance Planner 0191 279 7370 Many of us look forward to our retirement, but concerns have been raised about the risks you could be taking if you cash in your pension pot for an annuity. Vicky Shaw reports. Aug 24, 2013 842
How best to get the most from your pension; Vicky Shaw reports on the concerns that have been raised about the gamble people could be taking if they cash in their pension pot for an annuity. Aug 24, 2013 1011
Lloydshare Deferred Annuity Program Provides Amazing Benefits For Members. Aug 23, 2013 588
Low interest rates continue to effect savings and pension annuities; ADVERTISING FEATURE Independent financial advice. Aug 19, 2013 491
OAP annuity is 'gambling' with savings; PENSIONS. Aug 13, 2013 126
Inventor of the Fixed Term Annuity and Primetime Retirement CEO Kim Lerche-Thomsen Sees Little Relief in Sight for Hard Pressed Retirees. Aug 9, 2013 892
Inventor of the Fixed Term Annuity and Primetime Retirement CEO Kim Lerche-Thomsen Sees Little Relief in Sight for Hard Pressed Retirees. Aug 9, 2013 897
A higher retirement income. Aug 8, 2013 803
Northwestern Mutual Offers Select(TM) Portfolio Immediate Income Annuity. Aug 6, 2013 804
Sun Life Financial completes sale of domestic U.S. annuity business to Delaware Life Holdings. Aug 2, 2013 451
Delaware Life Holdings Completes Purchase Of Sun Life Financial U.S. Annuity Business. Aug 2, 2013 303
Pants on fire: an agent lies to the client and a regulator about annuities--and loses his license. Zalma, Barry Aug 1, 2013 1226
Annuities: then and now. Dobson, Richard, Jr. Aug 1, 2013 1335
Indexed annuity sales are down, not out. Moore, Sheryl J. Aug 1, 2013 508
All regulatory approvals received for the sale of Sun Life Financial's U.S. annuity business. Jul 31, 2013 365
United Kingdom : Bulk annuity prices hotting up this summer. Jul 30, 2013 482
Boost your retirement income with a pension annuity y y; Myth: Searching the annuity market for a better rate is more effort than its worth. Jul 25, 2013 286
Boost your retirement income with a pension annuity; Myth: Searching the annuity market for a better rate is more effort than its worth. Jul 25, 2013 286
I BOOSTED MY INCOME; Money Matters; Making the most of your finances. Jul 14, 2013 1084
Q&A: talking index products with Genworth's Charlie Gipple. Interview Jul 1, 2013 1852
To 1035 or not to 1035? Moore, Sheryl J. Jul 1, 2013 496
United Kingdom : Aon Hewitt says bulk annuity market remains competitive after Legal &General purchase of Lucida plc. Jun 27, 2013 386
Update on Sun Life Financial transaction to sell U.S. annuity business. Jun 21, 2013 385
Canada : Sun Life Financial and Canadian Wheat Board announce $150 million inflation-linked pension deal the first of its kind in Canada. Jun 19, 2013 461
Genworth Introduces 5-year Fixed Index Annuity With Guaranteed 4% Minimum Accumulation Benefit. Jun 17, 2013 1128
Health Advisory Referral Arrangements, New Money Management Strategies, and Innovative Annuity Tools - Research Report on Morgan Stanley, CME Group, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and LPL Financial. Report Jun 13, 2013 1529
Friends Life Develops Annuities Management Platform Based on FICO Decision Management Technology. Jun 12, 2013 991
Retirement Specialist Christy Smith -- Owner and President of Louisiana Based Firm The Presley Group -- Educates Clients on Securing Their Financial Futures via Annuities, Estate Planning and Life Insurance. Jun 5, 2013 853
LPL Financial Adopts Lincoln Financial Group's Interactive Annuity Visualizer Application. Jun 4, 2013 788
Variable annuities and variable life insurance regulation, 2d ed. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 169
5 reasons why low interest rates can't stop annuity sales: new product features are keeping fixed and fixed indexed annuities attractive, despite continuing low rates. Hyers, Adam Jun 1, 2013 1389
The 17th annual indexed annuities survey. Jun 1, 2013 1394
It's your money: 'complexingly simple' annuities. Lunt, Ralph Jun 1, 2013 442
China : ICBC Appointed Again by CSR Corporation as Custodian and Manager of Corporate Annuity Account. May 30, 2013 301
ING U.S. Announces First Quarter 2013 Results. Financial report May 23, 2013 12965
Retirement Made Worry-Free: Outlines Top Five Features Near-Retirees Should Seek and Compare in Fixed Annuities. May 21, 2013 899
Insurance annuity lifetime subscription to the winners of public lotteries. May 7, 2013 116
Primerica Planning To Expand Its Retirement Lineup With Additional Lincoln Financial Solutions. May 6, 2013 1495
In response to "The annuity industry needs its own Series 7 exam ... now.". Vasquez, Perry; N., Mike; Williams, Robert, Jr. May 1, 2013 278
One annuity does not fit all: the industry must end its "spandex" approach to selling annuities. Haithcock, Stan May 1, 2013 577
Wait for it: surprising for the "we want it now" generation, boomers appear willing to park their money in deferred income annuities. Wood, Maria May 1, 2013 1105
Vapor on paper: coming to an annuity near you. Moore, Sheryl J. May 1, 2013 469
Australia : Reforms to the tax treatment of deferred lifetime annuities will change the Australian retirement landscape. Apr 19, 2013 466
Retirement looms - but have you done your research? Apr 18, 2013 833
Nigeria : MANSARD Deferred Annuity plan launched. Apr 16, 2013 152
In response to "Illinois slams agent on indexed annuity sales". Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2013 287
Losing tax incentives may slow the race to retirement: a new study from IRI shows tax-deferral as a top reason middle-class boomers choose annuities. Stanley, Michael K. Apr 1, 2013 466 Debunks Three Top Annuity Myths. Mar 26, 2013 815
Annuity scandal payout. Mar 21, 2013 194
Dunstan Thomas Announces Support for Ground-breaking Spire Financial Annuity Quotation Platform Service. Mar 20, 2013 618
How the New ABI Code Could Benefit UK Annuity Customers - Legal & General. Mar 18, 2013 406
How the New ABI Code Could Benefit UK Annuity Customers - Legal & General. Mar 18, 2013 413
CRACK CODE TO GET BEST PENSION; Rules to reveal annuity options. Mar 6, 2013 898
Insurers encourage pensioners to shop around for annuities; CODE WILL EMPHASISE BENEFIT OF LOOKING AT ALL PROVIDERS. Mar 6, 2013 539
ING U.S. Expands its Suite of Retirement Income Solutions with New ING Lifetime Income Annuity. Mar 5, 2013 1153
Does your under-age-60 client need income? Use a SPIA. A single premium immediate annuity can fund a pre-retiree's income needs until social security benefits kick in. However, there are tax issues that must be addressed. Towers, Russell E. Mar 1, 2013 1180
Supporting DAV--for this couple, it's an investment. Mar 1, 2013 357
New Market Takes Shape: Deferred Income Annuity Product Helps Redefine Retirement Market as Sales Hit $1 Billion. Feb 27, 2013 992
Buyer Beware the Annuity Oversell: Find the Fixed Indexed Product That Works for You. Feb 25, 2013 843
A.M. Best Revises Issuer Credit Rating Outlook to Positive for Great American Financial Resources, Inc.'s Key Annuity Subsidiaries. Feb 22, 2013 1065
Q&A; Money queries answered by TREVOR CLARK, director of Newcastle-based chartered financial planners Rutherford Wilkinson Ltd. Feb 16, 2013 630
Initiative to shake up annuities market amid fears many people are losing out on retirement income. Feb 2, 2013 606
For LTC protection, look to annuities: annuities have lost some of their accumulation benefits, thanks to low interest rates. But they can still meet an important financial need: long-term care. Tisdale, Brad Feb 1, 2013 961
Annuities: real stability in a shaky financial world. Hirsch, Charles K. Feb 1, 2013 2929
Who's afraid of the big bad annuity? Ferrante-Schepis, Maria Feb 1, 2013 694
New CGAs target a different level of donors. Hrywna, Mark Feb 1, 2013 1397
United Kingdom : Legal & General Appoints Simon Gadd as Chief Risk Officer, and Kerrigan Procter as Managing Director, Annuities Business. Jan 30, 2013 271
Allianz Life Launches New FIA: Allianz 222 Annuity. Jan 28, 2013 965
In response to "annuity suitability law: coming to your state soon". Olsen, John L. Jan 26, 2013 114
Out of tune: are money managers the best insurers of annuity products? White, Walter Jan 26, 2013 1107
The annuity opportunity: annuities can be a tricky product to sell. By using these 10 strategies, advisors can see their annuity business soar. Port, David Jan 26, 2013 1124
CANNEX Launches Advisor-Friendly Product Education Platform With Introduction of Income Annuity and Retirement Income Analysis Tools, Including Groundbreaking Personalized Video Illustration. Jan 22, 2013 945
Fidelity Investments[R] Expands Deferred Income Annuity Offering to Help Investors Secure Guaranteed, Future Lifetime Income. Jan 18, 2013 552
Resolve to Find the Best Annuity in 2013: Offers Free Annuity Checkup. Jan 14, 2013 755
ING U.S. Hires David Bedard to Lead Fixed Annuities Business. Jan 10, 2013 637
New Security Benefit Product Ushers in Future of Fixed Indexed Annuities. Jan 9, 2013 863
American General Announces Future Income AchieverSM. Financial report Jan 8, 2013 551
Forethought Completes Acquisition, Positioned for Annuity Expansion. Jan 8, 2013 558
Savings2Income Website Simplifies Fixed Payout Annuity Decision-Making. Jan 3, 2013 597
Bermuda,United States : ATHENE ANNUITY closes purchase of PRESIDENTIAL LIFE for $414 million. Jan 2, 2013 181
Canada,United States : DELAWARE HOLDING COMPANY to acquire US annuity business of SUN LIFE FINANCIAL. Jan 1, 2013 348
Bermuda,United Kingdom,United States : ATHENE to acquire AVIVA s US life and annuities business for $1.8 billion. Dec 27, 2012 205
What if your client had a Verizon or GM pension? It's up to you to choose the "safest available annuity" for clients. Lofton, Llyod Dec 22, 2012 459
Athene Holding Ltd. to Acquire Aviva's U.S. Annuity and Life Business. Dec 21, 2012 580
Presidential Stockholders Approve Merger Agreement with Athene Annuity. Dec 20, 2012 785
Sun Life Financial to sell U.S. annuity business for US$1.35 billion. Dec 17, 2012 1932
Genworth's New CapMax(SM) Interest Crediting Strategy Helps Enhance Growth Potential of SecureLiving Fixed Index Annuities. Dec 3, 2012 839
A.M. Best's Leading Analysts Explore Bermuda Market, Impact of Low Interest Rates On Life/Annuity Sector, and Troubled US Workers' Comp Industry. Dec 3, 2012 387
The annuity evolution: features available on today's fixed indexed annuities can give consumers the growth and safety they crave while allowing carriers to survive a low interest rate environment. Sparks, Lance Dec 1, 2012 861
Annuity. Dec 1, 2012 208
In response to the article: "Combo annuities are very much alive". Mendez, Blake Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2012 135
Annuities go with the flow. Dec 1, 2012 234
RMDs: a clear and present danger to a retirement plan. Hegna, Tom Dec 1, 2012 1033
MVAs: most valuable annuity? Moore, Sheryl J. Dec 1, 2012 482
DTCC Issues Third Quarter 2012 Annuity Market Activity Report; Data Reveals Relatively Steady Inflows and Declining Out Flows. Nov 27, 2012 671
Don't miss out on annuity rates - change is imminent. Nov 26, 2012 487
Annuity Contract Calculations Techniques for Sale at ICAP Patent Brokerage Intellectual Property Auction. Nov 15, 2012 762
Guardian Launches "My Annuity Manager" Site to Improve Client Experience. Nov 14, 2012 739
Equity Services, Inc. Enhances Research and Product Comparison Capabilities with Insurance Technologies' Annuity Sales and Suitability Software, VisibleChoice[R]. Nov 13, 2012 602
Annuity sales rocket; People rushing to buy an annuity before the EU directive on gender comes into force in December must ensure they choose the right retirement income product for their individual circumstances, says IAN LOWES. Nov 10, 2012 937
Presidential Life Corporation Announces Third Quarter 2012 Results. Financial report Nov 9, 2012 13659
Sapiens North America Appoints New Head of Professional Services for Life & Annuities. Nov 5, 2012 568
American Equity Reports Third Quarter 2012 Results. Financial report Nov 5, 2012 11286
Jackson [R] Named Variable Annuity Firm with the Strongest Personal Connection with Advisors and Prospects. Nov 2, 2012 924
Chapter Two: life. Nov 1, 2012 3138
NAFA Recognizes Lifetime Achievement of Fixed Annuity Industry Leader - Wendy Waugaman. Nov 1, 2012 407
In response to the article: "what do boomers think about fixed indexed annuities?". Cross, Paul J.; Olsen, John L.; Nason, Lew; A., Jason Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2012 279
Compliance matters: heightened emphasis on annuity suitability requirements benefits the insurer, the consumer and the agent. Brennan, Michael Nov 1, 2012 1062
Combo annuities are very much alive: dedicated financial advisors will do the minimal extra underwriting required for this product. Wilkerson, Mark Nov 1, 2012 497
Member funds mutually beneficial gift annuity. Nov 1, 2012 367
Riviera Nayarit's Marival Vacation Club Becomes the Newest Host Resort to Promote Lloydshare's Deferred Annuity. Oct 31, 2012 411
India : HDFC LIFE to introduce immediate annuity plan in DECEMBER. Oct 29, 2012 158
DTCC Extends Analytic Reporting for Annuities with Zip Code Detail to Deliver Enhanced Territory Management. Oct 24, 2012 734
Introduction of Gender Neutral Pricing for Annuities Makes Equity Release More Attractive to Males, Reports Bower Retirement Services. Oct 15, 2012 488
Introduction of Gender Neutral Pricing for Annuities Makes Equity Release More Attractive to Males, Reports Bower Retirement Services. Oct 15, 2012 494
The Standard Expands Index Select Annuity Lineup. Oct 11, 2012 686
Demand for life annuities: a Brazilian perspective. Vaz, Thalita Amorim; Machado, Sergio Jurandyr; Bortoluzzo, Adriana Bruscato Report Oct 1, 2012 5399
Fixed Annuities: Study Shows High Consumer Satisfaction and Sales Indicate Increased Desirability in a Challenging Economy. Oct 1, 2012 488
New Index Annuity/Rider Combo from Athene Annuity Combats Five Major Threats to a Financially Secure Retirement. Oct 1, 2012 843
Retirement tools to consider: fixed indexed annuities and in-service withdrawals: both can be used to help ensure clients have retirement income that lasts. Taylor, Eric Oct 1, 2012 932
Positioning indexed annuities in low interest rate environments: three reasons why waiting before investing in FIAs may not be in the client's best interest. Wilson, Brian Oct 1, 2012 1209
Unchanged treaty annuity is 'weight of injustice' on Anishinabek. Ball, David P. Oct 1, 2012 771
In response to: "Top 5 annuity trends to watch for in 2012 and 2013" on Pillai, V.N.S.; Majewski, A. Dennis Letter to the editor Sep 30, 2012 219
Indexed annuity sales are killin' it. Moore, Sheryl J. Sep 30, 2012 500
DTCC I&RS Launches Research Role in Analytic Reporting for Annuities. Sep 27, 2012 849
United States : A NEW flexible premium deferred income annuity introduced by MassMutual. Sep 24, 2012 184
United States : MassMutual Introduces RetireEase Choice Flexible Premium Deferred Income Annuity. Sep 21, 2012 430
Lloydshare Limited Supports Hacienda Del Mar with Continual Education on the Vacation Ownership Deferred Annuity. Sep 14, 2012 438
Investors Increasingly Consider Annuities to Be a Vital Part of a Retirement Strategy. Sep 10, 2012 752
The constantly changing world of annuities. Sep 6, 2012 789
In response to Sheryl J. Moore's article: "Indexed life as a replacement for indexed annuities?". Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2012 271
R.I.P. combo annuities. Moore, Sheryl J. Sep 1, 2012 484
'The next big thing' in the retirement income market: are you ready carriers, insurance agents and advisors? You'll want to be on the front lines of the next big boom in the industry--annuities are poised to take a big bite out of the retirement income pie--but there are risks as well as rewards. Wood, Maria Sep 1, 2012 1315
United Kingdom : Quarterly enhanced annuity sales break the billion pound barrier. Financial report Aug 31, 2012 264
Crowell Weedon Enhances Its Annuity Research Capabilities with Insurance Technologies' Annuity Sales and Suitability Software, VisibleChoice[R]. Aug 15, 2012 662
Individual Pricing of Annuities is on the Horizon Says Legal & General. Aug 13, 2012 499
Think Tank 100 Dispels Investor Fears With Guaranteed Survivors Benefit Annuity. Aug 10, 2012 592
Presidential Life Corporation Announces Second Quarter 2012 Results. Financial report Aug 8, 2012 10543
Annuities and your nest egg: reforms to promote optimal annuitization of retirement capital. Nielson, Norma L. Aug 8, 2012 12128
American Equity Reports Second Quarter 2012 Results. Financial report Aug 2, 2012 9272
Customize annuity options with laddering: using annuities of different durations allows advisors to better adapt their senior clients' retirement plans to suit changing needs and risky environments. Bulmer, Scott Aug 1, 2012 1156
Annuity disclosures: changes may be coming to a state near you: some revisions have been made to the minimum informational requirements and how illustrations are to be presented. Donovan, Kathy Aug 1, 2012 677
American Equity CEO Waugaman remembered as Industry trailblazer. Lysiak, Fran Matso Aug 1, 2012 295
GM's $26 billion pension risk transfer to Pru sets record. Lysiak, Fran Matso Aug 1, 2012 216
Not a fair shake: resource revenue sharing a thorny issue for Ontario. Ross, Ian Aug 1, 2012 947
Symetra Builds Out Dedicated Registered Investments Wholesaling Team; Hires Three More Industry Veterans to Drive Sales of Symetra True Variable Annuity. Jul 30, 2012 1119
United States : CCU president receives $1 million retirement annuity. Jul 27, 2012 132
In response to: "Advisors: consider the split annuity/Roth conversion strategy". Letter to the editor Jul 25, 2012 283
Indexed life as a replacement for indexed annuities? Moore, Sheryl J. Jul 25, 2012 486
Retirement Made Easy: Radio Personality and Retirement Planning Expert Helps Georgians Understand the Basics of Retirement Annuities with New Website. Website overview Jul 17, 2012 540
United States : ATHENE ANNUITY & LIFE ASSURANCE to acquire PRESIDENTIAL LIFE for $415 Million. Jul 16, 2012 246
Gift annuities: giving and receiving all at once. McAndless-Davis, Bruce Jul 1, 2012 823
Fidelity Investments[R] Offers Deferred Income Annuities to Help Investors Create Future Retirement Income. Jun 29, 2012 870
Sales of New York Life's Guaranteed Future Income Annuity Now Exceed $500 Million. Jun 28, 2012 1032
Pacific Life Expands Distribution of Fixed Annuities. Jun 28, 2012 690
Annuities are always in vogue: sure, the stock market is in recovery mode, but that doesn't mean advisors should forget about the guaranteed protection annuities offer to their clients. Thomes, Eric Jun 26, 2012 802
Before you sell that 7-year annuity ... Moore, Sheryl J. Jun 26, 2012 473
Enhanced marketFLEX Combines Variable Annuities with Alternative Asset Classes to Help Clients Improve Risk Management. Jun 20, 2012 724
The Phoenix Companies Releases Updated Annuities. Jun 19, 2012 1140
Symetra True Variable Annuity Offers Low Fees, Tax Deferral and Premier Investment Lineup. Jun 18, 2012 1568
Symetra True Variable Annuity Offers Yacktman Sub-Advised Fund on Exclusive, Tax-Deferred Basis. Jun 18, 2012 782
Symetra True Variable Annuity Features Two DoubleLine Sub-Advised Funds Available on Exclusive, Tax-Deferred Basis. Jun 18, 2012 1137
Failing to search for the best annuity after saving for years. Jun 14, 2012 727
Is now the time to swap bonds for annuities? Jun 14, 2012 710
Nationwide Introduces Simplified, No-Load Variable Annuity for Fee-Based Advisors at Wells Fargo. Jun 14, 2012 782
Leading Pension Annuity Provider Legal & General, Celebrates 175 Years. Jun 12, 2012 539
Phoenix Companies Launches New Indexed Annuity That Features Retirement Income, Chronic Care and Death Benefit. Jun 11, 2012 1214
A.M. Best Downgrades Ratings of Employees Life Company (Mutual). Jun 7, 2012 568
The Phoenix Companies Launches Protected Solutions Annuity. Jun 4, 2012 960
DTCC Releases Report on April Annuity Product Activity. Jun 4, 2012 780
Prudential Financial's US annuities president to lead group insurance. Lysiak, Fran Matso Jun 1, 2012 142
VALIC's smartphone application for plan participants. Panko, Ron Jun 1, 2012 616
Inflation sedation: the price of just about everything seems to keep creeping up--and it's hurting your clients' investments. Fixed or fixed indexed annuities might be able to help. Vogel, David Jun 1, 2012 1011
The 16th annual Life Insurance Selling indexed annuities survey. Jun 1, 2012 1432
Oxford Life, annuity. Jun 1, 2012 203
Athene Annuity Earns Top-5 Sales Ranking. May 31, 2012 1087
Securian Unveils New GLWB with MultiOption Variable Annuities. May 30, 2012 942
TOPS[TM] Portfolios Available in Securian's Variable Annuities. May 29, 2012 1214
The atypical annuity purchaser. Moore, Sheryl J. May 22, 2012 471
Morningstar Launches All-in-One Solution for Variable Annuity Research. May 21, 2012 698
Life & Annuity Industry Veterans and Technology Innovators Chris Doggett and Chris Gali Launch Adminovate. May 15, 2012 581
Allstate Launches New Annuities to Address Retirement Worries, Meet Demand for Income, Protection, Growth and Flexibility. May 3, 2012 1064
American Equity Reports First Quarter 2012 Results. Financial report May 2, 2012 7415
Outside the box: annuity writers have been carving out space through product innovation to vie primarily for baby boomer business. Panko, Ron May 1, 2012 299
Alternative investments for retail investors. May 1, 2012 309
Pension-like product at the retail level. May 1, 2012 367
European life markets adjust strategies to sovereign credit, interest rate risks: insurers face economic, regulatory challenges. May 1, 2012 459
Prudential Annuities Adds New Funds To Leading Investment Lineup. Apr 30, 2012 1375
Allianz Life Adds Variable Annuity Rider with Increasing Income Payments. Financial report Apr 30, 2012 908 Generating Tools to Instantly Compare Annuity Quotes. Apr 27, 2012 503
The Hartford Signs Agreement To Sell Individual Annuity New Business Capabilities. Apr 26, 2012 623
The case of Glenn Neasham, the California insurance agent convicted of felony theft for selling an annuity to an 83-year-old woman, has created a firestorm in the insurance industry. Cross, Paul J.; Cenac, Paul Letter to the editor Apr 25, 2012 570
Annuity salesman sent to prison: the recent conviction of an insurance advisor for felony theft for selling an annuity contract to a senior indicates that states may be taking a hard line against elder abuse. Ham, Michael Apr 25, 2012 467
Sell VAs only? Plans change, and so should you (Annuity Insider). Moore, Sheryl J. Apr 25, 2012 490
Gimme guarantees: as a buffer against a volatile market, clients want products with guarantees, and some flexibility, too. Port, David Apr 25, 2012 1584
Washington Approves the Success CE Annuity Suitability CE Course. Apr 18, 2012 547
Prudential Financial names Stephen Pelletier to lead Group Insurance and Robert O'Donnell to lead its Annuities business. Apr 18, 2012 535
New Fixed Immediate Annuity Product Provides Guaranteed Income with Flexibility. Apr 17, 2012 818
DTCC Releases Report on March and First Quarter Annuity Product Activity. Apr 17, 2012 765
Athene Annuity Wins Technology Leadership Award. Apr 16, 2012 724
Muething Named Chief Operating Officer for Great American's Annuity and Supplemental Operations. Apr 11, 2012 527
DeWitt & Dunn, LLC Launches Annuity Watch USA Website and Podcasting Network. Website overview Apr 10, 2012 615

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